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snavely/bundler_sfm 3D Printing - Custom Products Designed By You 3Dflow - Computer Vision Specialists CMP SfM Web Service Authors: Michal Jancosek & Tomas Pajdla Software written by: Michal Jancosek Latest version: 0.6.0 Release date: September 28, 2012 Reference to cite: [1] M. Jancosek, T. Pajdla. Introduction CMPMVS is a multi-view reconstruction software. For discussion on the software please visit our Google group at Note It is just images from your camera which you need to compute detailed textured 3D reconstructions using VisualSfM+CMPMVS. Download · Complete binary distribution package for 64-bit Windows 7 OS with CUDA · Complete binary distribution package for 64-bit Windows 7 OS with CUDA · Complete binary distribution package for 64-bit Windows 7 OS with CUDA · Complete binary distribution package for 64-bit Windows 7 OS with CUDA · Sample dataset for initial testing of a binary. Changes version 0.6.0 version 0.5 OpenCV

The Buccaneer™ Cloud 3D Printer - World's Most Affordable Home 3D Printer Smart3DCapture PhotoScan - Tips and Tricks - Agisoft This page contains practical advices on the use of PhotoScan, as well as other information that may be useful to the users. Taking Photos Zenithal and/or obliques? It is better to capture only zenithal photos, yet the obliques ones are processed correctly by PhotoScan and almost do not influence the quality of the reconstruction results. If you have an excessive set of photos, you can exclude oblique photos from processing. Aligning Photos What is the basic principle behind PhotoScan matching strategy? PhotoScan searches for interest points on every image and studies the local neighborhood of every point found. Most photos aligned well, but a few photos failed to align properly. Incorrect photo alignment is usually a result of poor overlap or insufficient amount of texture details on the object surface. The results of photo alignment step are poor:( What could I do? The problem could be caused by the lack of overlap between the photos. 1. 1. Optimization Building Model Building Texture 1. 2.

ReconstructMe | Real-time 3D Model Reconstruction BOB Capture Create Professional 3D Models Models can be created from multiple object orientations with a typical digitization accuracy of 1:2000. Utilizes Structured Light Structured Light creates point clouds with increased accuracy Extensive Feature Set – BOB Capture includes a host of features for building 3D surface geometry from silhouettes (masked photos) and stereo (via a "point cloud"). Surface Generation Tools – View models in several formats – wireframe, point cloud, shaded surface and colorful texture maps Colorful Texture Maps Automatically create colorful texture maps from photographic information using patented photo blending capabilities. Standard Export and Immediate Publishing Export Models in Standard 3D formats including OBJ, COLLADA, 3DS, X3D and STL. Creates 3D print-ready closed meshes (no holes) Geometry Editing Tools A powerful set of geometry editing tools are now included to refine the results.

Female Anatomy for Artist - Ultra-high resolution female photo references –