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Time Warp - Water Balloon to the Face

... scientific scavenger - | Blog Mystery... detective work... outdoor play... a prize a the end... this can't be a science lesson. But it is. Even though school has started for the year, that doesn't mean the outdoor classroom you've been using these past few months is out of commission. Often the excitement and mystery of scientific pursuits can be lost in the crisp white pages of a 300 page text book, which is exactly why I put together this scientific scavenger hunt. Scientific Scavenger Hunt Materials: Compass Measuring tape Magnifying glass Specimen Bags (I used the ones like the bags that come in the Nature Study Kit and sewed on the labels, but they could be completely crafted by hand as well) Note Paper (or notebooks) Pencils or Crayons Paint Brushes (for archaeological excavation) Glass Jars Scrap Cloth Strips (for notating clue locations) Misc. Directions: This is where you can let the subjects your junior detective is learning and your imagination take over. Happy Scavenging! ~Sarah

Zombie Engagement Photo Shoot Is Bloody Awesome Canadian bride- and groom-to-be Holly Young and Harlan Guthrie had seen zombie engagement photo shoots done before, but they were determined to take theirs to the next level. "There was another couple who did a zombie engagement shoot a few years back," Guthrie told The Huffington Post in an email. "We both had seen that but thought, 'If you're going to kill zombies, it has to be bloodier.' And that was a bit of the motivation behind doing it." Last month, the couple -- who is getting married in October -- rounded up their wedding party and headed to the Rouge Valley in Ontario for a good old-fashioned zombie beatdown. When asked why they opted for less-than-traditional engagement photos, Guthrie mentioned the couple's love of horror films and a desire to do something fun. "We wanted something that was out-of-the-box, but also expressed our humor and love," Guthrie said. Mission accomplished. Click through the slideshow below to see photos from their killer engagement shoot. [h/t Reddit]

Ouya game console smashes funding target 9 August 2012Last updated at 10:08 ET The finished console will be much smaller than existing living room gaming gadgets. A plea for funds to help build a cheap games console has ended with nine times more cash donated than had been sought. Ouya asked backers to pledge $950,000 (£606,000) via the Kickstarter website to turn designs for the console into a finished product. By the time the pledge period ended on 9 August the total promised had hit $8,596,475 (£5.8m). The Ouya console is expected to go on sale in March 2013 and cost $99 (£63). Pirate play The gadget will be built around a processor made by graphics firm Nvidia that usually appears in smartphones, and will run Google's Android mobile operating system. The link to Android means it will be able to play any game written for the mobile operating system. Games companies including Square Enix, maker of the Final Fantasy series, and Namco Bandai, creator of Soul Calibur, have pledged their support.

I-spy bottle I’ve seen these all over the internet lately and decided it was time to make one for my kids. I had this great bottle that had hot chocolate in it that I got at a specialty home store. I thought it would be perfect for this, and it was. I searched the house for small things to put in the bottle, and in no time at all I had a pretty good collection. What you’ll need: 1 plastic bottle small items/toys rice hot glue gun Directions: 1. make sure bottle is clean and dry 2. lay out all your small items/toys and take a picture of them 3. print this picture out and laminate it if you can 4. start filling bottle alternating rice with a few toys until bottle is about 3/4 full – you want to leave some room at the top so you can shake and move the rice around the bottle 5. unless you want a large mess on your hands – use a hot glue gun and glue the lid on! Every shake will show new treasures: Linking up to Tot Tuesdays Linking up to ABC and 123

Engagement Photos Presented As Horror-Themed Comic Are Untraditional But Awesome Engagement photos get a bad rap for being saccharine and self-indulgent. But one Hungarian couple turned that stereotype on its head with their horror-themed engagement comic featuring an unexpected third party: a bloody, saw-wielding murderer. Photographer Laszlo Bodnar told The Huffington Post that the bride and groom-to-be, Alexandra and Chris, are big fans of thrillers and horror movies and suggested a "Texas Chainsaw"-like set for the shoot. Bodnar decided to take their idea a step further by arranging the photos in a comic format. Check out the awesome shots below from the Hungary-based engagement and wedding photography group ElevenPhoto. This isn't the first time a twosome has opted for a more gruesome engagement photo session. [h/t PetaPixel] Click through the slideshow below to find out how our readers feel about engagement photos. Loading Slideshow

