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School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

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What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Like? At a time when public libraries are starting to offer everything from community gardening plots to opportunities to check out humans for conversations, some school libraries are similarly re-evaluating their roles and expanding their offerings. Case in point: Monticello High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. When librarian Joan Ackroyd arrived there four years ago, she found an environment very different from the “engaging, creative, fun” elementary and middle school libraries to which she was accustomed. “Its library was none of those things,” she recalls. “It was a traditional, quiet research space.” Ackroyd decided this wasn’t optimal. 7 Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have There are many elements to consider as you plan for the next school year. You always review critical pieces like standards, curriculum, instructional activities, and testing, but you also think about the classroom space and how to arrange desks, set up bulletin boards, and organize materials. You can bring these seemingly disconnected components together in a system of seven learning zones. The discovery, news, supplies, community, quiet, teacher, and subject area zones will help you establish routines, save time, and maintain your sanity from the first through the last days of school.

The world's largest reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology for children and teens Secrets of the Remix Mash-up YouTube Generation By SLJ on October 22, 2015 5 Comments Tuesday, November 17th, 2015, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PTKnow your Memes, tropes, and teach it YouTube style! Being culturally literate and hip to the Interwebs keeps us relevant and inspires instant student engagement. Teaching our kids about intellectual property shifts, content curation, and Creative Commons while still embracing the digital remix YouTube generation is part of a critical new toolbox for creative student (and teacher!) expression.Register Now!

Paraphrase and Summary - University College Printable PDF VersionFair-Use Policy When should I paraphrase, and when should I summarize? To paraphrase means to restate someone else’s ideas in your own language at roughly the same level of detail. To summarize means to reduce the most essential points of someone else’s work into a shorter form. Along with quotation, paraphrase and summary provide the main tools for integrating your sources into your papers. Patron of the Arts by Donalyn Miller During our recent move, we gave away almost 500 books. At one point, Don and I joked that our books were reproducing because we couldn’t see a measurable difference after giving away so many. I know that we are a little over-the-top in this regard, but we love buying and owning physical books.

School libraries face a bleak future as leaders try to balance the books I remember my school library: it had two floors with spiral staircases, individual study cubicles and a classroom on the upper floor. It was attached to the sixth form block, giving the students easy access to a study facility. One particular memory is of a Puffin Books sale – I could even tell you the books I bought (and still have). This was in the days before personal computing so the only source of information – apart from other people, TV or radio – was books. There was something tactile about walking up to a shelf, looking along the spines and selecting a book which you hoped would answer the question posed in your homework or choosing a work of fiction by reading the blurb on the back. Metis Innovations Welcome to the site for Metis: Library Classification for Children Metis puts children first. Metis is a flexible, intuitive and child-friendly system of library categorization.

Toolkit for Promoting School Library Programs Preface Every one of us knows the important role that advocacy plays in the world. Successful advocates for organizations and programs can turn stakeholders into partners who act for and with the advocates. In the process, stakeholders’ passive support is transformed into educated action, and these stakeholders become advocates, too. Two organizations local to me in Paducah, Kentucky, come to mind. Avoiding Plagiarism: Quoting and Paraphrasing General advice When reading a passage, try first to understand it as a whole, rather than pausing to write down specific ideas or phrases. Be selective. Unless your assignment is to do a formal or "literal" paraphrase, you usually don?t need to paraphrase an entire passage; instead, choose and summarize the material that helps you make a point in your paper. Think of what "your own words" would be if you were telling someone who's unfamiliar with your subject (your mother, your brother, a friend) what the original source said.

Today's librarians more than keepers of books Michele Lind doesn’t fit the image of the librarian sitting behind her circulation desk muttering “Shhhh!” every few minutes. In fact, she says she would be thrilled — not embarrassed — if her principal walked in while kids’ chatter filled the library. “My philosophy on quiet has changed,” said the library media specialist, who works at Roosevelt and Lewis and Clark elementary schools in Mandan. How Libraries Fit in the Future of Learning Back when I was in school, libraries were all about books — books, books and more books. During my frequent visits to the library, I would pore through encyclopedias and fill out countless checkout cards before heading home with a backpack full of reading material. Of course, teachers also scheduled regular media time so students could use the library’s computer pod, but technology wasn’t nearly as integral to the library experience as it is today.

This is how librarians can lead the digital transformation By Mary Reiman May 4th, 2015 Despite being pressed for time and resources, librarians can serve as change agents in their schools’ digital transformation Recently, as I was serving on a panel at the Texas Library Association’s 2015 Annual Conference, one attendee explained to us how she is trying to keep up with the new technologies coming into her school.

Magazine Archive 3h YALSA has announced Kayla Marie Figard as its 2016 Emerging Leader. Figard will receive funding to attend the 2016 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston and 2016 Annual Conference in Orlando. Figard is a teen services community program specialist at the Belmont (Calif.) Library. YALSA’s participation in the Emerging Leaders program is funded through the Friends of YALSA.YALSA, Nov. 17 3h United for Libraries’ “Library Director’s Institute: Working Effectively with Boards of Trustees and Friends,” cosponsored by PLA, will help directors turn both their trustees and Friends into high-functioning teams. This preconference will be held at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston on January 8.

Copyright-CopyWrong The Educators' Lean and Mean No FAT Guide to Fair Use By Hall Davidson You can't afford to ignore the law, but neither can you afford to overlook the needs of your students. The good news for educators heading into a new millennium is that abiding by--and helping to shape--fair use copyright principles and guidelines is really not that difficult.

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