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Wordplay: Build Your Vocabulary with these 15 Tools and Our Research-Backed Tips Have you ever felt that high from finally employing a new, SAT-worthy word, matching it to the exact meaning you're trying to convey? It's like fitting the last piece into a jigsaw puzzle; there's something incredibly satisfying about using words effectively. Of course, vocabulary isn't just a feel-good hobby. 6 Ways To Create Meaningful And Engaging eLearning Games: The ITyStudio Case - eLearning Industry How can you create engaging eLearning games? Well, when it comes to serious game development, there are often 2 main hassles faced by training managers: Instructional Design.How to create the learning material that will be published to the learners.Technical stuff.Setting up the graphical environment, inserting feedback, creating branching scenarios…

Online whiteboard & online collaboration tool Tour Cases Examples Customers Pricing Enterprise Gantt Chart Description Commonly used as an organisational tool for project management, Gantt Charts display a list of activities (or tasks) with their duration over time, showing when each activity starts and ends. This makes Gantt Charts useful for planning and estimating how long an entire project might take. You can also see what activities are running in parallel to each other. Gantt Charts are drawn within a table: rows are used for the activities and columns are used as the time scale. The duration of each activity is represented by the length of a bar plotted along this time scale.

Publish Your Design - Lego builder save undo redo copy paste delete X-Girl ~ Comic Mutant Dress Up X-Girl Concept & Art by: Candy's WorldCoding by: Doll Divine Create infinite female character's from Marvel's X-Men universe! Now you can finally design your very own superhero costume, customizing the suit, sleeves, collars, waistlines and more! Floors — Pixel Press Bring your video game ideas to life, simply by drawing! Pixel Press Floors is changing the way we experience mobile games by letting anyone be the creator, publisher and player of their own video game. With our creator platform, you can literally draw your own video game – no coding required. By recognizing the shapes (“glyphs”) you draw on paper or in the app using our “Draw-in-App” tools, we instantly turn your level blueprint into a game that can be tested, designed, played – and most importantly, published to the “Arcade” where others can enjoy your level and you can track how many times it’s played.

Google launches App Maker Google today announced the launch of App Maker, the newest entry in the low-code, drag-and-drop app building market. Like its competitors from Microsoft and numerous startups, App Maker promises to make it easy for anybody to quickly develop basic apps that serve a very specific purpose inside an organization. The new service features a cloud-based drag-and-drop development environment that lets you build the user interface and populate it with data from your G Suite applications, Google Maps, Contacts and Groups and virtually any service that offers an API.

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