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What Is Poise & Why You Want It - Living Charm. The Advantage of Poise – Imogen Ragone's BodyIntelligence. Would you like more poise?

The Advantage of Poise – Imogen Ragone's BodyIntelligence

I would. And no, I’m not talking about the “Bladder Leakage Pads” that show up in a Google search of the word “poise.” What I’m interested in is the “graceful and elegant bearing in a person,” which is the definition which appears at the very top of the page in that Google search! Is poise a word you can relate to? I hope to convince you that poise is something well worth having.

Most of us can recognize poise when we see it, and find it attractive. Here’s how my old Webster’s dictionary defined poise: poise, n. a state of balance or equilibrium, as from equality or equal distribution of weighta dignified, self confident manner or bearing; composure; self-possessionsteadiness; stability; intellectual poisethe way of being poised, held or carriedthe state or position of hovering I love these definitions, and they certainly do suggest why I am so drawn to this term. Everyday Habits to Boost Your Libido. 11 Feng Shui Tips for Creating Romance & Passion. The 10 Commandments for Youthful Looking Skin. Thiemo Sander Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Ready for some eye-opening news?

The 10 Commandments for Youthful Looking Skin

According to a recent study by the University of Göttingen in Germany, the appearance of the skin on a woman's hands, chest, and arms has a huge impact on her perceived age. The 240 participants of the P&G-sponsored study judged women with dull, dry skin to be older than their actual age, and those with smooth, radiant skin to be up to 10 years younger. But here's the kicker: Those delicate areas are especially prone to visible signs of aging, such as sun damage, and a disparity between the conditions of the face and body can exaggerate the overall appearance of aging. 8 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That Might Scare Some People. When people encounter someone with a strong personality, they don’t understand the kind of person they are dealing with.

8 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That Might Scare Some People

Some people think you dominate. Some just think you are rude. But none of these are the truth. These words actually do not reflect your personality at all. In fact, strong people are often kittens on the inside. Strong people do not have to win, they just are not willing to let other people walk all over them on the outside. 10 Self-Made Billionaires In The World That You Should Learn From.

In Bloomberg’s top 200 billionaires, over half are self made; 137 to be exact.

10 Self-Made Billionaires In The World That You Should Learn From

Together, those 137 are worth about $2 trillion. And the percentage of self-made billionaires is growing from year to year at an amazing rate – proof that it is possible to achieve this dream. In the last 19 years, billionaire wealth growth was strongly driven by entrepreneurial wealth creation, according to a 2015 study by PWC. Going down the billionaire path requires a great deal of perseverance, ambition, business focus, and work ethic. Match that with an appetite of clever risk taking, influencing others to believe in your dream, and massively helping others along the way and you’ll have several of the key traits of self made billionaires.

10 Differences Between Middle Class And Rich People. According to Forbes, the 400 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans combined.

10 Differences Between Middle Class And Rich People

But what about the people in between? The middle class? You may be considered middle class. You’re not poor, but you’re not rich…yet. The middle class seems to be shrinking, according to the data revealed over the last couple decades. If you want to be on the side with the rich, you’ve got to start thinking like the rich. 10 Things To Do To Change Your Life Forever. “Change is the law of life.

10 Things To Do To Change Your Life Forever

And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”~ John F. 25 Tiny Habits That Could Totally Change Your Life. Research, as well as common sense and personal experience, is showing us that small steps get us to far away places.

25 Tiny Habits That Could Totally Change Your Life

The key is to consistently take those small steps in the same direction. Building a big, life-changing habit is difficult: it’s hard to keep the willpower going long enough to see change. But building a tiny habit? That’s doable. BJ Fogg, Director of the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford, has done extensive research this very topic. Here are 25 tiny habits you could add into your life. Tiny Habits for Better Physical Health 1. Politics: 7 Ways to Get Involved Now. If you have, by some miracle, managed to avoid all manner of news lately, you might be surprised to know that there’s a U.S. presidential election in less than a month.

Politics: 7 Ways to Get Involved Now

Even if you are aware of it, you may be reluctant to get involved or just not sure where to start. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that you vote for one candidate over the other, but I would like to make a few suggestions for getting in on some of that political action. 1.