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Second Life

Second Life
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TSR - In Depth Clothing Re-Texturing Tutorial for the TSR Workshop Part 6: Designing Your Clothing Now it is finally time to begin to work on our design in Photoshop. Remember to always work in layers. Working in layers saves time later when we do our alpha and mask. Texturing (Multiplier) We begin by opening our multiplier and skin .dds files. Now, if you planned to simply add to the texture, you could do that in the multiplier file without pasting it on top of the skin, However, if you plan to bring in your own design, or a source image, it is best to see where it falls on the skin so you have a reference. With this particular mesh, what I would do next is on the top layer, remove all the black areas so you can see the skin below the shirt without having to adjust the opacity. This is what mine looks like completed (with a censor lol). At this point you will edit your source image (remove it’s background and resize it appropriately) and paste it as a new layer on top of the old shirt. As you can see, my shirt was too big. Quite a difference. The Mask

Gridjumper's Blog | Collaborative 3D Environments for Teaching and Learning Callum's Sandbox Cheats and Tricks - TS3wiki From TS3wiki Enabling Cheats In order to use a Cheat you need to bring up the Console by holding down the <CTRL> <SHIFT> <C> keys on your keyboard simultaneously. Doing so opens up the Console at the top of the screen. If you're using Windows Vista and the console won't appear, try pressing the <CTRL><Windows><Shift><C> keys simultaneously. When you're done cheating, press the <ESC> key to close the Console. You'll notice a few Cheats below have two options presented in parentheses, for instance (true/false) or (on/off). Example: Cheat description: moveobjects (true/false)What you type in Console: moveobjects true or moveobjects false - pick the option you want and disregard the parentheses. Money Cheats kachingAdds 1,000 simoleons to active household's funds. motherlodeAdds 50,000 simoleons to active household's funds. Build Cheats Cheats suitable for building on lots. Movie/Picture Taking Cheats Cheats that are helpful in taking pics and making movies. Miscellaneous Cheats Career Commands

Comparison of Second Life and Facebook Interactions « sarahcbain Comparison of Second Life and Facebook Interactions The conclusive observation made overall concerning Facebook and Second Life entails the differences in motivations for projection of identity, network aesthetics, and the concept of communities. The common trend found in the examination of SL interactions was the need for escapism and to transform oneself into a false identity. The feelings associated with the first creation of a Second Life avatar are that of nervousness and intimidation. An island for newcomers was available for teleport and was less than empty, but the avatars that crammed the island were like androids, speaking to no one. After receiving the promotional clothing items, one of the main challenges presented in the game was essentially figuring out how to dress the avatar. It was impossible to differentiate whether the identities projected were authentic or inauthentic based on the vast amount of avatars present on the island. References Cupchik, G. Like this:

Jeux Google Earth Un jeu pour les fêtes avec Google Earth. Retrouvez dix bâtiments en forme de lettres et reconstituez une expression d'actualité. Un jeu rapide et facile ;-) Cliquer sur l'image pour le jeu qui s'ouvrira dans Google Earth (décembre 2015) Un nouveau quiz avec Google Earth : Connaissez-vous bien Paris ? La capitale française est, avec Londres, une des villes les plus visitées au monde. Douze questions et trois réponses possibles à chaque fois. Trente-six étapes et trente-six photos à travers la capitale avec Google Earth qui en propose plus de la moitié en 3D et les autres avec StreetView. Cliquer sur l'image pour le jeu qui s'ouvrira dans Google Earth Plus sérieux, deux parcours pédagogiques sur le Paris de la Belle époque et les transformations de Paris sous le second Empire (mai 2015) Un quiz avec Google Earth : A la découverte des châteaux de la Loire. Les rois de France y ont séjourné avec leur cour. Dix questions et trois réponses possibles à chaque fois. (mars 2011) Bon vent !

Entanglement - by Gopherwood Studios Screen sharing for OpenSim I mentioned yesterday in an article about Utherverse that those guys have application sharing for their virtual world platform, but that there’s nothing equivalent for Second Life and OpenSim, except through third-party services. By coincidence, I was cleaning out my in-box yesterday, and found a link to just such a service: Screenleap. It’s free, and takes just a second to set up. The way it works is — once you tell it that you’re okay with running the plugin — you get a little pop-up window that asks you if you want to share the entire screen, or just a portion of it, and lets you pause or stop sharing. Next, it gives you a link to your sharing screen. What you do is copy that link and use it to set up a media-on-a-prim screen anywhere on your OpenSim region. You need to be using a viewer that supports media-on-a-prim, which includes Firestorm and any other v2 or v3-compatible viewer. I set this up, and pasted the URL they gave me on a screen in my virtual office.

SpaceLamb Plant Tycoon : Magic Plants Magic Tree of FragranceFourpetal Maple The intoxicating fragrance from this plant is universally pleasant and exotic. The wonderful aroma influences visitors in the nursery and attracts rare insects. This effect is automatic and permanent. The plant has been repotted in a golden pot and moved to your nursery. To make cross Citrus Ball Cactus and Jalapa Maranta. Rose of JoyRosacae Fern This breathtaking plant bears roses so beautiful that people come from miles to behold its wonder. To make cross a Jalapa Maranta and Bluestar Astera. Fabled Rose of IsolaFabled Lemonbush Until now this plant existed only in myth. To make cross a Jalapa Maranta and Fragrant Maple Fruit of LifeMela Rare Oak The presence of this magic plant makes your other plants robust, resistant to infestation, and bloom vigorously. To make cross a Citrus Ball Cactus and Venomous Lemonbush To make cross a Fourpetal Reptans and Venomous Grass To make cross a Spotted Reptans and Rosaceae Fern

Large Event Preparation | Second Pandora Large Event Preparation There are a few things you can do to prevent that a large scale event involving many avatars on the sim will turn out to be a stuttering lag monster. Be aware that only one badly configured avatar can stop all movement on the entire sim. 1. Strip your avatar from any unneeded scripted parts, any fancy microprim jewels or microprim hair. I know, we all want to look good but each prim and prim texture has to be drawn by the sim server. 2. Watch Your Scripts Attaching complex objects TO YOUR AVATAR. Here is the list of performance killers: - Remove all Resizer scripts and unnecessary scripts in anything you are wearing. - Remove bling, remove any attachment you really don’t need they all add up, including gestures. - Remove all combat huds such as QUANTUM, PHENOM, MEPHISTO, XHUD, TOLERENCE ZERO. - Remove Scripted weapons when not engaged in active roleplay battle. - Set your draw distance to 100 meters max (Edit / preference / graphics / draw distance) Like this:

LunaSimsLuna - Página Jimdo de lunasimslulamai Duran Duran's Olympics Opening Show for Four Billion Viewers Expected to Feature Second Life Duran Duran has had an official presence in Second Life since 2006, which a lot of SLers have known, but here's some other people who will get a glimpse of what they do in SL: basically, the whole fricking world. This is because Duran Duran will perform in the opening ceremony of the Olympics next week, on July 27th, and their onstage act is expected to incorporate SL machinima from Duran Duran island, displayed on the big screens behind them. So Olympics viewers will see the place in SL with the giant lipstick and a Duran Duran dirigible and now (as the above suggests) avatars getting into an Olympic frame of mind. "We shot footage for the stage screens for the Duran Duran appearance in Hyde Park Olympic's opening event," Chrissy Welinder, head of Duran Duran's SL fan group, tells me. They're performing live onstage with folks like Snow Patrol and Stereophonics, and the expected audience for the opening is four billion viewers.