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Blowing Up Your Spot

Blowing Up Your Spot
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MONITORS | Love your ears….. mnml ssgs New TechnoID: Podcasts Etapp Kyle (Indeks Music, Gynoid Audio, Tecno.UA, RTS.FM) by Gaskotein. Etapp Kyle, the Soviet’s son, was actually born in Germany where he spent seven years of his childhood. After coming back to Ukraine, he started his music education, played several instruments and studied vocals. As it often happened those days, he could end as a member of some provincial choir, but he chose his personal growth. В детстве, Etapp Kyle был лишен великого коммунистического настоящего. Tracklist: 1. NewTechnoID Podcast 007 by Etapp Kyle by demorgan Download NewTechnoId Podcast 006 By russel_g russel_g @ NewTechoID podcast 006 [dub techno] by russel_g Download Artwork by Gaskotein Tracklist: 1. NewTechnoId Podcast 005 By Wulff Modern by Wulff2 Download Download

Sonic Sunset COMMON CAUSE FILTER27 — Electronic music blog, obscure sounds, downloads and more. mnml ssgs: mnml ssgs mx16: benjamin brunn and his nord modular this week, a very special edition of the ssg mx series. benjamin brunn has given us a recording of his, which he says is a tribute to the nord modular - the source of those warm, loving sounds that define both his own music and his collaborations with move d. like all our contributors, brunn has a very distinctive sound palette. for me, brunn's music always feels very close and personal, intimate even. a great sense of warmth and comfort radiates throughout it. often when i am down or tired, i put on something he's done and it always makes me feel better. very few artists can have that kind of impact on me, so it's a sign (for me at least) of the depth and value of brunn's productions. the live recording he has kindly shared with us is a perfect example of this. i asked benjamin to write a bit about it: Benjamin Brunn A tribute to the Nord Modular In this live set my Modular is assisted by a Roland TR-626 and Ableton Live with its Operator for some of the bass lines. next week, lerosa.

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