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LWE: Little White Earbuds

LWE: Little White Earbuds
LWE Podcast 198: Jacques Greene With a raft of exclusives and unreleased material, Jacques Greene turns it out over 70 minutes for your listening pleasure on LWE’s 198th podcast. LWE Podcast 197: nd_baumecker LWE got in touch with nd_baumecker to find out when we can expect to hear more from Barker & Baumecker, if he plans on releasing any of his own tunes and who else he is working with in the studio. He also mixed our 197th exclusive podcast which shows off his incredible talents as a DJ; an hour of house and techno mixed with a few early influences too. Curator’s Cuts 34: Harry Sword

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How to Practice Bass Guitar Finger Permutations Get ready for one of the best exercises you’ll ever find for bass guitar players: finger permutations. By learning how to practice finger permutations, you can prepare for every possible combination of finger sequences on your left hand. With finger permutations, you can train your left hand for some finger independence. mnml ssgs: mnml ssgs mx16: benjamin brunn and his nord modular this week, a very special edition of the ssg mx series. benjamin brunn has given us a recording of his, which he says is a tribute to the nord modular - the source of those warm, loving sounds that define both his own music and his collaborations with move d. like all our contributors, brunn has a very distinctive sound palette. for me, brunn's music always feels very close and personal, intimate even. a great sense of warmth and comfort radiates throughout it. often when i am down or tired, i put on something he's done and it always makes me feel better. very few artists can have that kind of impact on me, so it's a sign (for me at least) of the depth and value of brunn's productions. the live recording he has kindly shared with us is a perfect example of this. i asked benjamin to write a bit about it: Benjamin Brunn A tribute to the Nord Modular In this live set my Modular is assisted by a Roland TR-626 and Ableton Live with its Operator for some of the bass lines. next week, lerosa.

Silver Network >> French deep house music label 36 releases so far, from some of the finest House Music producers: Chez Damier, Charles Webster, Pepe Bradock, I:cube, Dixon, The Revenge, Milton Jackson, Iz & Diz, DJ Rasoul, Miguel Migs, To-Ka Project, Kemetic Just, Hanna, Ciudad Feliz, Snider & Satin Souls, Neon Heights, Karu, Solid Gold Playaz, Sasse, Spirit Catcher, Subb-an, Death On The Balcony, Soul Minority, Chris Carrier, Shade, Gwen Maze, Pepperpot, Pirrès, Valentin, Fritz & Lang, Ben Vedren, Le Loup, Ruthit, Agnès, Arash, Jordan Peak ... Herbie Hancock - Herbie Hancock Chameleon-style Riff for Bass Guitar Riff Lesson (pdf) By clicking the Buy Now button above, you will be taken to the secure servers of PayPal, authorized payment processor for The payment is made out to Red Balloon Technology Ltd, the official owner of Your subscription lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase and you will be billed again in one year's time. You can of course cancel your subscription at any time if you do not wish to make any further payments. Once we have received notification of the payment you will be sent a login password.

New TechnoID: Podcasts Etapp Kyle (Indeks Music, Gynoid Audio, Tecno.UA, RTS.FM) by Gaskotein. Etapp Kyle, the Soviet’s son, was actually born in Germany where he spent seven years of his childhood. Shearwater: Palo Santo Album Review If you've previously written off Shearwater as an Okkervil River side project, now is the time to reevaluate that stance. The band once split the difference between OR's frontman Will Shelf and keyboardist Jonathan Meiburg, each pulling 50/50 songwriting duties. You may wonder where Sheff has gone on this record, but you won't miss him. The push-pull between Sheff's croaking and Meiburg's lilting falsetto is gone, forcing the less-experienced vocalist to dial it up and find newfound strength in his vocals. With Meiburg in charge, Shearwater make several leaps from their previous albums: Did you want stark backwater hymns with PJ Harvey-levels of catharsis?

LWE Interviews Terre Thaemlitz For Terre Thaemlitz, audio is never “innocent.” From Thaemlitz’s earliest ambient recordings, through a series of incredible electro-acoustic projects for the Mille Plateaux label, to a current triple-life as producer of astringently political “radio shows,” deep house auteur as DJ Sprinkles and K-SHE, and writer/polemicist, Thaemlitz’s project has always been to unsettle any putative audience’s assumptions of what constitutes knowledge and politics. Thaemlitz is also possibly dance music’s finest socio-political commentator. Not to mention her continual “queering of the pitch.” With DJ Sprinkles’ Midtown 120 Blues somehow managing to be one of the best dance music albums of both 2008 and 2009 (thanks partly to a staggered release schedule, but also to the ineffectual nature of most any of its supposed “competitors”), it’s time to take the temperature of the “ideology of the dance floor” with our scene’s most articulate outsider.

How to Set Up a Bass Guitar - Smart Bass Guitar Welcome to Part 6 of the Bass Essentials Series. In this part we’re going to look at setting up a bass guitar to playability and ultimately answer the question: how to set up a bass guitar. We’re going to look at:

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