The age of information overload Victoria Belmont finds out who is really in charge - our technology or us? From reading emails to managing status updates on mobile devices 24/7 with an all-you-can-eat data plan - we are consuming information like never before. Forget about describing bytes as mega and giga, think exa and zetta because by 2016 there may be the data equivalent of every movie ever made hurtling across the internet every three minutes. While that may seem like way too much for a person to watch, an academic study by the University of California, San Diego, suggests that current data levels are the equivalent of each US citizen consuming 12 hours of information - or media - each day. An average US citizen on an average day, it says, consumes 100,500 words, whether that be email, messages on social networks, searching websites or anywhere else digitally. "In principle, you can have more than 24 hours of consumption in a day." Tasered with a text And that is a problem that is beginning to get noticed.

Spooky Science: A Matter Experiment I know many of my VA friends are teaching a science unit on Matter now so I want to pass this one along before October is over. In this experiment, students are using the Scientific Method of Question, Hypothesis, Procedure, Observation and Conclusion to investigate changes in matter. Students worked with a lab partner. Students are given a package of Halloween Gummies and told to pick one out to use in this experiment. Here is a student using a magnifying glass to get a closer look. Lab groups placed their gummies in a small cup overnight. The next day, the students got their gummy back and observe changes. They were VERY surprised to see the changes. Students recorded all their observations on the lab report below. Here are the experiment sheets if interested.

Juliana Park and Benjamin Lee's 'zombie' engagement photos are internet sensation By Hannah Roberts Updated: 07:50 GMT, 22 August 2011 Every bride-to-be wants their engagement pictures to be memorable. But one California couple made sure the special moment as they announced their nuptials was completely unique- by arranging for a zombie to crash the photo shoot. And when Juliana Park and Ben Lee posted their quirky horror themed engagement shoot online it became an overnight internet sensation. True Romance: A engagement picnic in the California hills The couple enjoy a quiet picnic ... but what's that in the background? The kooky shoot has now gone viral clocking up thousands of hits and receiving dozens of comments from fans eager to replicate it. Photographer Amanda Rynda, who works with the bride-to-be said the couple 'asked me to shoot something fun for their engagement session. 'Ben didn't want to lose his sense of manliness in the engagement photos. 'So they went extreme.' The blushing bride admitted that she had under estimated the power of the web. Now what?!

Mad Science Theme Pin It It's President's Day so I thought it was the perfect time to do some penny experimenting (Abraham Lincoln is on the penny, after all!). The Lil Divas LOVE our experiments, so they were instantly intrigued by the idea of performing some experiments with our pennies. This is another fun & easy experiment/observation to do with the kids at home or school. Before you begin: Compare a newer penny to an older one. I then asked them to tell me how we could clean the dirty pennies. What You Need: old pennies - the older the better! 3 clear cups water dish soap salt vinegar (you could also use lemon juice) What To Do: 1. fill the 1st w/plain water & add 10 pennies fill the 2nd w/water + dish soap & add 10 pennies fill the 3rd w/1/2 cup vinegar + 2 teaspoons salt & add 20 pennies I took this opportunity to introduce my "special" cleaning mix. After adding the salt & vinegar into the 3rd cup, I took one dirty penny and dipped it into the cup half way after about 10-15 seconds I took it out Results: Bern

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore [OSCAR'S 2012 WINNER™] Gummy Bear Science My kids had a great time experimenting with gummy bears! We used the "Black Forest" brand of Gummy Bears - results may vary depending on the brand you use. Here is what happened with the Black Forest gummy bears: Gummy bears do some interesting things when put into different liquids. Here's what our overnight results look like: We recorded length & mass before & after the experiment. My students completed a lab report with 2 charts and 2 graphs for data analysis, here are 3 of the 6 pages: All of the gummy bears GREW due to osmosis. You can get the complete lab worksheets for free at my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here. We're still in school here - anyone else?

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