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Sharing Backyards Toronto South Coast Conservation Historically one of the largest wetland complexes in the Fraser Valley, "Sumas Lake was a body of water between Sumas and Vedder mountains, midway between the present-day cities of Chilliwack and Abbotsford, British Columbia. Its name means "a big level opening" and is a reference to the site of the lake, which lay between Sumas Mountain and its American counterpart, Sumas Mountain, Washington, part of the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The lake extended into Whatcom County, Washington, necessitating a railway trestle of the British Columbia Electric Railway across it from Huntingdon to the foot of Vedder Mountain remains today as a dyke. Originally, the lake occupied 40 km² (15 mi²) and swelled to 120 km² (47 mi²) during flooding.

FoodCycles Plant Gene Resources of Canada What is plant germplasm? Our mandate Plant germplasm is the living tissue from which new plants can be grown. What is the Canadian Plant Germplasm System? Why Genebanks? Canada’s Plant Germplasm System is a network of centres and people dedicated to preserving the genetic diversity of crop plants, their wild relatives and plants present and unique in the Canadian biodiversity. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada appointed the first Plant Gene Resources officer, and established Plant Gene Resources of Canada ( PGRC) in 1970. The Canadian Clonal Genebank was designated in 1989 as the primary germplasm repository for fruit tree and small fruit crops. Genetic Diversity Canadian agriculture is based on crops that originated from areas outside of Canada. Canada’s food supply is based on intensive agriculture and this benefits from genetic uniformity of crops. Benefits derived from the use of Plant Genetic Resources Expert Committee on Plant and Microbial Genetic Resources Germplasm storage

Home | SPEC - Conservation Toronto Community Garden Network | TCGN (Main) / TCGN Home Page Welcome to the TCGN Website For A Vibrant Green Toronto And A Healthy Garden Movement. Changing the City one root at a time What is the Toronto Community Garden Network? The Toronto Community Garden Network (TCGN) is made up of interested and energetic individuals and organizations from across the GTA. The community gardens in Toronto are situated on a range of properties, including city parks, rooftops, senior citizens' residences, school properties, churches, community & health centres, and many more places. Mission Statement: The Toronto Community Garden Network is working to encourage a healthy Community Gardening movement in the City of Toronto, supporting and linking Community Gardeners. Our Vision of Diversity The Toronto Community Garden Network is committed to diversity as a central and fundamental aspect of our work. The TCGN is open and welcoming to people of all beliefs, experiences, and backgrounds. Toronto Gardens: This is a list of some of the community gardens in Toronto.

What's New | Alternative Grounds Oh my! Spring is indeed in the air!! Forget in the air! I saw yellow crocus's in my garden this morning! and... it's almost Hot Doc's time, a sure sign Spring has landed. An article in the February edition of “Tea and Coffee” reported on the results of a study in which 78% of respondents said that they would rather give up alcohol, social media or sex with their spouse for a year rather than forfeit coffee. Linda GROW AHEAD has gone MOBILE! Coffee addicts, drinkers, fairtraders and farmers unite! Hello Junction! “For coffee farmers who are dealing with this rust crisis ... if they don’t have coffee to sell, they don’t eat,” - Charlie Fishbein ( The Coffee Exchange) speaks about the Roya Crisis. rica, Introducing the Furaha Coffee Cooperative from the Democratic Republic of Congo! Cuppa Change is at it again! WE'RE ON FACEBOOK + TWITTER!! Hot Docs is almost upon us! There will be food!

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