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Perfect Health Diet - A diet for healing chronic disease, restoring youthful vitality, and achieving long life

Perfect Health Diet - A diet for healing chronic disease, restoring youthful vitality, and achieving long life
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Lola Berry | Leading Australian Nutritionist » Food for the Brain Institute--UK Mark's Daily Apple If you’ve been hanging with me for a while, you’ve probably noticed I’m always encouraging my readers to explore new research, new recipes, and new regimens to lift their Primal journey past plateaus and to the next level. I’ve found a great resource for both the Primal newbie looking to activate his hunter-gatherer roots and the Primal connoisseur looking to expand her Primal knowledge. Put together by our friends at, the Primal Life Kit is a compilation of all the ancestral tools you need to cook, eat, workout, and live Primally. There’s a total of 49 products and 14 discounts in the Primal Life bundle. They’ve got 21 paleo cookbooks full of mouthwatering, gluten-free recipes, 2 meal plans, and even an online cooking club. Here’s a quick snapshot of the entire package: Keep reading…

Raw Food SOS | Rescuing good health from bad science. Chris Kresser Whole Health Source Health Blog Awards 2013 - Bupa Australia Blog Just comment on this post, remembering to: Name your favourite health blog in one of the 6 categoriesProvide us with a link to itTell us how the blog helps others to live a healthier life The search for Australia’s best health blogs is on. At Bupa, we’re all about helping you to find a healthier you. So, naturally if we can support blogs with similar interests, then that’s what we want to do! That’s where you come in. Nominations are now open for the #BupaBlogAwards We’re looking for nominations across 6 categories: Healthy lifestyleHealthy eatingFamily timePositive life changePersonal development/self careSocial good Nominate your favourite health-related blog that fits into one of the above categories. Our judges are ready. There will be one grand prize winner who will receive AUD $5000 to spend on improving their health, happiness and wellbeing. Meet our judges So, who will choose the winners? How to enter Why not spread the word? Nominations close on May 30th, 2013. Terms and conditions

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Paul Jaminet hasn't been actively posting lately because he is starting up a biotech company. He suffered from chronic illness, became well through diet and shared his understanding of the research for several years. His archives are useful as his his book: "The Perfect Health Diet". by kiraonysko Nov 14