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Syllabus for LIS 522 A: Collection Development. LIS 522Spring 2013Instructor: Helene Williams This course will cover methods of developing and managing library collections in academic, public, and school libraries.

Syllabus for LIS 522 A: Collection Development

Discussions will include acquisition methods, budgeting, collection development policies, selection criteria, selector responsibilities, collection evaluation, and challenges to materials. These components of collection development and management will be discussed in the context of the ongoing changes in the world of publishing and accessing information. This is an online learning course. The class is presented in a series of modules, and you will be asked to complete one module per week.

Filedownload. Some of the Best Content Curation Tools for Teachers and Students. School library collection development: It’s not as simple as you might think – Linking Learning. This semester, I have been lecturing in the unit EUN617, Managing and Organising Collections as part of the Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship) course at Queensland University of Technology.

School library collection development: It’s not as simple as you might think – Linking Learning

From the outside looking in, collection development seems pretty straight forward. Why would you need tertiary level study to understand how to buy books and resources and make them available to students and staff? LIBE 463 Assignment #1: Community and Curriculum Analysis Report. Lord Byng Elementary School is a K-7 school located in Steveston, population 25,000, a small, historical fishing village at the mouth of the Fraser River in Richmond, BC.

LIBE 463 Assignment #1: Community and Curriculum Analysis Report

Our school has a rich history within the community as it has been in the same location for over 100 years. Most of the school staff live in Steveston or in Richmond. Almost all of the teaching staff have completed a MEd or a Grad diploma in Education. Lord Byng Elementary – 1931 City of Richmond Archives Photograph #1978 1 10 Lord Byng Elementary School – today. EOY Reporting, Especially During COVID-19. Whether you are a teacher-librarian like me (a.k.a. school media specialist, school library media specialist, media and educational technology instructor) or an instructional support person (technology, curriculum, etc.), you are often tasked with summing up your year’s worth of work.

EOY Reporting, Especially During COVID-19

It’s not very easy at all. Who is this for? And what do they want? Am I justifying my whole career?! [Warning: This is a long blog with examples embedded.] First, breathe. Second, open a Word/Google doc/notebook and start making a list. I started with an infographic. I restarted. So let’s talk about data. Role of Librarian in Schools –Seven Ways They Can Help Teachers, Coaches, & Admins. Strategic Planning Assignment. Task: To analyze the strategic plan of Seattle Public Library.

Strategic Planning Assignment

This analysis provides the essential elements of the plan (mission, vision, values, goals, strategies), describes who developed the plan, analyze the strategy underlying the plan (how well will it generate the necessary resources and achieve the goals), and how well it guides the organization (leadership, decision-making, collection development, technology planning, etc). According to Erica Olsen’s Strategic Planning Kit for Dummies, “Strategy is the ‘what’ part of the equation and helps you answer the question, ‘What are we trying to accomplish?’” This question is just as important for libraries and information centers as it is for any other type of organization or corporation.

As the Seattle Public Library points out in its 2011-2015 strategic plan, the question is even more important now than ever, with the future of libraries up in the air. Essentials of the plan: Mission. LIS-6455 Syllabus. SYLLABUS AND CLASS SCHEDULE LIS 6455, Organization and Administration of the School Library Media Center.

LIS-6455 Syllabus

School Libraries - Strategic Planning for Libraries - LibGuides at Massachusetts Library System, Inc. Dav Pilkey for School Libraries. School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian. 21st Century School Libraries. Imagine Your Library. Imagine (Library Advocacy Day) Collection Development Plan. Steal This Idea: The Strategic Pyramid / By Marty Neumeier. FutureForward Libraries Vision: Mission. Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learned As a School Librarian – Cantata. August 15, 2017 Contributed by April Wathen, M.Ed Teacher Librarian, Pre-K—5th grade Maryland Whether you are in an elementary, middle or high school library, a post-secondary library, or a public library, I believe my lessons learned over the years will resonate with you.

Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learned As a School Librarian – Cantata

We are customer service Everything we do in the our libraries revolves around customer service. When we are partnering with local businesses, our county or building administration, acquiring books for our collection, interfacing with parents, assisting colleagues and most importantly, reaching our main audience – our students, we MUST have friendly, top-notch customer service! Image from Fiction or Nonfiction (Library Skills) Our roles are still the same but ever-changing Libraries have been around for about 5,000 years. Libraries will take as much as you can give and then some Networks are powerful. Strategic Planning for Results (SPFR) Workforms. Sandra Nelson, Strategic Planning for Results.

Strategic Planning for Results (SPFR) Workforms

American Library Association, 2008. The PLA Results Series has long served to help public librarians envision, evaluate, and respond to community needs with distinctive programs and services. Building from this proven model, Strategic Planning for Results is the fully revised version of Planning for Results, the foundational book in this groundbreaking series. Strategic Planning for Results focuses on the essential steps to draft a results-driven, strategic planning process that libraries can complete over the course of four months, regardless of organizational structure or size. It reflects the current planning environment for public libraries with an emphasis on strategic rather than long-term planning and includes a wealth of information about understanding and managing the change process to help staff.

These workforms were created using Microsoft Word. SPFR - Workform A: Communication Plan Workform Workform. School library strategic plans. Over the past two years I have been creating strategic plans that hopefully will take a Library forward, into a new era of engagement and services.

School library strategic plans

As with any undertaking, I spent a significant amount of time trying to find examples of what others, who have been doing this a lot longer than me, have created and are targeting. To my surprise it seems that few strategic plans for libraries actually exist, and the ones that do exist are produced by universities and other higher education institutions. This was the first significant red flag that I encountered when looking at Libraries and their roles in our schools today. The School Library Media Specialist: Library Media Program: Introduction. Whether you're planning a Reading Month promotion, designing a new layout for your nonfiction book collection, or developing a technology plan for your entire school district, the problem solving process is the same. Of course the length of the process and complexity of the solution will vary depending on the project, but the data that you collect and the stages you go through will be similar.

When is planning important? Program planning is not a "one shot" activity done at the beginning of the year or when applying for a grant. As you consider all the aspects of your role as a library media specialist, always keep in mind the importance of taking a systematic approach to problem solving. Outline of Guidelines. An exemplary school library meets all of the guidelines areas in this broad, general outline.

Outline of Guidelines

The full set of guidelines can be found in Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs. I. Developing Visions for Learning. Kelvin Smith Library: Strategic Plan. Core Values of Librarianship. Cameron Elementary Strategic Plan Final. 2015 impact report. Joyce Valenza on School Librarianship.