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Atelier Bow-Wow - Four Boxes Gallery, Krabbesholm College, Skive, Denmark Photo: Anders Sune Berg Four Boxes Gallery is a building that is quintessentially Japanese, yet also strangely oversized and villa-like, as it extends the built vocabulary of the school with its clear-cut concrete edges. The Four Boxes Gallery is located on the green lawn of Krabbesholm Collage, between the white-washed facades of the Craftsmen's School and the red brick Idé-Pro factory. It is a building that is quintessentially Japanese, yet also strangely oversized and villa-like, as it extends the built vocabulary of the school with its clear-cut concrete edges. Like an upwardly striving bento box in which each individual room has grown out of the whole, the building supplements the creative workshops, residential facilities and common rooms of Krabbesholm by adding long-awaited exhibition facilities to the complex. The building was named the Four Boxes Gallery because of its layout. In Japan a dinner of rice and fish/meat is called a bento meal. Sketch courtesy Atelier Bow-WowSketch

Dueling Network RISK! Internships at Internships The Earthship Intern Program is a 3 week long hands-on learning experience at the Earthship global headquarters in Taos, New Mexico. Interns learn Earthship design concepts and building techniques with the best Earthship builders in the world, in the original Earthship community,. Each session offers 4 classroom presentations as well as a tour of various community Earthships. The Earthship Intern Program is open to anyone over the age of 21 with an interest in sustainability and a willingness to work hard. WORKInterns work on Earthship construction sites with the Earthship crew learning building concepts, designs, systems and techniques. During each session, Interns spend one day in our Visitor’s Center guiding guests through an Earthship, answering general questions. Class room presentations offered include Earthship principles and designs, Earthship history and evolution, power systems and water systems. A $100 cleaning deposit is required for check-in to any Intern housing.

Invisibilia by NPR Psychologist shows why we “choke” under pressure – and how to avoid it A star golfer misses a critical putt; a brilliant student fails to ace a test; a savvy salesperson blows a key presentation. Each of these people has suffered the same bump in mental processing: They have just choked under pressure. It's tempting to dismiss such failures as "just nerves." Beilock's research is the basis of her new book, Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting it Right When You Have To, published Sept. 21 by Simon and Schuster, Free Press. "Choking is suboptimal performance, not just poor performance. Preventing choking in sports Some of the most spectacular and memorable moments of choking occur in sports when the whole world is watching. Choking in such cases happens when the polished programs executed by the brains of extremely accomplished athletes go awry. Thinking too much about what you are doing, because you are worried about losing the lead (as in Norman's case) or worrying about failing in general, can lead to "paralysis by analysis."

Play Nintendo | Games Online SNES and NES Emulator The Infinite Monkey Cage Rose Marcus - Astrolink - home page | Rose Marcus, evolutionary astrologer, Vancouver Month’s Overview: September Astrolink Despite the obstacles or work that lie ahead, September opens with a fairly smooth running week. Sept 1 to 27, Mercury in Libra seeks cooperation, peace, and justice. Even so, uncertainty can continue. Sept 8 delivers the third of three super full moons in a row, and the final one for 2014. Spread out over the day before and after, the Pisces full moon is aligned with Chiron (moon conjunct/sun opposite). A special one may hold great sway. When Pisces, Neptune, and Chiron combine with a super moon, the tides of mass consciousness are raised in some specific way. Chiron and the Pisces super full moon are engaged in a water element grand trine involving Ceres/Vesta/Saturn in Scorpio and Juno in Cancer. On the other end of the spectrum, the grand trine in water also facilitates opportunists, hidden agendas, power-plays, and inflitration. The end of Pluto retrograde (on Sept 21) stages a time is ripe moment. Sept 23: Libra NewMoon: 11:14 pm (1:08 Libra)

The Podcast Resurgence: Your Definitive Listening Guide SOME OF YOU might have no idea what a podcast is. Some of you may have listened to them back in 2005, when they were declared the future of radio, and then stopped in 2008, when they clearly weren’t the future of radio. Many of you probably listen to “Serial,” not realizing that other amazing podcasts exist. But no matter where you stand on the podcast-consuming spectrum, we’re going to repeat what folks said back in 2005 because it’s for real now: Podcasts are awesome. Essentially a free-form radio show delivered on-demand over the Internet rather than the airwaves, podcasts have come a long way in the past decade. Then came the ripple effect. Although podcasts are known for their casual, we’re-just-shooting-the-breeze format, that doesn’t mean they aren’t legit. “If [Obama] had done that with another news agency, it would have been more stiff; it wouldn’t have felt as relaxed,” said actor, model and podcaster RuPaul. Despite all the momentum, there are kinks to be worked out. Mr.

SCOTT BROWN & VENTURI - MUSEO DENISE SCOTT BROWN & ROBERT VENTURIInterview by Adam Marcus. . . venturi, scott brown and associates, inc., learning from las vegas studio, 1968, photograph (courtesy of venturi, scott brown and associates, inc.) "Is not Main Street almost all right?" This past January, I visited Bob and Denise at their home of almost forty years, a 1910 Art Nouveau house in the leafy Philadelphia neighborhood of Mount Airy. Venturi and Scott Brown's work—both written and built—resonates especially with a younger generation of architects who are unscathed by and uninterested in the debates about postmodernism that consumed much of the past forty years. Adam Marcus: You have been designing, writing, and practicing together for nearly fifty years. DENISE SCOTT BROWN: In some ways, our backgrounds are the same. Marcus: Denise, you've written much about your time as a student in London, after you left Africa but before you came to America. Marcus: So they were marginal too? SCOTT BROWN: In 1958.

The Radioactive Orchestra What is the Radioactive Orchestra? The Radioactive Orchestra is a “scientific musical translator” based on our current knowledge of the structure of atomic nuclei in nuclear physics. Using the Radioactive Orchestra, you can make melodies that are based on the nuclear energy levels and gamma radiation observed in experiments at accelerator laboratories around the world. Detailed information from thousands of different nuclei across the “chart of the nuclides” is available in the Radioactive Orchestra database. Some of this radiation is found due to natural radioactivity, which is present in the environment and in our bodies. But most of it can only be found in the extreme environments created artificially in nuclear reaction experiments or nuclear reactors, in the interior of stars, or in other violent astrophysical processes like supernova explosions. Why did we create the Radioactive Orchestra? Our goal is to inspire. How does it work? Credits TRO is based on an idea by Prof. Get in touch

A History of the World in 100 Objects

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