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Game Mechanics Resource

Game Mechanics Resource

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Gamestorming Think back to the last time you played a game. What was the game? Why did you choose to play? Was it a simple game like tic-tac-toe, or something more complex, like Monopoly, Scrabble or Chess? Or maybe it was a game of basketball? Top 10 Education Gamification Examples that will Change our Future New to Gamification? Check out my post What is Gamification & my Gamification Framework: Octalysis Education Gamification in Action. Video Games Keep Tricking Us Into Doing Things We Loathe For me, it's almost gotten to the point where I no longer play games for the "game". I just want to see how the story plays out. And I feel like everything I do after the story is over is pointless. I've been playing Valkyria Chronicles 2 a lot lately. I'm hesitating on one of the last missions (despite it being set to the tense and dramatic Final Decisive Battle by Hitoshi Sakimoto), simply because I get the feeling that I'm not gonna go back to the game ever again once I finish it. I'm doing all the classmate missions, trying to level all my characters up to the highest rank of their class, trying to get A grades on everything, because I almost don't think I'll have any incentive to do any of that if I end the story right here and now.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Good Questions to Ask Your GirlfriendWelcome to Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Asking great questions always opens up interesting conversation. If you can get them telling stories that relate back to the answers you will have endless good times. So enjoy yourself and ask away. Here are the categories. Strange Interesting Fact QuestionsDo you have any scars I don’t know about?

How we will learn How Inquiry Can Enable Students to Become Modern Day de Tocquevilles Observations of early America by Alexis de Tocqueville helped articulate the nation’s values. With the guidance of an inquiry based teacher, students create their own interpretations of democracy in America. Continue Reading Jive Launches Advanced Gamification Module (Nasdaq:JIVE) PALO ALTO, Calif., March 28, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:JIVE) today introduced Jive Gamification, an advanced gamification module for Jive's market leading Social Business platform. With Jive Gamification, businesses can dramatically increase adoption, engagement and productivity within the Jive network through incentives and activities tailored for specific groups of users. Jive Gamification is powered by Bunchball, and is available for both internal social networks and external communities.

The Port of Hambeck To increase the trade in his lands, Lord Occam decided to found a new port town in his realm. Near the mouth of the river Sarum, he found the perfect spot to attract new settlers. To provide security for the settlers and their trading, Lord Occam decreed that a castle should first be built on the small island of Holm in the bay. A hall for gatherings was the first to be built, followed by a small gate tower leading to a small ship bridge connecting the island of Holm with the Hambeck mainland.

Trip's GeoAdventures If there was ever a cache that everyone should try once, pict-o-caches would likely be near the top of the list. They take aspects of several different types of caches and join them together to make a cache that everyone can participate in and enjoy. But how do they work? First, we need to establish what they are… Pict-o-caches are a class on their own. Play to Learn, Part I: When will educational games be mainstream resources? 04/21 by Education Table Talk Broadcast in Education 0 comments Follow This Show If you liked this show, you should follow Education Table Talk. Call in to speak with the host h:621665s:6945075archived Play to Learn, Part I: When will educational games be mainstream instructional resources, or are they already?

Mentors Group Hangout What is Kitely? Kitely provides virtual worlds using OpenSim technology. You can visit virtual worlds that other people have designed, or create your own worlds. Each Kitely account includes one FREE virtual world. Kitely's virtual worlds can be used for a wide variety of activities: you can make friends, play games, experience immersive art, watch theatrical performances, role play, visit information centers and participate in many other activities. Most worlds are family friendly, but it is also possible to create virtual worlds that are targeted at a more mature audience. Gamifying Student Engagement In her TED talk, "Gaming Can Make a Better World," author and researcher Jane McGonigal posits that in game worlds people are "motivated to do something that matters, inspired to collaborate, to cooperate." Video games are interactive and engaging. It's no wonder they are so pervasive with both children and adults! A recent trend in the business world has been to bring game world elements into the real world. This methodology is referred to as "gamification."

Become an Expert in Free RPGs Friends! Roleplayers! Philanthropists! Educational Video Games Can Boost Motivation to Learn, NYU, CUNY Study Shows Math video games can enhance students’ motivation to learn, but it may depend on how students play, researchers at New York University and the City University of New York have found in a study of middle-schoolers. While playing a math video game either competitively or collaboratively with another player—as compared to playing alone—students adopted a mastery mindset that is highly conducive to learning. Moreover, students’ interest and enjoyment in playing the math video game increased when they played with another student. Their findings, which appear in the Journal of Educational Psychology, point to new ways in which computer, console, or mobile educational games may yield learning benefits. The researchers focused on how students’ motivation to learn, as well as their interest and performance in math, was affected by playing a math video game either individually, competitively, or collaboratively. The authors caution about generalizing their results, however.

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