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Atmosphir - Atmosphir Wiki: The Atmosphir encyclopedia Atmosphir (released in October 2004 for private beta) was a 3D adventure game for Mac, PC and Linux. It was based entirely on user-created levels and games. The game went under numerous updates and changes. Overview Edit Atmosphir was primarily a 3D design tool, allowing designers to use not only simple blocks, but also props and hazards. Gameplay Edit Gameplay was varied depending on what a certain user decided to create, but the most popular forms of levels were as follows: Platforming - Consisting of mainly jumping and avoiding obstacles in order to eventually get to the finish flag. These are just some of the wide and varied gameplay elements in Atmosphir, it really depends on the preference of the user. Design mode Edit Designing levels was at the heart of Atmosphir - any user was able to create a level using blocks, props and power-ups, allowing for a huge creative range. Single player The game's single-player element was based entirely on user-created levels. Multiplayer Co-operative mode

Game Design Software that can Help Beginners Create their Own Games Game Design Published on April 20th, 2013 | by Jimmy Sorensen For those of us who enjoy gaming, there are always moments when we wish we could change the game basics to our liking. Some even wish to personalize the whole game to their own preferences but feel stifled because of their limited programming knowledge. But, thanks to the availability of game design software, even with little programming know-how and oodles of imagination you can create 3D video games that cater to your exact liking. Scratch Developed by MIT Media Lab, it is ideal for creating stories as well as games that are interactive. Sploder This software is for the novice where the easy to use interface permits you to create shooter games. Alice Meant for somewhat older children who are in high school and above, this programming language has been developed by Carnegie Mellon University. Gamesalad Gamesalad is a great tool for game development as it requires no prior programming knowledge. RPG Maker Stencyl Game Maker 8 Pygame

EZPlatformer (Flixel) - Flash Game Dojo From Flash Game Dojo This tutorial will introduce you to Flash, ActionScript and Flixel from the programmer's perspective, and walk you through the creation of a simple platformer. This tutorial was originally written for and published in Game Developer Magazine. Getting Started Building a game, like building an Ikea desk, requires a few simple tools. Fortunately, they're free, fun to use, and very powerful! Windows: For Windows users, we recommend downloading an awesome piece of free software called FlashDevelop from their official website - just click on the yellow box in the upper right that says 'Latest Release'. Mac: For Mac OSX users, we recommend Flash Builder, which is free for 30 days, and includes the Flex SDK (the collection of files and utilities that allow us to program Flash games), so there's just one download and one installer. Making a Game Flixel: Flixel was created by myself over roughly 2 years of spare time development. A Short Tour of Flixel Step 1: Adding Flixel Whoa!

Board Game Design First Steps Once you've completed (at least tentatively) the analysis phase of the process, it's time to begin to design your board game. Because your board game will be only one part of some larger instructional environment, you have more freedom than is usual in instructional design and more opportunity to be creative. Anything that is not taught or reinforced well by your game will be taken care of by some other medium and format. Step 1: Content Analysis Immerse yourself in the content and generate as large a list as possible of elements of the topic. With large sheets of paper or a whiteboard in front of you, write down words that are associated with the topic of your game. Step 2: Incubation One of the magic things about creativity is that your mind works on problems without your knowing it. Step 3: Chunking Now it's time to take the list of content elements and put them into categories related to board games. Step 4: Aligning In doing this, remember the two rules of congruence: Step 5: Drafting

001 Game Creator Create a new board game 3D RAD - Free 3D Game Maker | Learn How To Make a 3D Game FAST! Game Design & Self-Publishing – A Resource for Game Designers This article is intended for board game designers and prospective board game publishers. When I began my company Collins Epic Wargames in 2006, I was not sure of what I was doing as a publisher (and I’m still learning). I had no idea what was involved. Rather than seek a publisher for my first game, I decided to become one. The article is written from the point of view of a designer/publisher in the United States but many of the points apply internationally. The article is broken into several sections (with appropriate sub-sections): This article was first posted just prior to our first convention in 2008 (Gen Con) and after a week of revision, has been updated as of June 18, 2009. Finances & Expenses You WILL spend money. The more that you can do yourself, the cheaper things will be- but keep in mind, you are not just spending money- you are also spending time, which is even more valuable. Setting up a Business Business Plan. Business License. Fictitious Name (DBA). Federal EIN.

Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker | Award Winning Open Source Easy To Use Game Maker Play My Code | Play, Build and Share games online! Physics Puzzle Game Maker Help For video tutorials, visit Introduction The Physics Puzzle Maker allows you to create small worlds that simulate realistic physics. You can create worlds with objects you can move, aim and drag around. Help as you Create Almost every button in the creator will show more information to help you if you hold your mouse over the button. Different Modes Certain buttons and selections only apply to specific tools, or your current selection. Back to Top Games & Game Levels At the top left of the creator you will see the standard game management tools, which are New, Load, Save, Save As, Test & Publish. Physics puzzles and game levels do not carry game settings from level to level. Testing, Saving & Publishing Games At any time, you can test your game by pressing the Test button. Adding & Managing Game Levels You can add up to 9 levels to your game. Creating Objects To get started making your world, you'll need to add some objects. Prefabs Drawing New Objects Selecting Objects at the upper right corner.