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Free Audio Editor and Recorder | Bringing music to life - Download free music albums mp3 - Filesonic, Mediafire, Rapidshare, Megaupload and Torrent links Free Audio Books Sort by Titles Per Page 1 - 10 of 11101 Titles by Napoleon Hill Available on:Audio Download Inspired by an idea from Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill devoted 25 years to what became his life's work and is now one of the most influential self development books of all time, Think and Grow Rich. Available on:Audio Download | Online Video This audio book, released by isolates everything uttered by Christ in the gospel according to Matthew. by Valmiki The Ramayan(a) is an ancient Sanskrit epic. by Martin Luther King, Jr. Available on:Online Audio | Online Video "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." by C.S. The entire Chronicles of Narnia read by Chrissi Hart for her Readings from Under the Grapevine podcast. by Dale Carnegie The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie and Joseph B. by Mallanaga Vatsyayana by Marcus Aurelius by Benjamin Franklin

Podcasting Lecture Capture – technologies « TELic: A blog about Technology Enhanced Learning Lecture Capture – technologies There are many technologies that can be used to record lectures, and this page outlines some of the options available (or being considered) at the University of Southampton. Audio only (MP3) You can record (and edit) audio using free software called Audacity. An alternative is to use a stand-alone MP3 recorder, such as a Sony ICD-UX71, which is around £70. The MP3 file can be uploaded as a standard Blackboard ‘Item’ or using the special Podcast LX option. Students will be able to listen again to the lecture and refer to the slides (which you also made available on Blackboard) provided you use slide numbers and say things like “moving on to slide 7″ while you lecture. This method is low cost, but requires some tutor effort to record, edit and upload the MP3 file. Synote One solution to the problem above is to use Synote, a web-based service that enables students to add markers that identify specific points in audio and video recordings. Adobe Presenter -- Free Audio Books on Liberty and Freedom Podcasting Remember the good old days of TV and radio? Everyone would gather around to be entertained. Shows were broadcast at specific times and if you weren't there on time, you missed it <boo>. Broadcasts disappeared into the ether. Well, things have changed. Here's the big idea. Here are three reasons why podcasting is becoming so popular. The first is that anyone can do it. The second is subscriptions. The third reason is gadgetry. So, let's look at how Jason uses podcasts. He uses the web everyday, rides the bus to work and loves Japanese culture. Recently he found a podcast by a Western couple living in Tokyo. Podcasting made it happen.

From The Tips Box: Stream Music via Google Docs Once a week we mine the tips box for awesome reader tips; this week we’re sharing a rather clever work around that allows you to stream your music collection from Google Docs. How-To Geek reader Andrew wrote in with the following tip detailing how you can turn Google Docs into a slimmed down and personalized version of Google Music. He writes: Guide to playing music on Google Docs The recent announcement of Google Music is great news, but it’s only available if you live in the US. To do this, you need a sync app like Syncdocs, and a media player like iTunes, Windows Media Player or VLC. 1. Syncdocs syncs these files to Google Docs, so you can just download the playlist files from another browser and open them to play your music. What’s great is that you don’t need the big audio files on the device you are using to play the music. Open the playlist in Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp or iTunes on any other PC or Mac. Jason Fitzpatrick is warranty-voiding DIYer and all around geek.

Free Classic AudioBooks. Digital narration for the 21st Century Snowball - The World's First Professional USB Mic What exactly is this Snowball all about? The Snowball is a revolutionary microphone. Leave it to Blue to reinvent the wheel... err, microphone once again! With USB connectivity, it has never been easier to get live audio into your Macintosh or Windows desktop or laptop. Just plug it in, adjust your input level and you're up and running. Is The Snowball a dynamic microphone like the Blue Ball, or a condenser like the Blue 8Ball or Kiwi? The Snowball is a condenser, which, according to the audio wonks we know, has a smooth open sound with a nice, natural high-end. I've heard that condenser microphones require something called phantom power. No. Is the Snowball compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista? Yes, Snowball is currently Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista compatible. Do I need any special software to use The Snowball? Technically, no. Can I use The Snowball with a traditional analog audio mixer? No. How can I select a different sample rate? What is The Snowball used for? No.

LibriVox 3 Different Ways To Embed A Free MP3 Player On Your Website Advertisement Blidgets - How To Create Widgets That Promote Your Blog Blidgets - How To Create Widgets That Promote Your Blog Read More There are 3 players you can use to embed MP3s. First, we’ll discuss what to use for single MP3s that you’re hosting. For additional MP3 files, you can either use the Yahoo! Media Player, which will detect all MP3 links and display them in a player for the website visitor to play or browse. Google Reader Podcast Player For Single MP3s The Digital Inspiration blog has the details on embedding MP3 files with the Google Player, but to summarize the article, you just have to insert this code, replacing “MP3URL” with the correct URL of the MP3 file hosted on the web that you want to embed in your index.html file that hosts the main page: While this player is very simple in appearance, it doesn’t carry the Google logo, it even has volume controls and is probably one of the easiest ways to embed an MP3 player working fast. JW FLV Player For Playlists <?

How to Make Google Music Your Secondary Media Player (and Why You Should) You mentioned in the article that if you re-select the library, it won't actually re-upload everything, it'll just add in deleted items. Does this apply for PC move as well? I changed PC's recently, and want to set Google Music back up, but I'm afraid it's going to try and re-upload my entire library. Does it just do a compare of tracks to what's on the server? This I do not know. Ugh, I hope not. It would take a bit longer, but you could always set it to just upload at night. UPDATE: I ran it over night last night and despite the fact that when it started it claimed need 5000 tracks, when I came back to my PC this morning, it had changed to around 4,400 and was already over 4,100 "uploaded". As a side note, when I did it on my old computer, I just selected the iTunes folder (I can't remember if selecting iTunes itself was an option then). Awesoooome! And yeah, for what it's worth, uploading from iTunes has been an option since day 1.