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A Way with Words, public radio's lively show about words and language and how we use them.

A Way with Words, public radio's lively show about words and language and how we use them.

Index page It is currently Wed May 22, 2013 7:21 am View unanswered posts • View active topics Forum Rules and Features This section will contain posting guidelines for the forum along with any other information that is relevant to this forum. 13 Topics 326 Posts Last post by madmaxNZ Sat May 18, 2013 9:01 pm Endless-Sphere Wiki Things related to the E-S Wiki 2 Topics 21 Posts Last post by crossbreak Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:20 am General Discussion Talk about anything and everything here within reason. Useful WebQuest Resources Site menu: Latest news: June 17, 2015: This year marks the 20th anniversary of the WebQuest model. Watch this space for announcements of some new resources coming later this summer!

Andrew Hamilton, "Hitler's Speeches" Adolf Hitler, Sportpalast, Berlin, Germany, September 14, 1930 2,882 words I read that Hitler delivered about 5,000 major speeches during his lifetime running to many thousands of pages. Latin Pulse Podcast Archive Home | Login/Register RSS / Podcasts Close Home > Online Series > Latin Pulse/Pulso Latino > Podcasts Stay Connected

Unabridged A native English speaker recently asked me, Is it dreamed or dreamt? The answer is, it’s both—both versions date to the early 14th century—but the question got me thinking about how remarkable it is that a native speaker could be unsure about the simple past tense of such a common verb. It’s reasonable, of course, to be unsure. English conjugation is notoriously complicated (am becomes was? think becomes thought? put just parades blithely through tenses changing not a whit?)

NeuroLogica Blog Jan 13 2017 Cognitive Biases in Health Care Decision Making This was an unexpected pleasant find in an unusual place. The Gerontological Society of America recently put out a free publication designed to educate patients about cognitive biases and heuristics and how they can adversely affect decision making about health care. Definitions of behavioral verbs for use in learning objectives Definitions of Behavioral Verbs for Learning Objectives Dr. Bob Kizlik The rise of the shitgibbon – Strong Language Pennsylvania state senator Daylin Leach got a lot of attention this week for a colorful expletive hurled at Donald Trump, appearing on Leach’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. As Leach’s “fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon” line made the rounds on social media, he didn’t back down from the characterization (which was inspired by reports that Trump had threatened to “destroy the career” of a Texas state senator over the civil asset forfeiture issue). His spokesman Steve Hoenstine doubled down. The Philly Voice wondered what a “shit-gibbon” is, exactly. “A gibbon is a primate most commonly found in parts of Southeast Asia, but “s***-gibbon” looks like it’s a Scottish insult.” Indeed, shitgibbon got attached to Trump when he landed in Scotland after the Brexit vote and tweeted that Scotland “took their country back,” despite the fact that most Scots voted against leaving the EU.

Listen Live: St. Louis Public Radio Select a streaming option below to correspond with the type of media player you would like to use. Flash Player If you have pop-up windows blocked, you will need to allow an exception to listen with this option. To listen via a separate player (iTunes or Windows Media Player, for example), use the links below. To listen from a mobile device, download our station app or use the MP3 links below. Wordy English: Vocabulary Compilation with Usage Examples A collection of five thousand English words with usage examples. For a intro, see: How to Increase Your English Vocabulary?. For daily musings, subscribe at Xah's Belles-lettres Blog. When using this site, you should have a dictionary software installed.