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MakerSpace: The Online Community for Makers.

MakerSpace: The Online Community for Makers.
The Makerspace Workbench The Makerspace Workbench creates a dynamic space for designing and building DIY electronic hardware, programming, and manufacturing projects. With this illustrated guide, you’ll learn the benefits of having a Makerspace—a shared space with a set of shared tools—that attracts fellow makers and gives you more resources to work with. You’ll find clear explanations of the tools, software, materials, and layout you need to get started—everything from basic electronics to rapid prototyping technology and inexpensive 3D printers. A Makerspace is the perfect solution for many makers today. While you can get a lot done in a fully-decked out shop, you’ll always have trouble making space for the next great tool you need.

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MAKE STEAM: Giving Maker Education Some Context As an experiential educator who has fully embraced technology as a means for allowing and facilitating learner voice, creativity, innovation, inventiveness, the Maker Education movement fits into my vision about what a good education entails. I have been blogging and presenting about Maker Education – see But recent discussions with other educators and administrators made me realize that the idea of maker education is often vague and seems unrealistic in terms of regular classroom instruction. As such, in the future, I am going to associate and discuss Maker Education in the context S.T.E.A.M. – science, technology, engineering, arts (including language arts), math, hopefully, encouraging regular classroom teachers to integrate maker education projects into their classrooms. What follows are some resources and articles I compiled to provide educators as part of this discussion. Link to Thinglink that contains links to the following resources – Like this:

Words That Sell : Lesson Plans Lesson Question: How can the Visual Thesaurus help students evaluate the messages that brand names are intended to communicate? Applicable Grades: SXSWedu Schedule Amy Koester Skokie Public Library - Youth & Family Program Coord There are more libraries in this country than McDonalds. Though, most people think about books when they think about libraries, the goal of libraries has always been about learning and literacy. In this way, libraries and schools have always run on a parallel track, often partnering together, but can we break out of our current patterns of working together and use new tools–incorporating design thinking to rebrand literacy–in order to find more integrated ways to address our shared goals? Objectives: 1) Explore challenges to old and possibilities for new collaborative models for public libraries and schools.

Drones Meet Big Data: Now Is The Time - Drones Meet Big Data: Now Is The Time Drones are in the headlines every day now—and for good reason: They’re going to change the way industrial sites are run. Autonomous flying robots can capture hundreds of acres of precision surveying data in a matter of minutes, make dangerous inspections cheaper and safer, and provide literal ‘oversight’. So far, though, the commercial rollouts for major applications have been limited. Although drones get great results and capture incredible data sets, there’s a whole new problem created: the data is enormous and diverse, and the desktop tools made for traditional professional surveying and technical uses aren’t designed for it – they’re missing out on a lot of the value in the comprehensive, regular data now possible.

Events about open hardware and open digital fabrication, here and there If you know of an event feed you think belongs in this calendar, paste its iCalendar (.ics) feed’s URL below. If approved, its events will be added to this calendar. Get Your Own Calendar If you already have your own WordPress website, it’s easy to install your own All-in-One Event Calendar from Timely: Browse to

Makerspaces - Makers in the Library - LibGuides at Pine Hill School This is the "Makerspaces" page of the "Makers in the Library" guide. Alternate Page for Screenreader Users Skip to Page Navigation Skip to Page Content Admin Sign In Library » LibGuides » Makers in the Library Makers in the Library 10 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns [VIDEOS] Guerrilla marketing "works because it's simple to understand, easy to implement and outrageously inexpensive," says Jay Conrad Levinson, the man who coined the phrase. Consumers have grown immune to big budget advertising, but marketers that expend a bit of time and effort — rather than piles of money — can generate effective results with inexpensive, small-scale stunts. Take a look through our gallery of guerrilla and street marketing examples, where promotions costing no more than a few dollars can have a big impact on the consumers. Let us know which you think are the most effective in the comments below. More Marketing Resources from Mashable: - Following the Money in the Social Media Advertising Boom- How Social Media Marketers Can Convert Attention Into Action- The Future of Ad Agencies and Social Media- How Small Businesses Will Use Social Media in the Future- How Coca-Cola Created Its “Happiness Machine” [INTERVIEW]

#SXSWedu Makerspace Core Conversation and Takeaways The SXSWedu conference was transformational! I was only able to attend a couple of days, but those two days have me buzzing with ideas! I met so many great and talented people I hope to collaborate with in the future. My colleague, Leah Mann and I led a Core Conversation regarding Makerspaces and STEAM labs early Wednesday morning.

Hacker Guide The guide will help you to get started with NodeCopter hacking in any programming language. The Drone All NodeCopter hacking is done using the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. Features include: Wifi 1 Ghz CPU, 125 MB Memory HD Front camera, Low res bottom camera Linux (BusyBox) Automatic hovering at a fixed position (using altitude sensor and optical flow tracking) The AR Drone 1.0 may also be supported by some libraries, but most of the community uses 2.0 drones.

Internet Catalogue During our Education Underground Workshop at Microsoft thoroughly enjoyed "The Garage" visit and Science Fair that featured makerspace activities. My Makerspace - #MakerEd Mavens @nathan_stevens@DianaLRendina @geekyteach @NMHS_lms @NikkiDRobertson@ellyssa @jaymesdec@LindseyOwn @mtechman@designmaketeach@technolibrary@makerjawn@elissamalespina@travislape@MakerSylvia@ARosheim@abbewaldron @swhitmer_edu @thomascmurray @tieandjeans @ajpodchaski @imcraddock@lblanken @mistermcintosh @buffyjhamilton@jenniferlagarde@smartinez@venspired @adriennegifford @jsambuca@heidinelt @gravescolleen@wagongrrl @LFlemingEDU@DrJacieMaslyk@scitechyEDU @tashmoonyc @plemmonsa@lamarlibrary@terrieichholz @ShaneAbell@Mambule14 Forget the Mall.

Guerrilla Marketing - Lesson Plan A series of 'off the shelf' lesson plans and resources for use in the classroom. These lessons deal with Guerrilla Marketing and are relevant to the following specifications: AQA: Module 1, 10.3 and and Module 4, 13.3Edexcel: Unit 2, Section 4OCR: Module 2872 and 2874

Let's Get Together, Better: Rethinking Collaboration at SXSWedu 2015 Until Thursday afternoon, my coworker Vanessa and I were in Austin, Texas, for the South by Southwest Education Conference, SXSWedu. Vanessa and my supervisor had submitted a proposal for a Core Conversation way back when, but due to my supervisor's being on maternity leave, I stepped in. Our topic was collaborations, and doing them better, so I was excited to co-facilitate the session and get to enjoy the rest of the conference besides. So, collaborations.

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