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10 méthodes pour réviser, mémoriser et apprendre

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The Secret to Student Success? Teach Them How to Learn. Sometimes the details former students recall from class is nothing short of amazing. A few years ago I had a student named Abby in my history class, who had always been in self-contained special education classrooms. Her teacher wanted her in my class for socialization purposes, and she did well. A year later, Abby began stopping by my class to deliver notes from the office a few times a week and I was always delighted to see her. One day I had been planning to discuss metacognition—a learning strategy I teach to my middle-school students.

Apprendre et réussir Upload Mathieu Gagnon Loading... Working... Remember Any Number With the Major Memory System Did you ever want to be able to recite pi up to 22,500 decimal digits? As for me, I never felt attracted to that sort of stuff. But remembering phone numbers, passwords, PINs, birthdays and all sorts of everyday numbers — that’s something I resonate with! Meet the Major memory system, one of the most powerful techniques around for memorizing numbers. Christina Grimmie, a former contestant on the singing competition The Voice, was shot and killed by a man while signing autographs after an Orlando, Florida show Friday night. According to CNN, the man was armed with two guns, and fatally shot himself after being tackled by Grimmie's brother. Hours before the show, 22-year-old Grimmie posted an excited video on Twitter, telling fans about the performance at the Plaza Live theater.

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Publications — LRN Allaire-Duquette, G., Belanger, M., Grabner, R. H., Koschutnig, K., & Masson, S. (2019). Individual differences in science competence among students are associated with ventrolateral prefrontal cortex activation. Journal of Neuroscience Research, 97(9), 1163-1178. doi:10.1002/jnr.24435 The lesson you never got taught in school: How to learn! A paper published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest evaluated ten techniques for improving learning, ranging from mnemonics to highlighting and came to some surprising conclusions. The report is quite a heavy document so I’ve summarised the techniques below based on the conclusions of the report regarding effectiveness of each technique. Be aware that everyone thinks they have their own style of learning (they don't, according to the latest research), and the evidence suggests that just because a technique works or does not work for other people does not necessarily mean it will or won’t work well for you. If you want to know how to revise or learn most effectively you will still want to experiment on yourself a little with each technique before writing any of them off. Elaborative Interrogation (Rating = moderate) A method involving creating explanations for why stated facts are true.

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Map Your Mind - Whose #BRAINCHILD are you? Map Your Mind shows which areas of the brain are associated with particular attributes or behaviors, based on the latest scientific research. The data that powers Map Your Mind comes from peer-reviewed, scientific studies published in reputable academic journals over the last decade. Many of the studies employ fMRI technology to measure blood flow and areas of fluctuating activity in the brain. A special thank you to Moran Cerf, Ph.D., a leading researcher in behavior, emotion and decision making at Northwestern University, and Kevin Weiner, a specialist in perception and cognition at Stanford's Vision & Perception Neuroscience Lab and the Institute for Applied Neuroscience, for their advice and guidance.

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