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Best practices in school library website design

Best practices in school library website design
In order to build a good, usable website for your school library, you need to think in two very different ways. First, you need to think like a librarian. What do your patrons need, and how can you best serve them? Second, you need to think like a web designer. My advice — my very, very, strong advice — is to focus on what you know and are good at, and do as little of what you don’t know as possible. Think of your website as an extension of your physical media center — you didn’t build that yourself, did you? What few people understand is that building a good, usable, accessible, attractive school website that meets the needs of students and teachers is every bit as difficult and as complicated as building a good, usable, accessible, attractive school building that meets the needs of students and teachers. The bad news is, you can’t afford to hire someone to build and maintain your website. All that glitters is not gold: Images and accessibility image map Despite all the work that Ms. ! Related:  School Libraries make a difference

Copyright Laws for Teachers: Educational CyberPlayGround™ CITE - the Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc. AS YOUR SOURCE. ( ISTC 301/501 Resources ) Definition of Copyright: "The legal right granted to an author, a composer, a playwright, a publisher, or a distributor to exclusive publication, production, sale, or distribution of a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work. Music used in the K12 classroom For a project of any kind music needs to be evaluated - because the music might be copyrighted, the words might be copyrighted, and the performance might be copyrighted. For a song that is 300 years old the music would have passed into the public domain out of any date of copyright, the words would also (including the words if it had), but the performance would still fall under copyright laws. Music that Can be Used in Education Without Permission or License and played in the class room if it is: OR in the PUBLIC DOMAIN Music: Free Music THE BIG PICTURE PAGE 1 CopyRight: Book Fair Use Rights PAGE 3 How some Teachers Feel About Fair Use

How the School Library Helps Build Strong Blended Classes by David Olson, courtesty of The Journal White Bear Lake Area High School - South Campus (MN) is in its third of year of offering a variety of hybrid or blended classes from economics to health/physical education. This suburban St. This is the first in a series of articles describing 10 ways White Bear Lake High School teachers and the school library are working together to enhance learning in hybrid or blended classes. Learning Commons: Collaboration StationsFor both hybrid and traditional classes our goal is to go beyond offering great reads and distributing textbooks to building and maintaining strong helping relationships with our students and staff. One of our first projects was to begin the process of transforming the library into a learning commons. My principal, Tim Wald, and I also toured the high school media center in Chaska, MN to get a better idea of how flexible seating is being used there. We believe this applies to our high school library as well.

Online Treasures: Doing It Right: Web Design for Library Types When personal computers and laser printers first brought desktop publishing to the masses, there were many documents that were, shall we say, less than aesthetically pleasing. Indeed, many budding desktop publishers produced documents that used so many fonts they looked like ransom notes composed of letters cut out from magazines. I’ve been doing the layout work for my library’s newsletter for several years, and I will admit to being embarrassed when I look back at some of those first newsletters. After the initial thrill of producing my own documents wore off, I realized that in order to produce effective publications I needed to learn and use the principles of good design. This same lesson applies to librarians who design their organizations’ Web pages. Moving from Print Design to Web Design Nearly every library I have ever visited has had a display of printed book lists, newsletters, and other promotional materials prepared by the librarians. Is Your Web Site Cool? Janet L.

The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites NoodleTools : MLA / APA / Chicago Bibliography Composer, Notecards, Outlining 22 Apps To Make Videos In The Classroom 22 Of The Best Apps To Make Videos In The Classroom by TeachThought Staff In education, perhaps one of the least utilized talents of iOS hardware is creating exceptional video. While it’s not uncommon for teachers and students to use iPads to create videos, creating stunning videos that are compelling, well-produced, innovative, truly social, and/or something worth sharing with the world isn’t so easy. Truth be told, that’s less about the technology and more a matter of teaching, learning, and planning–who is creating the video, why are they creating it, and who are they creating it for. Below are 22 apps we’ve handpicked as powerful teaching and learning tools to work with digital media in your classroom. How can I help students turn these iPads into tools for magnificent creation? 22 Of The Newest Apps To Make Videos In The Classroom; 22 Of The Newest–And Best–Apps To Make Videos In The Classroom

Social Media Strategy in Academic Libraries – implementation experience at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Libraries « Academic and Research Libraries Section Blog A half-day workshop on Saturday 17 August 2013 Fee : Free for IFLA delegates Many libraries have created social media sites enthusiastically to reach out to their increasingly sophisticated audience. Within a university, it is not uncommon to see a myriad collection of QR codes, Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, blogs, Flick photos and YouTube videos set up by students, administrative staff and faculty. Beyond using these ubiquitous tools for library promotion and information literacy, NTU Libraries decided to embrace social media more systematically and comprehensively to identify new niches for user collaborations and to create opportunities for enhancing or developing new library services. A key component of the strategy is to adopt a whole-of-organisation approach where all librarians understand the potential of these tools and leverage them effectively, turning every librarian into a consummate marketer of library services.

This article discusses how to and the components of creating a school library website. However, valuable information is presented that will benefit the classroom website including: images and accessibility, navigation and usability (includes information on integrating a virtual tour), utilizing a blog, and 6 valuable "rules" which to guide and simplify the process.

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