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Excellent Visual Outlining Twitter Basics for Teachers. Twitter For Teachers. Growing a Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter can be a confusing and time consuming endeavor. To that end, we’ve created this handy resource sheet to help navigate the education community on Twitter. Whether you’re new to social media or an #edchat veteran, our guide can help clarify terms and best practices that will make the most out of your networking experience. We encourage you to download our sheet using the link below and share among your social networks. Happy Tweeting! Download the PDF USC Rossier Online Share this on your site by copying and pasting the code below: Twitter for Teachers What is Twitter? Twitter is a real-time social network that helps users share, follow and interact with stories, opinions, links, pictures and videos in 140-characters messages.

How to Get Started Tweet. 3 Important Reasons Why Teachers should Use Twitter. 22 Effective Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom. Using Twitter in the classroom is a no-brainer.

22 Effective Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom

It’s a powerful and free tool that already has wide adoption among educators, students, administrators, and parents. So how do you effectively use Twitter to resonate with students? Why not start by using the following methods that are organized by Bloom’s Taxonomy? The below visual showcases a variety of cases that should be of use for any teacher looking to effectively integrate Twitter into courses, lessons, projects, etc. What if you could use your favorite social network in the classroom? That’d be the cat’s pajamas. (For our many international readers not familiar with that term, it simply means ‘that’d be great.’) You can actually use Twitter with Bloom’s Taxonomy thanks to this below table built by TeachBytes. Five Tips for Taking Advantage of Twitter Over the Summer.

Image credit: iStockphoto Ahh, summertime -- a time to relax and recharge.

Five Tips for Taking Advantage of Twitter Over the Summer

OK, well not really if you're an educator. In reality, educators are the most dedicated professionals I've met, and despite what the rest of the world may think, we know nobody really has summers off. But before summer officially ends and we start getting bombarded with back-to-school jingles, I thought I'd share some tips on how to make the most out of one of my favorite social networks: Twitter. Educators around the world use Twitter to become connected. 1. There are literally hundreds of education-related Twitter chats. 2. Educator Steven Anderson (@web20classroom) said it best: "Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant. 3. Please don't be that person who just tweets about him- or herself! 10 Ways to Learn From Twitter. Sharebar Twitter is powerful.

10 Ways to Learn From Twitter

In just 140 characters, users have organized political movements, ruined reputations of the famous, and reported first on timely events. Though you may have no desire to cause cataclysmic changes with Twitter, there is a lot you can learn by using this potent tool. You can use Twitter, a social-networking app for sharing brief messages (tweets), as a platform for personal and professional growth and enrichment.

Twitter users share resources, engage in conversations and build relationships. 1. First-hand accounts of important news stories often break on Twitter before they are reported by news media services. Nothing beats citizen reporters who use Twitter to spread information about real-time events. Interesting Twitter Acronyms Cheat sheet for Teachers. Twitter is one of the powerful social media platforms for teacher professional development.

Interesting Twitter Acronyms Cheat sheet for Teachers

I have been doing a lot of research into the use of Twitter as an educational affinity space where teachers and educators get to network together and engage in instructive learning experiences, part of this research is channeled towards my MAEd thesis. Twitter for Teachers section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning features some interesting resources I have been sharing recently. Today, I am adding another awesome resource to this section. This is a basic graphic created by the folks in Mashable and outlines some popular samples of Twitter lingo.

Visualize Your Tweets Using Visible Tweets. 3 Great Teacher Tools for A Better Twitter Chat. Almost a year now since I first started my Master thesis and I still feel like there is lot more to read and explore before momentarily closing the lines of this thesis for hope of elaborating more on it in my future phd research starting next year.

3 Great Teacher Tools for A Better Twitter Chat

The topic of my actual MAEd thesis centres around the use of Twitter as an educational affinity space for teachers with a particular focus on some teacher communities such as #edchat and #edtech. However and to make a long story short, studying Twitter from an academic lens has taught me a great deal of things and opened my eyes to several educational facts about the huge potential of social media websites in education. All along the way, I have been actively sharing with you a plethora of important resources on the use of Twitter for both professional and educational purposes. Check out this section to access all the posts I have published in this regard so far. 1- Tweetdeck.