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Secrets of Body Language

Secrets of Body Language

Psykt og folkelig «How I met my therapist» er underholdende og energisk hele veien, men skjemmes noe av mangel på originalitet og rød tråd. I utgangspunktet har de gjort det lett for seg ved å ha et konsept som kan inneholde alt: En mor i fremtiden forteller sine barn om hvordan det var å leve og være student i Bergen i 2012. Revyen beveger seg hovedsaklig innenfor dette triangelet: Psykologistudenten, Bergen og medier. Åpningsnummeret, i musikalstil, er eksplosivt og omhandler den forvirrende følelsen man kan få av å være ny student i Bergen. Fint, men synd at det var vanskelig å få med seg mer enn brokker av vokalen, som var altfor lav.

Cracking the Code of Life Cracking the Code of Life PBS Airdate: April 17, 2001 ROBERT KRULWICH: When I look at this—and these are the three billion chemical letters, instructions for a human being—my eyes glaze over. But when scientist Eric Lander looks at this he sees stories. WeVideo For YouTube Takes Editing Into The Cloud! WeVideo For YouTube Takes Editing Into The Cloud! Break Free From YourSoftware Editors! This exciting free YouTube Add-On provides a useful timeline based editing platform while letting you edit videos from anywhere you have a browser! Introducing WeVideo!

Kunsten å si nei : Ny Tid PRISET: Jarle Bernhoft fikk denne uka én million kroner fra Statoil. Han må dermed stille opp for oljeselskapet flere ganger. Avtalen innebærer gjensidig respekt, opplyser Statoils informasjonssjef. Foto: wikicommons 18. februar mottok Jarle Bernhoft (35) Statoil-stipendet på én million kroner fra oljeselskapets informasjonsdirektør. Emotion reversed in left-handers brains The way we use our hands may determine how emotions are organized in our brains, according to a recent study published in PLoS ONE by psychologists Geoffrey Brookshire and Daniel Casasanto of The New School for Social Research in New York. Motivation, the drive to approach or withdraw from physical and social stimuli, is a basic building block of human emotion. For decades, scientists have believed that approach motivation is computed mainly in the left hemisphere of the brain, and withdraw motivation in the right hemisphere. Brookshire and Casasanto's study challenges this idea, showing that a well-established pattern of brain activity, found across dozens of studies in right-handers, completely reverses in left-handers. The study used electroencepahlography (EEG) to compare activity in participants' right and left hemispheres during rest.

8 Youtube Creative Tools You’ve Probably Not Seen! And Are Gonna Love! 8 Youtube Creative Tools You’ve Probably Not Seen! And Are Gonna Love! YouTube has been building out it’s collection of Add-ons and the results are pretty darn cool! Over at you can find these 8 cool toys, most of which have been designed to work with YouTube but are partnerships with other companies. What’s really fantastic about this is that majority of these are video editors (and a few creators) that really streamline the creation process and make it easier to edit videos “on the go” right in the browser than ever before! The YouTube Video Editor (product of YouTube) is deeply integrated in the site and I wrote about them before.

Norway’s Greatest Vulnerability Is Also Its Greatest Strength The unspeakable horror of this weekend’s massacre in Norway is exaggerated exponentially by terrorist Anders Breivik’s abuse of one of civil society’s most distinctive features: the trust that the public places in law enforcement. And Norway may be particularly vulnerable to such a breach, as a country with a particularly deep faith in its the integrity of its institutions. Norway’s best civil qualities, in this case, also made it most vulnerable to the worst impulses of this killer. Like its fellow Scandinavian countries, Norway is near the top of the world’s charts in many enviable ways: high standard of living and productivity, high levels of happiness, impressive longevity, low levels of economic inequality and corruption and in general, extremely low levels of violent and other crimes. Countries with this profile tend to have the highest levels of trust in their fellow citizens and institutions. PHOTOS: Anders Behring Breivik, the Extremist Behind Norway’s Tragedy

Your Genes, Your Health DSLR Controller (BETA) DSLR Controller was the first and remains the best app to fully control your Canon EOS DSLR from your Android device with a USB cable. No computer or laptop required, no root required, only a compatible mobile device, a compatible camera, and the right USB cable. Compatible camera's and WFT boxes can also be controlled using Wi-Fi (in either Smartphone/Tablet mode or EOS Utility/PC mode). Islamofobi og antisemittisme - tvillingideologier I denne artikkelen vil jeg vise hvordan den ideverdenen som selverklært kalles ”islamkritikk” sammenfaller med antisemittismens ideverden. Men først vil jeg grunngi hvorfor det å sammenstille disse ideene ikke bare er legitimt men også nødvendig. Aldri mer Holocaust

Why Americans doubt man-made climate change - Inside Story: US 2012 It was 42 years ago that the first Earth Day was organised in the US, drawing millions of Americans to rallies across the country calling for a sustainable environment. Some consider that day to be the birth of the modern environmentalist movement in the US. Today the day is marked by millions around the world but its impact in the US seems to have fizzled, with only dozens turning out at the National Mall in Washington DC on Sunday. While the first Earth Day helped lead to the establishment of the US Environmental Protection agency, this year it was largely ignored by politicians and the public. The issue of climate change has barely come up on the US presidential campaign trail.

Education is Ignorance, by Noam Chomsky (Excerpted from Class Warfare) DAVID BARSAMIAN: One of the heroes of the current right-wing revival... is Adam Smith. You've done some pretty impressive research on Smith that has excavated... a lot of information that's not coming out. You've often quoted him describing the "vile maxim of the masters of mankind: all for ourselves and nothing for other people." NOAM CHOMSKY: I didn't do any research at all on Smith. I just read him.

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