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Turn Your Home Router Into a Super-Powered Router with DD-WRT

Turn Your Home Router Into a Super-Powered Router with DD-WRT
Wireless is everywhere and routers are the force that makes it happen, so why not supercharge yours to take proper advantage of it? DD-WRT will let you boost your router’s range, add features, and more. DD-WRT has a ton of features—more than we can cover in this guide, which is focused on helping you get your router upgraded. Stay tuned, as we’ll go into more depth in a couple more days on all the great things you can do with it, but even if you don’t use the additional features, DD-WRT is worth installing to make your router work better. What Is DD-WRT? Here’s our router. DD-WRT is an open-source alternative firmware for routers. Router Support Turning your home router into an almost professional-level tool is a great project that has one major caveat: support. For our purposes, the important spec to consider is NVROM, or ROM. Preparation The most important thing in any project is research. The friendly forum gave us some useful info for our particular model. The Process

C++ Programming/Exercises/Iterations Iterations[edit] Solutions requirements Solutions must: Use only standard C++.Be compilable.Be in accordance to general coding practices. and should: Handle error situations, even if behavior is not defined. Please do not add solutions that are 99% similar to another that is already present, if it is an improvement just add it to the existing solution. EXERCISE 1[edit] Write a program that asks the user to type an integer and writes "YOU WIN" if the value is between 56 and 78 (both included). int main() {int i; cout << "Type a number between 58 and 73: " << endl; cin>>i; if (i>=58 && i<=78) { cout << "YOU WIN" << i << endl; else cout<<"YOU LOSE!" EXERCISE 2[edit] Write a program that asks the user to type all the integers between 8 and 23 (both included) using a for loop. Solution Alternative solution by Bartosz Radwanski //Alternative solution by Bartosz Radwanski//This one allows the numbers to be entered in random order and exits//when all correct numbers have been entered. Alternate solution

How Secure Is My Password? UrFix's Blog Server Cable Hell: 15 of the Worst Wiring Jobs Ever! | Blog It’s pretty sweet when you don’t have to worry about your servers. But while Dotcom-Monitor is monitoring your servers (free server tests here!) remotely for everything from speed to temperature, some poor system admins or IT techs are being dropped into a tangled nightmare. Here are 13 of the worst server wiring jobs ever, or in other words, welcome to Server Room Cable Hell. Some installers underbid and come away with the job, but they simply did not care what kind of mess they were leaving for someone else to take care of in the future. Sometimes it’s a matter of a big rush to get connected, then a humongous headache to go back and properly wire. Jobs are scarce these days, but you might want to take a peak in the server room or data center before you accept the IT position. The worst cable mess ever? You may find a rat’s nest of cables in the basement, a bird’s nest of wires under the stairs, cables vomiting out of a rack and onto the floor. It’s hopeless. Are you in Server Hell?

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