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Sonic Pi - The Live Coding Music Synth for Everyone

Sonic Pi - The Live Coding Music Synth for Everyone

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20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools - National Association for Musi... 20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools This article original appeared on Bachelors Degree. Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. But despite this almost universal interest, many schools are having to do away with their music education programs. This is a mistake, with schools losing not only an enjoyable subject, but a subject that can enrich students’ lives and education.

raspberry_pi:diy [ PIRATEBOX ] Raspberry Pi(rate)Box 1.0.7 is now available for download via BitTorrent! See our easy DIY instructions below for details on how to build your own Pi(rate)Box. And learn more about the PirateBox project here. Responsive design for ease of use with phones and tablets; UPnP Media Server for local streaming of movies and songs; Image and Message Board for 4chan-like functionality; chat room for anonymous communications; browser-based file sharing system! GPIO Zero A simple interface to everyday GPIO components used with Raspberry Pi. Created by Ben Nuttall of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Dave Jones, and other contributors. Latest release The latest release is v0.9.0 beta 4 released on 25th October 2015. About

Csound Journal Introduction The Raspberry Pi and the BeagleBone are two very popular computers about the size of a deck of cards. These so-called "tinyware" devices contain USB ports, onboard ethernet, and audio/visual output capabilities. Both devices use Linux as an operating system, which allows them to utilize a large array of programming languages and applications available on the Linux platform, including Csound. The goal of this article is to provide a brief introduction to using Csound on either one of these devices to create a real-time performance device.

Axoloti : a digital audio platform for makers A new solution to create your own digital synthesizer, effects unit, groovebox or stomp-box, quick and easy. With the Axoloti Patcher on your computer you can program your sound, composition, and interaction by selecting objects like oscillators, filters, envelopes from the object library: and drawing connections on your computer: Want to 'train your brain'? Forget apps, learn a musical instrument The multimillion dollar brain training industry is under attack. In October 2014, a group of over 100 eminent neuroscientists and psychologists wrote an open letter warning that “claims promoting brain games are frequently exaggerated and at times misleading”. Earlier this year, industry giant Lumosity was fined $2m, and ordered to refund thousands of customers who were duped by false claims that the company’s products improve general mental abilities and slow the progression of age-related decline in mental abilities.

Raspberry Pi Email Server The RasPi’s small size and low power consumption make it an ideal choice for use as a home email server. After trying a couple of different pieces of software, I finally found an excellent combination: Postfix with Dovecot and Squirrelmail, plus Spamasssassin and Sieve for spam filtering. There are many, many tutorials out there for the first trilogy of programs, but since the configuration is slightly different for each distribution I kept coming unstuck when setting mine up on the Pi. Having finally got mine configured properly, I’ve put together a set of 5 tutorials, which will take you from a vanilla Raspbian image to a fully functioning email server in no time. When writing the tutorial I made an effort to explain what each setting does instead of just dumping commands.

The Eagerly Awaited Raspberry Pi Display You’ve been incredibly patient: thank you. The official Raspberry Pi touch display is on sale today, priced at $60 (plus local taxes and shipping): you can buy it at RS Components/Allied Electronics and at Premier Farnell/Newark. Other sellers will be receiving stock later this week. We gave one to Alex Eames of RasPi.TV a couple of weeks back so that he could give us one of his famously clear video introductions: Two years ago, I began the process of looking for a simple, embeddable display for the Raspberry Pi. I honestly believed it would only take us six months from start to end, but there were a number of issues we met (and other products diverted our attention from the display – like Rev 2.1, B+, A+, and Pi 2).

IoT Head-To-Head: MIPS Creator CI20 Vs. Raspberry Pi 2 Featured On HP Global Partner Conference 2015 Coverage HP's annual Global Partner Conference is underway and there's plenty of buzz as the company will be split into fortune 50 companies later this year.

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