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Un paseo de sábado por Valencia (I) - machbel. Lo que iba a ser un fin de semana por Barcelona se convirtió en una visita inesperada a Valencia, y así terminé el sábado recorriendo esta ciudad que hacía por lo menos 12 años que no visitaba, y de la que tan sólo conocía la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, que acababa de ser inaugurada.

Un paseo de sábado por Valencia (I) - machbel

Mi visita empezó en Estación de tren del Norte, un bonito edificio con naranjas y otros motivos valencianos en la fachada. Entrar a Valencia por esta estación es una de las mejores bienvenidas que puede darte la ciudad, y es que ya quedan pocas estaciones de tren como esta, que ahora están muy de moda los barracones metálicos para su uso como estación, como ocurre con la otra estación de la ciudad, la de Joaquín Sorolla. Al lado está la plaza de toros, y continué rumbo al norte, hacia la plaza del ayuntamiento y de la catedral. A pesar de los lugares cerrados, mi ánimo estaba cada vez más alto, pues cada rincón que veía me gustaba más que el anterior.

Tourist information about Valencia. Valencia Museums, Spain: A list of top museums in Valencia city, a directory of the best galleries, museums, cultural spots and places to visit where you can find visitor information, permanent displays, tickets prices, opening times, location maps, getting there, free entry, what's on, events, pictures, things to do, museums pass, art collections, latest info, advices, museum sights and all details of the best cultural attractions in Valencia, Spain.

Tourist information about Valencia

Valencia offers a good museums to visit, from 20th Century Art to the Aquarium. You'll find them here listed in categories. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the museums have current exhibitions. Information about the current exhibitions is listed in our events section. Don't forget the worldwide custom of museums being closed on Mondays. Oceanografic. Valencia Tourist Information: Hotels, Attractions and Travel Guide. Aerial Valencia. Ruta a pie por el Centro Histórico de Valencia. The Top 10 Things to Do in Valencia - TripAdvisor - Valencia, Spain Attractions - Find What to Do Today, This Weekend, or in October.

Essential Valencia Attractions Guide. Cathedral.

Essential Valencia Attractions Guide

Valencia Things To Do - Attractions & Must See - VirtualTourist. Places to Visit in Valencia. Hotel Kramer (Valencia, Spain) - UPDATED 2016 Reviews - TripAdvisor. Standard Room Getting you more information on this room.

Hotel Kramer (Valencia, Spain) - UPDATED 2016 Reviews - TripAdvisor

Metrovalencia - Horarios. From the Valencia airport (Manises) to the city centre. The airport is situated 8 km. west of the city, in the city limits of Manises.

From the Valencia airport (Manises) to the city centre

There are a frequent bus-service from the terminal to the city centre, metro line and taxi-service. Information phone: +34 961 59 85 00Airport website: www.aena.esValencia Airport map: Underground station and Tourist info at the Valencia airport. Getting around with Metrovalencia - Fares. Notes: Children under 10 may travel free of charge while accompanied by an adult with a valid transport ticket.

Getting around with Metrovalencia - Fares

A maximum of 2 children may travel per each adult. FGV may request document to prove children’s age.The ticket price does not include the card (Móbilis Card) TuiN card functions like a cash card and permits journeys within the entire Metrovalencia network with any combination within zones at the same price per journey as the Bonometro card. It must be validated upon entering and exiting the metro and only upon entering on Tram. (*) Monthly limit after wich cardholders travel free of charge for the remainder of the month.

See the TuiN travel card conditions on this link. Which travel card would you like? To find your zone fare, please check our Network map. Discounts Retired pensioners: 50% deduction on single tickets (*) Valencia Travel Tips. Taking the Metro to and from Valencia Airport. Transport in Valencia. Options and Fares. TRANSPORT: As you reach a new city, how to move about is always one of the first questions.

Transport in Valencia. Options and Fares

Knowing exactly what options there are and what the fares are like can make your life a lot easier, saving you money & time! Valencia has several transport options such as the tube or metro, the bus, the public bicycle service (also known as Valenbici) or a taxi, so it all depends on where you are and where you’re planning to go. Plus, distances aren’t that long and the weather is really pleasant in Valencia, so strolls are also an option.

Tariffs and Information of these different transport options are detailed in the links included: 1. 2. 3. 4. All you need to know is that the first 30 minutes are free. TARIFFS: MAP: (you have to download the pdf file “Plano de Estaciones Valenbisi”. Top 10 Day trips From Valencia, Spain - Living in GK. Sometimes the best things you can do when visiting a city is to get out of it.

Top 10 Day trips From Valencia, Spain - Living in GK

We all know about the Versailles outside of Paris, but what other treasures like outside the city limits? Sometimes we don’t have time, but when we do, a simple train or car ride can open up a whole new world of discoveries. Travelocafe: Best Places to Visit In Valencia, Spain. Over the years, I’ve been asked many times why I love Valencia so much.

Travelocafe: Best Places to Visit In Valencia, Spain

I always give the same answer – it felts like the perfect city to me! To both of us! And I guess it was love at first sight. Valencia changed a lot in the last decade. It became a modern city, with pleasant people, perfect climate, outstanding cuisine and green spaces. Valencia can be seen in one day or in one year. Weekend in Valencia: a complete itinerary.

Valencia might just be the perfect weekend destination: historic centre; a unique arts and science complex; sandy beach; lots of green space; fantastic food; and a great climate.

Weekend in Valencia: a complete itinerary

Spain's third city was established by the Romans, occupied by Muslims, and won for Aragon in 1238, when its influence grew until it was one of the most important Mediterranean cities of the 15th century. These days, it attracts nearly 2 million international visitors per year (about 80,000 from the UK). Many come for the extraordinary Las Fallas in March, a wild five-day fiesta in honour of San José, when hundreds of giant puppets are paraded and set on fire. But it is a party town all-year round – and if you miss Las Fallas, you can always visit the Museo Fallero to see the ninots (figurines) that have survived the flames. Hot spring day tour. Get out of town and explore Valencia's great countryside on this full-day of adventure tour. Admire the natural splendour of the waterfalls, dip into the pristine hot springs and explore the blue lagoon and its caves, be amazed by the power of the largest horizontal jet of water you’re ever likely to see, enjoy the local food and drinks.

We pick you up at your accommodation in the morning (generally 10:30am) and come back in the afternoon around 6pm. This tour is suitable for everyone, fit or not, young and young at heart. Valencia - Unusual Attractions & Day Trips. The Valencia Tourist Card can be used for free bus, metro and tram travel and entry to museums. Valencia tourist city maps, Spain.

Valencia Metro: Guide to the Underground System in Valencia, Spain. Colon Metro Station Valencia is a relatively small city, however its attractions can often feel quite spaced out - so the city metro can come in handy for getting around. Valencia's metro has six lines and covers a large portion of the city. This page will show you how to navigate your way around Valencia Metro: links to the metro map, information on the different types of tickets available, running times of the trains and how to navigate the metro system. The types of tickets that are available on Valencia Metro When using the metro, the first thing that you will need to consider is what type of ticket you are likely to buy. How many days will you be in Valencia? Metro Valencia. Lines, routes, maps and timetables information related to Metro Valencia. Map and timetables of Metro Valencia Lines and routes map (both in web and PDF versions) and timetables of Metro Valencia:

HOTELS: Valencia