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Podcasts – Andreessen Horowitz. Talking Machines. Dear Listener, I hope you've been enjoying our show so far.

Talking Machines

Ryan and I have been having a fantastic time making it for you. Podcast Archives - InDesignSecrets : InDesignSecrets. Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast. Top 8 best tech podcasts to listen to in 2015 and stay in the loop. If you’re into technology, you’ve probably heard about podcasting.

Top 8 best tech podcasts to listen to in 2015 and stay in the loop

If you haven’t, well, now is the best time ever to give these radio-like talkshows a try. As podcasts become mainstream, it’s time we share with you our selection of the best tech podcasts we listen regularly to keep up with the latest news. The beauty of podcasts is that you can easily integrate them into the more boring parts of your daily routine, such as commuting, going to the gym, housekeeping, etc. Check them out, subscribe to your favorites, and never miss out on the latest tech news and industry insights. Podcasts. Apple Byte The Apple Byte covers the fact, the fiction, and everything inside the world of Apple.


Brian Tong talks about the latest Apple announcements, the rumors, and he'll break down the good and bad of Apple with an edgy style. Hosted by: Brian Tong CNET RSS | iTunes | FeedBurner | YouTube Apple Byte: Extra Crunchy The Apple Byte: Extra Crunchy audio podcast brings more stories, more details and more talking each week with CNET's Brian Tong and Stephen Beacham. TechStuff by Analog(ue) - Relay FM. #84: Unpredictable Things Happen July 10th, 2016 · 58 minutes This time Myke and Casey have some very important follow up to address before attempting to discuss the EU Referendum. #83: I Seek You June 25th, 2016 · 83 minutes Casey and Myke discuss their WWDC experiences and answer a wide variety of #RelayYourFeels questions.

Analog(ue) - Relay FM

NOTE: This episode was recorded before the results of the EU referendum in the U.K. #82: I Have Feelings About That Man June 11th, 2016 · 73 minutes Myke talks about why he enjoyed taking a trip before heading off to WWDC, and Casey shares some regret about a tweet. #81: Nothing But Dust and Lint. Rocket - Relay FM. #79: Pokémon Go, Going, Gone July 14th, 2016 · 66 minutes This week, Simone, Brianna, and Christina talk about the Pokémon craze that is sweeping the world (again), as well as the safety concerns.

Rocket - Relay FM

Then, talk turns to Magic Leap and the promise of augmented reality. #78: When Your Product is a Punchline July 7th, 2016 · 63 minutes. Clockwise - Relay FM. Accidental Tech Podcast. Forbes Welcome. The Besties Game of the Year special for 2015 is now available, you monster. Last year, we published a post called "The Final Besties Ever.

The Besties Game of the Year special for 2015 is now available, you monster

" We're sorry that we lied about that, but we're even sorrier for those of you who made it happen by constantly demanding that we do it. We can't imagine what dark hole is embedded in your heart that you require one of the most universally maligned video game podcasts in history in order for your year to be complete, but that's your cross to bear. True story: If Russ Frushtick's audio sounds odd during this episode, it's because he literally talked into the wrong side of his mic for the whole show, I shit you not. This is the podcast you demanded. The 10 tech podcasts you must listen to today. We all have that one friend: the insufferable know-it-all who seems to be an expert on every subject known to humankind.

The 10 tech podcasts you must listen to today

You tell a story or spit out a fact, and he can’t help but one-up you. Loudly. In front of lots of your other friends. And then he smirks. If you’d like to beat him at his own game, turn to podcasts to get some good talking points. Once just a media afterthought, podcasts now have devoted followings and huge production budgets. 1. I’m beginning to believe that the British just know how to be better hosts. The woman who tracked her own tears - Home. A few things about Robin Weis.

The woman who tracked her own tears - Home

She's a user experience designer. She's interested in self-tracking. And she's not afraid to cry. "I tracked crying for a year and a half in order to understand the sorts of things that make me cry and why. " For 589 days she tracked the frequency, duration, intensity, and cause of her crying. Number of cries per day Cries: Time of day & day of the week Categories of cries over time Popular crying locations Frequency of emotions To see more of Robin's tracking, including an interactive graph of the causes and emotions behind all of her crying, visit her website. 10 tech podcasts you should listen to now. Don’t ever say there’s nothing good on.

10 tech podcasts you should listen to now

There’s a whole lot of podcasts about technology. The New & Noteworthy collection of tech podcasts on iTunes holds 2,000 of them. And some really are worth your attention. Podcasts first popped up nearly a decade ago, following the ascent of Apple’s iPod. In the past year or so, though, it feels like there’s been a renaissance for the form, especially with the growth of Serial, WBEZ’s offshoot of radio show This American Life. Here are 10 tech podcasts that are worth following in this “golden age.” 1) Talking Machines Former radio journalist Katherine Gorman has teamed up with Ryan Adams, a Harvard professor teaching classes on machine learning, to do a twice-monthly podcast on that very topic. 2) Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z podcast.