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Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean

Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean

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Launch of publication to value nature - The Nature Conservancy Australia The Conservancy is pleased to join the Australian Committee for IUCN and other partners in launching a new publication on 24th November 2015 – Valuing Nature: Protected Areas and Ecosystem Services. This book—which was co-edited by Dr James Fitzsimons, Director of Conservation for the Conservancy’s Australia Program— had its catalyst in the compelling fact that the world’s ecosystems and the myriad life forms they support, from mountains and oceans to forests wetlands and arctic ice, hold multiple values and deliver many benefits or ‘services’. They are the fundamental underpinning of life on Earth. Their rich values and services are crucial to human livelihoods, cultures, economies and well-being. However, while National GDPs may be growing overall, both ecosystems and the benefits they support are declining at unprecedented rates.

Mom Abandons Her Baby, Now Watch What The Cameraman Does. UNBELIEVABLE! It all started one sunny spring morning, when a YouTube user named Darius watched two baby whitetail deer being born in his backyard. He noticed of the babies had an injured leg and struggled to keep up with Mom. Sadly, the baby’s mother and sibling abandoned him right there on Darius’ property. Knowing the baby would surely die on her own, the homeowner — and passionate animal lover — decided to take in the fragile fawn and nurse her back to health. “I do not support keeping wild animals as a pets, but this was special situation,” Darius said.

Scientists have just detected a major change to the Earth’s oceans linked to a warming climate Big waves generated by the Nazare canyon just off the coast of Nazare, central Portugal, in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. (Francisco Leong/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images) A large research synthesis, published in one of the world’s most influential scientific journals, has detected a decline in the amount of dissolved oxygen in oceans around the world — a long-predicted result of climate change that could have severe consequences for marine organisms if it continues.

EWAO Continued Research Supports The ‘Water Has Memory’ Theory These amazing discoveries about the properties of water could revolutionize our world! By MindBodySoulSpirit Filmmaker and mystic ecologist David Sereda discussed some of the amazing properties of water– it may actually have memory and consciousness, he said. Human beings are mostly made up of water and he suggested that restructured water could have healing properties on their bodies. An example that Serada gives is how restructured water can transform polluted water into clean, fresh, and palatable drinking water!

New Report Calls for Policy Reforms to Achieve Planetary and Human Health NAIROBI, October 30, 2015 - Changing environmental conditions such as increased carbon dioxide emissions, rampant use of fertilizer and the acidification of the oceans could lead to major health challenges for millions of people, according to a new report launched today in Nairobi. The Rockefeller Foundation-Lancet Commission on Planetary Health report, Safeguarding Human Health in the Anthropocene Epoch, establishes clear linkages between planetary and human health. The report explains that the health and well-being of future generations is being jeopardized by the unprecedented degradation of natural resources and ecological systems. An increasing population, unsustainable consumption and production and the over-exploitation of natural resources are straining the planet's resources and having an impact on human health. "Our studies have shown that up to 60% of Kenya's urban residents live in slums and slum settings," said Dr. Dr.

In The 1950s, Wives Were Expected To Do THIS For Their Husbands. This Is Crazy?!? It’s so fascinating to learn about how people used to live — especially when we discover that not much has really changed. However, sometimes you come across some old traditions that you simply can’t believe people ever followed — like these odd dating rituals throughout history. But what women in the 1950s were expected to do for their husbands? Well, those traditions have certainly flown right out the window! In May of 1955, Housekeeping Monthly published an article entitled, “The Good Wife’s Guide,” detailing all the ways that a wife should act and how best she can be a partner to her husband and a mother to her children.

Nature's Ready For Her Close-Up: 'Planet Earth II' Returns In Ultra High-Def The BBC nature series Planet Earth returns to BBC America on Saturday. Above, a pygmy three-toed sloth swims off the coast of Escudo de Veraguas, Panama. BBC 2016/BBC America hide caption Beth Moon Photographs The World’s Oldest Trees Illuminated By Starlight Ancient trees affected by cosmic rays are the subject of The “Diamond Nights” project by San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon. Moon has spent the last 14 years photographing the world’s oldest trees in daylight, but this series captures them at night. Her photos feature primarily baobab and quiver trees in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.

Australian Biodiversity and Aboriginal Burning - Contribution #13 Researchers and students from the University of Maine are conducting the first large-scale investigation of the relationship between the contemporary subsistence, burning strategies, and biodiversity among Mardu Aborigines in the Western Desert. A large complement of Australia's ecological web has changed dramatically over the last 200 years. Today, biodiversity in some of the world's most expansive and sensitive deserts is critically threatened, especially as a result of changing fire regimes. The Desert Mosaic For thousands of years, desert Aborigines have set fire to the arid savanna, creating an environmental patchwork to which much of the desert plants and animals are specifically adapted. Where Aborigines have been removed from their lands, the desert patchwork has often been obliterated with devastatingly large wildfires. A New Approach to Fire and Land Management

And the Oscar goes to… This is a ready-made, video-based lesson you can use with your upper-intermediate / advanced students. Copy and paste whatever you want, to your heart’s content! It’s yours to use. The activities have never been tested, so any feedback is most welcome. [Lesson begins here] A Discuss 1-6 in pairs. Photographer Builds A 'Photo Ark' For 6,500 Animal Species And Counting This springbok mantis was photographed at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand. Joel Sartore/National Geographic "This arctic fox would not hold still. Finally, in desperation, I squealed like a pig. With that, he stopped, tilted his head to figure out what that awful sound was, and I made this frame," Sartore writes. Joel Sartore/National Geographic Sartore writes that this snowy old was "very feisty" during its photo shoot. Joel Sartore/National Geographic "The oncilla ... was as meek as a house cat and just sat and stared at me.

Guy Hides Camera In Bucket Of Water To See Who Comes To Drink, And Result Doesn’t Disappoint A video showing desert critters secretly filmed approaching a water bucket to quench their thirst is going viral. We see different creatures, from bees, to chickens, to a donkey and a rabbit. The video was uploaded by John Wells from The Field Lab, a Southwest Texas alternative energy and sustainable living field laboratory. Show Full Text “I was pleasantly surprised during the edit to see that George [the rabbit] made an appearance. Tasmania’s opium poppy growers face trouble ahead Poppies growing in Tasmania. Picture: News Source: News Corp Australia Poppy Growers Tasmania chief executive Keith Rice with primary industries minister Jeremy Rockliff. Picture: Karolin Macgregor Source: News Corp Australia Wesley Vale farmer Stuart Greenhill. Picture: Chris Kidd Source: News Corp Australia