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FRIT 7332 Part 3

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Seminar on Literature for Youth – eduscapes. Heatherbogue. Edit6360 - kaleighbelle. Big 8 Assessments. Reading & Literacy Project One of the goals of this project is to think about ways to encourage leisure reading in students, which is also one of my top goals as a Media Specialist.

Big 8 Assessments

This was an interesting project to plan. It's also one I'd love to implement at some point. It would take a great deal of planning and work to create a successful Day of Reading like the one we described, but it could also become a valued tradition at a school and have a major impact on students. I especially enjoyed learning more about reading therapy dogs with Kathy. Reading and Literacy Project Description. As media specialist at my middle school, I plan to sponsor an intensive event that will promote reading in the short term while encouraging lifelong reading, with the goal of broadly supporting reading achievement and incorporating Information Literacy Standard 5.

Reading and Literacy Project Description

I researched many different programs, including Read Across America Day, Accelerated Reader, and several unique programs sponsored by local media specialists. I read research about how these programs might help or hinder literacy instruction, lifelong learning, motivation to read, and the like. In the end, I decided to sponsor a team to participate in the Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl this year. I learned about this program through the Georgia Library Media Association. Linking librarians, inquiry learning, and information literacy?  - To thrive, schoolwide inquiry learning programs need support from librarians.

Linking librarians, inquiry learning, and information literacy?  -

The particulars of inquiry learning may vary from school to school, but the underlying principle is the same: Students choose a topic of interest to them, study it at depth, and share what they’ve learned. End of the Year Report and Reflection. It’s that time of year — the time of year for usage reports and analysis of databases and collaborative projects.

End of the Year Report and Reflection

Each semester, we create a library usage report highlighting the activities in the school library. We know our administrators are busy people, so we make a quick infographic that they could easily read in a few minutes. I feel like we are bragging in the report because it highlights positive information. My principal is already supportive of the work in the school library and how it impacts every student in the building. However, we send the report to not only our building’s administrative team but also to the district office administrators. The report also helps as we reflect and set goals for the upcoming school year. Reflection Upon reviewing the data for the past school year and creating our infographic for our administrators, here are the areas that will need work in the coming school year. The Educator’s Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons – The Edublogger.

The Edublogs support team regularly receives complaints and official requests to remove copyrighted content that users have placed on blogs.

The Educator’s Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons – The Edublogger

The legal jargon with respect to digital copyrights can be confusing – especially since different countries have their own laws and regulations. Understanding digital copyright is an essential skill we need to understand and teach our students. With this post, we hope to dispel a few myths and pull together a complete list of resources for teachers and students to use when blogging and working with content online. This post was originally written by Ronnie Burt, on the Edublogger, on Feb, 2012. It’s been re-written with content and comments from the original post combined with updated content by Sue Waters. Rule 1: You Can’t Use Everything You Find On the Web This may seem obvious, but judging by the notices we have received, many teachers (and especially students) are under the impression that if it is on the web, then it is up for grabs. 1. 2. 3. 4. Copyright. List of Social Networks About Books and Reading. Updated November 03, 2016 Most book lovers share two things in common: (1) the love of a great book and (2) sharing that book with friends.

List of Social Networks About Books and Reading

From book clubs to reading groups, social networking has always played a part in the avid reader's life. It is no surprise this love has gone digital. List of Social Networks About Books and Reading. Information Literacy Resource Bank. 'Literacy is NOT overrated!' - CartoonStock - Enjoyment...reading...choosing...understanding. - CartoonStock - From Information Literacy to Transliteracy. School Libraries Cultivate Digital Literacy. As school libraries lose funding and staff, they're looking for ways to help people understand what they do and how it impacts student learning.

School Libraries Cultivate Digital Literacy

And in an age where digital literacy and information access skills reign, the librarian plays an important role, said Mary Barbee, coordinator of media services and technology training at Gwinnett County Public Schools in Suwanee, Ga. Each school in the district has certified librarians and paraprofessionals in the media center. “We are fortunate to be in a district that values media centers and media programs and the role of a professional educator as a media specialist,” she said. In Georgia, library staff members work with teachers to mix digital literacy into the curriculum. Digital literacy skills. SC Study Shows Link Between School Librarians and Higher Test Scores. The members of the South Carolina Association of School Librarians (SCASL) have always known how important school librarians and library programs are to student achievement in their state; however, they needed a way to prove it to administrators, teachers, parents, and legislators who were yet to be convinced.

SC Study Shows Link Between School Librarians and Higher Test Scores

To develop their case, in 2013, the SCASL board commissioned a study conducted by Keith Curry Lance, consulting with RSL Research Group president Marcia J. Rodney and vice president Bill Schwarz. The group had previously conducted 17 school library impact studies in 14 states. Transliteracy and Participatory Librarianship Talk for Hall County School District and Dell, Inc., October 2010, Buffy Hamilton. Information on all literacies for all types of libraries and librarians. What School Librarians Do. Everyday Transliteracy. The 21st Century Media Center Program. School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian.

21st Century School Libraries.