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Sans titre. Tips & Techniques Technique : Sequencing & MIDI Controllers Even a killer rhythm pattern won't make the grade if it's played with lacklustre sounds.

sans titre

In the concluding part of this series, NICHOLAS ROWLAND puts on his sound designer's head and explains how you can re-tread your tired timbres... This is the last article in a four-part series. Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. In the first instalment of this series, I made the point that one of the main attractions of sampled rhythm loops is often not the intricacies of the rhythm pattern itself, but the sonic character of the loop.

We've already looked at more extreme approaches to rhythm programming, in last month's issue. But first a disclaimer. The first place to look for inspiration is in the manual. Why is son clave so awesome? One of the best discoveries I made while researching my thesis is the mathematician Godfried Toussaint.

Why is son clave so awesome?

While the bookshelves groan with mathematical analyses of western harmony, Toussaint is the rare scholar who uses the same tools to understand Afro-Cuban rhythms. He’s especially interested in the rhythm known to Latin musicians as 3-2 son clave, to Ghanaians as the kpanlogo bell pattern, and to rock musicians as the Bo Diddley beat. Toussaint calls it “The Rhythm that Conquered the World” in his paper of the same name.

Here it is as programmed by me on a drum machine: The image behind the SoundCloud player is my preferred circular notation for son clave. Son clave probably traveled from West Africa to Cuba with the slave trade. Un bel objet pour la synthèse granulaire. Composer, Intermedia Sculptor, Interactive Media Technologist. MdeGranular~: granular synthesis external for max/msp. The URL for this file is A Max/MSP external object for multi-channel, multi-voice, multi-transposition granular synthesis Michael EdwardsReader in Music Technology The University of Edinburgh michael.edwards(at) object argumentsleft inletother inletschange logdownloads overview This Max/MSP object performs time granulation of sampled sound in real-time.

mdeGranular~: granular synthesis external for max/msp

Input in the form of a fixed, pre-recorded sample buffer or an incoming signal of user-specified length is used to randomly select segments of sound (grains) whose durations (grain length) may be modified on-the-fly. The granulation is performed in a user-specified number of streams (also known as (aka) voices or layers): the more streams, the denser and thicker but also the smoother the effect. Finally, each grain is routed to a randomly-chosen outlet (the number of which is also user specified) allowing mapping onto an arbitrary number of output channels. N.B. Argotlunar. NoisyLittleBugger. Finally, I get some time to myself.


But not much, so let’s crack-on. First I connected-up the PSU to the mains. Now, if you are going to try this yourself I shouldn’t have to tell you to be careful, but I will anyway. BE CAREFUL. I’m not responsible if you fry yourself. Anyway, I took no chances for first power-up. But it works. All looking good. Next was to grab some stripboard, a couple of large capacitors and suitable headers. The connectors are wired as follows: Initially I won’t be using the +5 bus, so I’ll only need the 10-pin headers.

Cours1. La bibliothèque de spatialisation HOA pour Max/MSP, Pure Data, VST, FAUST... La bibliothèque de spatialisation HOA pour Max/MSP, Pure Data, VST, FAUST...

La bibliothèque de spatialisation HOA pour Max/MSP, Pure Data, VST, FAUST...

Pierre Guillot, Eliott Paris et Manuel Deneu. Electro. Websharing. Minimal Freaks - Minimal Techno Tech-House Deep House Music. Tutoriel MAO Ableton Live - Créer un rythme D&B - Séance Numérique. Tutoriel MAO #1 Dans ce premier tutoriel MAO, je vous propose de créer un rythme Drum & Bass crédible à partir d’une vidéo amateur issue de YouTube.

Tutoriel MAO Ableton Live - Créer un rythme D&B - Séance Numérique

J’utilise pour cela le logiciel Ableton Live 8 (version standard) en limitant volontairement mes choix d’instruments et d’effets à ceux d’origine. Le challenge est d’exploiter de façon élégante une matière sonore brute de décoffrage, probablement de qualité moyenne, mais remplie d’artefacts sonores et autres défauts musicalement intéressants. Sommaire Bande son initiale L’idée de ce tutoriel m’est venue après avoir tapé « Street Drummer » dans YouTube. Préparation du projet Pour importer la bande son dans Ableton Live depuis mon navigateur internet, j’utilise l’utilitaire gratuit Soundflower pour Mac OS. Je commence par configurer Live à 170 BPM en mode Session.

Synth Secrets by Gordon Reid.


Connecting a world of audio. Nodal - Generative Music Software. Download Nodal Current Version Download the free demo to see what you can create with Nodal! What users are saying about Nodal "Nodal is brilliant! " "Thank you for absconding with so much of last night's sleep! Nodal is a truly gorgeous, elegant application. " "Thank you thank you thank you for this great piece of software. ChucK => Strongly-timed, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language. The Audicle : A Context-sensitive, On-the-fly Audio Programming Environ/mentality.