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This Reading Mama - a developmental approach to literacy

This Reading Mama - a developmental approach to literacy
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Great Little Readers - Home First Grade and Fabulous Jimmie’s Collage Help kids become better writers with this simple writing lesson: Ask questions! It’s time for lesson five in a 12-part series between This Reading Mama and The Measured Mom! Our simple writing series is designed to help kids become better writers – while it’s being written for first and second graders, you’ll find you can easily adapt these lessons to many different grade levels. A common frustration for classroom parents and homeschooling teachers is the brevity of our students’ writing. We know they’re capable – so why are they writing just three sentences and saying they’re done? We encourage them to write more – and they tell us, “I don’t know what else to say.” Today’s mini-lesson will equip them to do just that. Simple Writing Lesson #5: Ask questions. (a drafting strategy) (Note: I taught this lesson to my six-year-old daughter who has just begun first grade. When to use it: When your student’s writing is simple and lacks detail. How to teach it: 1. 2. 3. You’ll want to choose a topic to write about that will interest your child. “McDonald’s!! “Yes, I did! 4. 5.

Ziptales Online Reading Library “Kids just love it. It makes literacy fun.” Brett, TAS “Excellent content in stories.” Michele, NSW “It’s wonderful to use.” Anne, NT “Fabulous resource!” Maggie, VIC “Children really enjoy it.” Dale, VIC “I love using it.” Yvonne, VIC “It really engages our kids – they absolutely love it.” Veronica, VIC “Fantastic. Di, NSW “Great for everyone!” Dianne, VIC “Ziptales is very popular with our school.” Tony, NSW “My class love using it. Rachel, VIC “Simple to use, colourful, loads quickly, great range of stories.” Mark, NSW “We love Ziptales and thoroughly recommend it to all schools!” Gail, VIC “Fabulous! Robyn, QLD “Students in the middle years still love hearing stories and they receive a great example of what stories can sound like.” Kate, VIC “Very handy for reluctant readers!” Wendy, NSW “The stories are excellent for students who require extra reading practice.” Kirsty, VIC “Excellent reading resource!” Tracy, WA Jane, VIC Daryl, NSW “The children look forward to their Ziptales time. Jo-Ann, SA Paul, VIC Peter, QLD

The Worsted Crochet Blog angelicscalliwags | Homeschooling to give our children roots to ground them and wings to help them fly lorimills - home Technology Up to Speed: Movie Shorts and Reading Strategies Hello friends! Monsters University, what a great movie. But, the short, "Blue Umbrella" really affected me. This first google doc link is to a list of animated shorts. The second google doc link is to a list of graphic organizers to use with each short.

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