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The World's largest Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference

The World's largest Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference
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Augmented And Virtual Reality To Hit $150 Billion, Disrupting Mobile By 2020 Editor’s note: Tim Merel is the managing director of Digi-Capital. Virtual reality and augmented reality are exciting – Google Glass coming and going, Facebook’s $2 billion for Oculus, Google’s $542 million into Magic Leap, not to mention Microsoft’s HoloLens. There are amazing early-stage platforms and apps, but VR/AR in 2015 feels a bit like the smartphone market before the iPhone. We’re waiting for someone to say “One more thing…” in a way that has everyone thinking “so that’s where the market’s going!” A pure quantitative analysis of the VR/AR market today is challenging, because there’s not much of a track record to analyze yet. We’ll discuss methodology below, but this analysis is based on how VR/AR could grow new markets and cannibalize existing ones after the market really gets going next year. AR is from Mars, VR is from Venus VR and AR headsets both provide stereo 3D high-definition video and audio, but there’s a big difference. Where’s the beef? Eye phone Real dollars

Event :: 360° VR Panoramic Photography & 360° Video Conference :: IVRPA General information Prague 2015 is THE annual event of the 360° Panoramic VR industry that you definitely do not want to miss. Whether you are just starting out, interested in learning more, or a seasoned pro, you will return from this great destination with your head full of new ideas. The program will include 5 days of incredible VR Photography Talks, Workshops and Excursions surrounded by many of the most talented members of our community. Prague 2015 Talks will cover a wide range of subjects from 360º panoramas to 360º Video, from hardware to software, from commercial to artistic uses of 360º panoramic imaging. Prague 2015 Workshops will include a hands on tutorial from the masterminds behind some of the best panorama creation software currently available in our industry. Prague 2015 Excursions will provide an opportunity for a group visit to fantastic locations in this historic city while group members discuss and learn various shooting techniques. Ticket and Registration Organizer

ISMAR 2013 2013, l'année du grand retour de la réalité augmentée ? : Réalité augmentée : la fin du "hype" ? En 2016, le marché relatif aux technologies et applications gravitant autour de la réalité augmentée pourrait peser 600 milliards de dollars. Un chiffre plus qu'ambitieux pronostiqué par le cabinet d'études Semico Research au regard de pratiques encore absentes, sinon marginales. Pire, après avoir connu une phase d'effervescence entre 2009 et 2011, la réalité augmentée a été délaissée tant par les mobinautes que les marketeurs. La faute au manque de précision des applications, aux capacités technologiques et à sa complexité d'utilisation. Avez-vous eu l'occasion au cours de ces dernières années de croiser des personnes le bras tendu dans la rue, tenant leur smartphone à la recherche de leur itinéraire ou de leurs amis représentés sur l'écran de leur terminal par des points flottant dans l'espace ? Il y a peu de chances. Des technologies qui atteignaient leurs limites

Virtual reality may be coming to the courtroom Most people do not want to be picked for jury duty. You have to take time off work. You’re made to sit around for hours. Wouldn’t it be better if jury duty consisted of exploring Link’s childhood village from Ocarina of Time in virtual reality? Jury duty is unlikely to ever boil down to playing videogames. Although jury duty is unlikely to ever boil down to playing videogames, that fantasy isn’t entirely off base. Reconstructions are already used in trials but they are more like guided tours. Usually, [when you're trying to determine what happened], the questions are 3D questions: Could this person really have seen this other person? It’s worth noting that videogames have previously brought members of the public into the courtroom. The real cultural reference point for jury duty VR simulation, however, does not come from videogames that simulate the work of lawyers. Examining a crime scene using a VR headset, however, would introduce a degree of freedom to the proceedings. H/T Citylab

AFRV, Association Française de Réalité Virtuelle, Augmentée, Mixte et d'Interaction 3D | Association Française de Réalité Virtuelle, Augmentée, Mixte et d'Interaction 3D 2013 International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education | 7 – 8 November 2013 We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website - change your settings <div class="jswarning"><img title="JavaScript required" alt="JavaScript required" src="/imgs/exclamation.gif"/>This website requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser to function properly. Please enable it and refresh to continue</div> Error 404! You might want to go to the home page or to do a search 2014 © Eventos ULL

Réalité augmentée, réalité mixte, vers un web symbiotique ? Les Google Glass [1], les lunettes connectées du géant google récompensées par le magazine américain Times Magazine comme "meilleure invention de l'année 2012" devraient apparaître sur le marché vers la fin de l'année 2013. Un seul petit verre fait office d'interface, des informations y sont projetées et un système de contrôle à commande vocale permet entre autre de prendre une photo, partager une conversation vidéo, envoyer un message vocal ou lancer un système de guidage utilisant des données de géolocalisation pour proposer un menu contextuel. Ainsi, les informations se juxtaposent à la vision naturelle, c'est le principe de la réalité augmentée. De nombreuses questions se posent déjà sur les impacts d'une hyper connexion discrète en matière de santé ou dans le cadre législatif [2] et nous voyons avec crainte et envie une nouvelle occasion d'exercer notre don d'ubiquité. Combiner le réel et le virtuelInteragir de manière interactive (en temps réel)Être enregistré en 3 dimensions

A virtual gallery restores the world's stolen art to the public - Kill Screen - Videogame Arts & Culture. Virtual reality has always been about shortening the distance between the not-possible and the possible, or at least the reasonable and the unreasonable. After all, you wouldn’t don a pair of clunky black goggles (or a helmet) so that you can see what it feels like to go to the grocery store (uh…). Virtual reality has captured the world’s attention for its ability to plop us down in the middle of places that, until this point in history, we could only look at from afar. But Ziv Schneider has an idea to make what’s a pretty accessible real-life experience for most people—a trip to a museum—something that’s worth the trouble of creating a virtual space: Schneider has populated a museum gallery with art that has effectively disappeared from the real world. The Museum of Stolen Art is a project Schneider has been working on as a graduate student in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. The only place in the world where the public can enjoy these important cultural objects

Light fields – the future of VR-AR-MR | fxguide The world of virtual reality (VR) encompasses immersive head gear experiences such as Oculus Rift and also extends to augmented reality (AR), or as industry experts such as Felix & Paul's Sebastian Sylwan prefers to say, 'Mixed Reality' (MR), which is most identified with Magic Leap and Microsoft's HoloLens. The difference is best illustrated by Google Glass and Magic Leap's as yet unreleased newer devices. The 'screen' of data on the now discontinued Google Glass moves with your head. John Root at Magic Leap also discussed his personal view of the future of virtual reality and chief amongst the key technologies of the near future he named as key is light field display technology. When you understand what the team at Magic Leap are trying to do , compared to just traditional stereo bi-ocular vision, the need for Light field technology becomes clear. Key to MR (AR) is placing the 'chess board', to use the example from above, at the same depth as the actual table in front of you. HoloLens