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SketchBook Pro iTunes PrioVR VR Motion Tracking Suit: Interview with Head of R&D (video) Paul Yost, Head of R&D at YEI Technology After having checked out the first PrioVR prototype the other week, I had a chance to sit down with YEI Technology’s Head of R&D, Paul Yost, to learn more about the VR motion tracking system. Yost talks VR gloves, vests, and Post-Kickstarter plans. The PrioVR Kickstarter didn’t reach its goal, but the team is committed to making PrioVR a reality (11:51). Yost told me that the end of the Kickstarter is “…certainly not the end of the road for [PrioVR]….” We also want to assure you that we’re not done. Yost told me (13:04) that development on the system is continuing regardless of the Kickstarter’s success and that “…the technology and the idea is too good for us to give up on….” PrioVR Prototype Suit Yost also talked about using the PrioVR technology for an oft-requested ‘VR glove’ with full finger tracking (15:13).

Hawken by Adhesive Games Matchmaking Hotfix - 1/16/14 We've made some adjustments to our matchmaking logic! Development Update: 1/10/2014 We cover all of the information that was revealed this week and... January Update: Patch Notes Check out the patch notes for January's minor update! Adjustments to the Progression System Find out what plans we have for adjusting and improving player... SENSEable Shoes | Computational Design Lab SENSEable Shoes is a hands-free and eyes-free foot-computer interface that supports on-the-go interaction with surrounding environments. We recognize different low-level activities by measuring the user’s continuous weight distribution over the feet with twelve Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) sensors embedded in the insoles of shoes. Using the sensor data as inputs, a Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier identifies up to eighteen mobile activities and a four-directional foot control gesture at approximately 98% accuracy. By understanding user’s present activities and foot gestures, this system offers a nonintrusive and always-available input method. We present the design and implementation of our system and several proof-of-concept applications. A person’s weight is not allocated symmetrically over the plantar. We observed people’s common low-level activities in a mobile context and classified them as static or dynamic. We implement a SVM classifier with python’s Orange API.

FINAL FANTASY III | SQUARE ENIX ¡Final Fantasy III ya está disponible en iPad! Final Fantasy III se publicó por primera vez en 1990 y fue el primer título de la serie en vender un millón de copias. Gracias a este juego, quedó claro que la saga de juegos de rol de Square Enix se había hecho un hueco en el mercado. Final Fantasy III fue un despliegue de innovación, desde el sistema de trabajos que permite a los personajes cambiar de clase en cualquier momento hasta la habilidad de invocar a poderosas criaturas como Shiva y Bahamut. Cuando la oscuridad se cierne sobre el mundo y la luz desaparece, cuatro jóvenes son elegidos por los cristales para emprender una aventura... <Características del juego> - Gráficos y escenas en 3D adaptadas especialmente para iPad. - Intuitivos controles táctiles que facilitan aún más la navegación en los juegos de rol de Square Enix para iPhone. - Búsquedas más rápidas en el bestiario de monstruos y otros registros del juego. - Nuevos diseños para los Diplomas de Maestro.

engin1000 / Das Boot Report Project Summary Weight-bearing is a process of physical therapy pertaining to injuries below the waist that requires partial loading of the body weight on the recuperating leg, with the assistance of crutches or frames. Weight-bearing grades are typically determined by the therapist, and adjusted with the progress of healing. Without clinical equipment, patients are less able to rationally determine the amount of load placed on the injured leg. We are seeking to provide such accessibility to the patient in order to maximize the benefits of weight bearing. What we are proposing is a simple system that instantaneously determines the amount of pressure placed on the foot and provides a feedback that cautions the patient to gauge their motion. Project Design In the process of weight-bearing, the minimum amount of load prescribed for the patient is gradually increased until the user is able to resume regular movement (full-weight bearing). Introduction Market Need Plantar fasciitis Bunion Fracture

Immersive Display Homepage Funny Science Fiction IKEA Manuals Explain it Perfectly Geeky The humorous people over at college humor put together a pretty funny/geeky manual that explains how some of the most amazing scifi devices were made in IKEA fashion. So while you are sitting there chomping on your Swedish meatballs, read on and learn how to build scifi stuff! Clever, very clever you funny ass collegiate sonzofbitches. [ source ]