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Human: Explore the Body in 3D!

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How To See An Aura: Learn To See The Hunan Aura Auras are an energy field that is present around every living creature and some inanimate objects. The aura is generated by the 7 major chakras and the 114 minor chakras in the human body. What Color Is Your Aura And What Does It Mean? Find Out Here! Your thoughts, emotions, actions, and even dietary choices can impact the aura. The aura is something like a shield. IDSA : Topics of Interest Antimicrobial Resistance Antimicrobial resistance refers to microbes' natural ability to evolve genetically to counter antibiotics, antivirals, and other antimicrobial drugs. IDSA is working on many fronts to counter the "bad bugs" and save lives. Bioterrorism Build-A-Body Overview Learn about the body's systems with this drag and drop game. Choose organs from the organ tray, and place them in their correct position within the body to create organ systems. Build-A-Body is a drag and drop game where players are tasked with assembling an organ system from a set of organs. Players may then attempt case studies where a functional problem with a system must be linked to the organ affected. How to play Build-a-Body

Artists and Art Week 9 - Pablo Picasso - Nurturing Learning In looking online for the book we read about Picasso, I found this great artist study site. I really don’t think most of the Picasso activities would be too successful with Bear at this time; however, they look really fun so I will come back to them in a year or two and try. We read When Pigasso and Mootisse and another book whose title eludes me but really showed the distinct styles Picasso went through in developing his art. It might have been from the adult section of the library. 22 Tips To Better Care for Introverts and Extroverts Here is something that hit me recently: For a long time I had a certain idea about what makes an introvert or an extrovert. I had always thought that it works something like this: Extroversion relates to how outgoing someone isIntroversion is the same as being shy. That was kind of my general perception. Doing just a little bit of reading made it clear very quickly - my thinking was way off!

100 Very Cool Facts About The Human Body The Brain The human brain is the most complex and least understood part of the human anatomy. There may be a lot we don’t know, but here are a few interesting facts that we’ve got covered. Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles per hour. Ever wonder how you can react so fast to things around you or why that stubbed toe hurts right away? Environmental Protection Agency: A Citizen's Guide to Radon The Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family From Radon U.S. EPA/OAR/IED (6609J) EPA 402-K-12-002, May 2012 Bathymetry Data Viewer ●Contact Us Navigating the map Click and drag or use arrow keys to pan Mouse scroll forward or use + key to zoom in Mouse scroll backward or use - key to zoom out Identifying features You have several options to identify features within visible layers: Single-click on the map Or, choose another tool from the "Identify" menu: Click on to draw a rectangle Click on to draw a polygon Click on to enter coordinates for a bounding box A popup will appear with a list of the selected features.

* Life-Sized Body Map Kid's Art Project Affiliate Disclosure: Pink and Green Mama is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The girls and I kicked off Week 1: Me on the Map of the Life-Sized Body Maps today! We started out by tracing ourselves on big pieces of brown contractor's paper. Visual Illusions Gallery : Index My first objective for these pages will be to present some illusory stimuli which are fun to view. As time permits, I will add hypertext and graphical material relevant to my research and to students who are studying sensation, perception or research methods. Some Terms and Definitions Nerve Structures of the Spine Nerves control the body’s functions including the vital organs, sensation, and movement. The nervous system receives information and initiates an appropriate response. It is affected by internal and external factors (ie, stimulus).

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