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This Reading Mama - a developmental approach to literacy

This Reading Mama - a developmental approach to literacy

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Guesthollow's Blog When I was younger, I did not enjoy “domestic” type jobs around the house. I thought they were boring and had to force myself (for the most part) to do them. I had a rebellious attitude and heart toward many of the old-fashioned stereotypes of women. Why should I be the one stuck with the laundry when I had been changing diapers all day and chasing toddlers? Why should I bother to mend pants when I can just go out and buy another pair?

Ziptales Online Reading Library “Kids just love it. It makes literacy fun.” Brett, TAS Digital Restroom Passes – Peppy Zesty Teacherista First let me go ahead and ask, did the picture of the toilets gross you out or cause you to double take at the blog post? I couldn’t write about student and their many restroom breaks without using a restroom pic! #BathroomHumorLikeMyKids I am pretty easy going when it comes to bathroom breaks. As long as it’s not a whole group lesson, I say yes and they just walk out the door. They don’t even have the take a pass! Empowering Teachers The Questions to Guide Instruction have been developed to help you learn more about the needs of your students and to guide your instruction with specific groups and/or individual students. The questions are specific to each grade level and reading component. After you select a grade level, a list of reading components will appear with these interactive features: "Help me decide” - Sample tasks to help you determine if the student has mastered a specific reading skill. “Yes” and “No” - You can check next to “Yes” or “No.”

Pioneer Woman Homeschooling By Kristen Chase. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I think I might be turning into an unschooler. Okay, so that’s not completely true. As someone who is quite aware of the different homeschool philosophies, what I’m doing isn’t exactly unschooling. Technology Up to Speed: Movie Shorts and Reading Strategies Hello friends! Monsters University, what a great movie. But, the short, "Blue Umbrella" really affected me. Repetitive and repetitive cumulative fairy tales ADL Libuše Lišková Repetitive and Cumulative-repetitive fairy tales These two terms were introduced by Sheila Rixon in her article ‘Using “Chicken Licken” and other cumulative-repetitive children’s stories’* where she argued that such fairy tales can be effectively used in teaching for language development of young learners, either of their mother tongue or a foreign language. In fact, they can be used with any learners of English at various levels of language proficiency, as you saw at the ADL seminars.

Ripper Reading Resources - Rigorous Teaching Resources for Higher Order Thinking: The 4H reading strategy - an innovation on QAR + a freebie :) I just love the 4H reading strategy and have found it is much easier for students, than the language of Question, Answer, Relationships (QAR) by Taffy Raphael. The 4H strategy is really simple - is the answer literal, right here in the text? Is the answer hidden, do I need to think and search? Is the answer my own opinion or based on my past experience; so is it in my head? Or, is the answer how I feel and therefore in my heart? The Here, Hidden, Head and Heart (4Hs) strategy is an adaption of Question Answer Relationships - QAR (Taffy Raphael) and Three Level Guides. Education: Inquiry - 21st Century Skills What new skills do students need? The 21st century: What will it look like? The machine is us/ing us

The Best Children’s Books of 2014 by Maria Popova Intelligent and imaginative tales of love, loneliness, loyalty, loss, friendship, and everything in between. “I don’t write for children,” Maurice Sendak scoffed in his final interview. “I write — and somebody says, ‘That’s for children!’” Information Skills Lesson Plans Resources for School Librarians - Index Menu for This Page: General Collections of Lesson Plans | The Dewey Decimal System | Reference Books and Web Sites | Worksheets | Research Methods and Reports | Miscellaneous and Holiday Lessons General Collections of Lesson Plans