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Light Levitation

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Helmholtz coil. A Helmholtz coil Helmholtz coil schematic drawing A Helmholtz coil is a device for producing a region of nearly uniform magnetic field, named after the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.

Helmholtz coil

It consists of two solenoid electromagnets on the same axis. Besides creating magnetic fields, Helmholtz coils are also used in scientific apparatus to cancel external magnetic fields, such as the Earth's magnetic field. Description[edit] Wireless Power Transmission Technology. Power transmission methods In addition to the capacitive coupling, there are other methods of wireless power transmission, such as electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance and radiowave.

Wireless Power Transmission Technology

(Features of capacitive coupling is here.) Top of Page Capacitive coupling wireless power transmission technology Murata's capacitive coupling wireless power transmission modules have two sets of asymmetric dipoles consisting of active and passive electrodes positioned vertically on the power transmitting and receiving sides. Milan Furniture Fair 2010: Plants that are Lamps, Lamps that are Plants. Pendant lighting in the exhibit "Sparkling, Ecologically Correct 2010.

Milan Furniture Fair 2010: Plants that are Lamps, Lamps that are Plants

" Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman. Magnetic Levitation Train 1. [Main] [Project Deliverables ] [Progress Log] [Methods/Research ] [References/Links] Inductrack Richard F.

Magnetic Levitation Train 1

Post, Physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, was the creator and team leader of the first Inductrack developed under the U.S. Department of Energy that was demonstrated in 1998. The Inductrack method was created, tested, and proven to work on a small scale level with a 20 meter track. Post was then contracted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to create a test track for launching rockets. Wolfgang's Aircrafts & Engines: CDROM. Hier geht's zur deutschen Version While reading some articels in magazines about brushless motors and following the discussion in the newsgroups, I decided to try the conversion of a simple CDROM-drive into a high-performance flight motor.

Wolfgang's Aircrafts & Engines: CDROM

After some experiments and with the friendly help of enthusiasts in the LRK Newsgroup of Yahoo I was able to sucessfully build a very cheap, light (21g = 0.74 oz) outrunner motor, which is able to replace a Speed 400. Thanks to the short life period of todays Personal Computers there is enough raw material. The only problems is to find CDROM-drives which match our needs. The drives should by easy to disassemble and it should be easy to remove the useless parts without damaging the motor. After several unsuccessfull attempts I found a NEC CDROM-drive in an old Dell Desktop PC, which was easy to open and - most important - the motor was easy to disassemble without using tools or brute force. What Is Eddy Current. Bibliographic data. Levitation Device: Floating Lamp.

HOVERBOARD & HOVERCAR maglev (magnetic levitation board & car) Dangerous High-speed Magnetic Levitation Maglev. Some improvements in construction of homebrew electromagnets and inductors. Undefined Some improvements in construction of homebrew electromagnets and inductors Above is a typical home experimenters construction of an electro magnet usually consisting of a soft iron bolt six inches in length and approx 1/2 inch in diameter. and usually available from a hardware store.

Some improvements in construction of homebrew electromagnets and inductors

The bolt has a screw thread and two insulated metal washers to hold the windings in place and a nut covering the screw thread. The winding consist of 20 swg insulated magnet wire although any gauge wire could be used for this purpose. Check your electronics or electricity store (Radio Shack ) to get some magnet winding wire. I used a twelve volt car battery to provide power to the electromagnet and in this case also any DC power source could be used.

Master Magnet: Attracts non-ferrous metal objects by AC induction! Leonard CROW Master Magnet Warning -- it is rumored that this magnet is "unhealthy", causing unpleasant mental/physical sensations Leonard Crow : Design, Construction & Operating Principles Electromagnets for Attracting Copper, Aluminum & Other Non-Ferrous Metals [ PDF ] (2 MB ) The Magnet’s Secret: Since the electromagnet’s windings are powered by AC, an alternately increasing and decreasing magnetic field is set up in its center core.

Master Magnet: Attracts non-ferrous metal objects by AC induction!

When this varying field passes through a set of copper washers fastened to the end of the core, a large current is induced in them. The washers, then, act essentially as a transformer secondary. Shading ring. BackgroundElectromagnets, solenoids, and relay coils all perform their functions by creating a magnetic field.

Shading ring

This magnetic field is the result of electric current in a coil of wire around a ferrous core of some kind. If the electric current is DC, the magnetic field is created at a constant, stable strength. However, electric service around the world is provided as AC, and since AC power changes its polarity at 50 or 60Hz, the resulting magnet would switch its North and South poles back and forth at that same frequency. How to Make an AC Magnetic Field. Diamagnetic levitation between diamagnetic plates. - gyroscopes, educational toys and gadgets. Circular Halbach using 12 rare earth magnets - from Inductrack. Inductrack is a passive, fail-safe electrodynamic magnetic levitation system, using only unpowered loops of wire in the track and permanent magnets (arranged into Halbach arrays) on the vehicle to achieve magnetic levitation.


The track can be in one of two configurations, a "ladder track" and a "laminated track". The ladder track is made of unpowered Litz wire cables, and the laminated track is made out of stacked copper or aluminium sheets. There are three designs: Inductrack I, which is optimized for high speed operation, Inductrack II, which is more efficient at lower speeds, and Inductrack III, which is intended for heavy loads at low speed. Description[edit] The name inductrack comes from the word inductance or inductor; an electrical device made from loops of wire. However, at speed, the impedance of the coils increases, proportionate to speed, and dominates the composite impedance of the coil assemblies. Several maglev railroad proposals are based upon Inductrack technology.

Crealev - Levitating, Floating, Flying, Hovering...Bouncing! Electromagnetic levitation. Induction Motor How it works. Levitating Barbecue! Electromagnetic Induction. Electromagnetism : Magnetism And Electromagnetism. The discovery of the relationship between magnetism and electricity was, like so many other scientific discoveries, stumbled upon almost by accident.

Electromagnetism : Magnetism And Electromagnetism

The Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted was lecturing one day in 1820 on the possibility of electricity and magnetism being related to one another, and in the process demonstrated it conclusively by experiment in front of his whole class! By passing an electric current through a metal wire suspended above a magnetic compass, Oersted was able to produce a definite motion of the compass needle in response to the current. What began as conjecture at the start of the class session was confirmed as fact at the end. Needless to say, Oersted had to revise his lecture notes for future classes! Suspense: the hovering wireless energy lamp. How to floating lamp,Magnetic Floating table lamp,levitating lamp. Floating lightbulb. About Wireless Power Transfer.