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Holophonic Sounds - Tricking Your Mind To See Alternate Realities

Top 10 Creative Ways to Store Your Stuff I live in a smallish condo, so I love these kinds of creative hacks. Two of my favorite and easy hacks: 1. Brain Wave Entrainment and Hypnosis During hypnosis the brain shows a characteristic sequence of brain wave activity. This can now be artificially reproduced through the use of audio tones; a process known as brain wave entrainment. If you are in a particular state, for example, very anxious, then you will produce a unique 'signature' of brainwaves. This applies equally to other states, such as learning and the focused concentration of competitive sport. These are states that can take a long time and a lot of physical effort to attain. My 5 Favorite Tablet PC Tips for Educators With all the growing interest in tablet-based computing in schools, I thought it would be timely to share once again “My 5 Favorite Tablet PC Tips for Educators”. These are simple ways you can use a digital pen to support your teaching – especially in math and science, where diagrammatic discussions are key. I also include a tip at the end for using your existing laptop to take advantage of the power of digital ink…

Felicia Sullivan - Author, Foodie, Rockstar » » Blog Archive » a righteous return: sweet revenge, new york city Posted at 5:06 pm by felicia sullivan, on July 23, 2011 Someone told me that the reign of the cupcake has come to a close. It’s the end of era, my friend said, shaking her head. All the while I looked at her as if she were speaking in tongues, because something that gives one pleasure never ceases to exist. The cupcake isn’t taking its final curtain call; it’s not lurking in the shadows. Simply put, I don’t believe in haute cuisine or on-trend desserts — I love what is pleasing to the eye and satisfying to the palate.

Viral restoration of dopamine to the nucleus accumbens uptake and amphetamine-induced response Viral restoration of dopamine to the nucleus accumbens is sufficient to induce a locomotor response to amphetamine by Heusner CL, Hnasko TS, Szczypka MS, Liu Y, During MJ, Palmiter RD. Department of Biochemistry, University of Washington, 98195, Seattle, WA, USA Brain Res. 2003 Aug 8;980(2):266-74ABSTRACT Administration of amphetamine to mice evokes hyperlocomotion. Dopamine deficient (DD) mice, in which tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) has been specifically inactivated in dopaminergic neurons, have a blunted response to amphetamine, indicating that the hyperlocomotive response requires dopamine.

Try IT this year – Ten Techie things to try this year 1) Build your person learning network Imagine a place where you can ask for a child-friendly video about the Battle of Hastings at 2am on a Thursday and five people point you in the direction of a perfect resource. This is your personal learning network (PLN). It’s like that teacher in your school with all the best, shiny and useful resources locked in their stock cupboard, but your PLN is not just willing, but eager to share with you. A collection of fellow handpicked educational professional with more resources, ideas, advice and CPD opportunities than you could ever use.

Tyrosine and amphetamines Tyrosine influence on amphetamine self-administration and brain catecholamines in the rat by Geis LS, Smith DG, Smith FL, Yu DS, Lyness WH Pharmacol Biochem Behav 1986 Nov; 25(5):1027-33ABSTRACT Earlier work had shown that L-tyrosine administration, precursor to both dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE), could increase brain DA metabolite concentrations after amphetamine treatment and restore amphetamine-induced decreases in whole brain NE. Both monoamines have been suggested to participate in some aspects of continued drug abuse. Rats trained to self-administer IV d-amphetamine were treated with IP tyrosine during test sessions to examine the behavioral and neurochemical response. In animals with less than 35 days of amphetamine exposure, L-tyrosine treatments did not alter amphetamine self-administration.

The Must-Have Guide To Helping Technophobic Educators The following is the third in a set of 7 ‘ The Future of Education ‘ articles. It is written by Dr. Abir Qasem , an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, and Director of Academic Computing at Bridgewater College and Tanya Gupta who has worked on technology and economic development. When Pizza Met Sushi If there were two distinctive foods that might consider themselves friends but never lovers, it just might be the ubiquitous Pizza and the glamorous Sushi. Picture this: it’s a brisk fall day in New York City, the foliage in Central Park boldly splashed with bright crimsons and golds, and a buzz of hungry workers emerge from their buildings in search of lunch. The scents of nearly every world cuisine imaginable waft together in the city’s melting pot, tantalizing potential diners as they breeze by. Of these, I can see the classic Pizza, that simple yet brilliant fusion of cheese, tomato sauce and dough, a little rough around the edges, but comforting to the soul. A few doors down lives his friend, the stylish and more complex Sushi, always stunning, her beauty a delicate balance of umami and freshness.

That was an experience and a half :)) I still have goose bumps from it. Thanks! by taranasus Jun 19