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AT&T Wireless account log in U-verse account log in Home Phone/Internet account log in Log in to manage multiple accounts The most convenient way to place an order is online. If you currently log in with a U-verse Member ID (ex. email address), enter it below. If you currently log in with a Home Phone/Internet Username (different from an AT&T email address), enter it below. If you manage multiple accounts with one User ID, you have an AT&T Access ID; use it to log in. gPotato: The Free to Play MMORPG Portal | Free PC Online Games E3 2011: (We Hope) Prey 2 Is Awesome - PC Preview at IGN When Bethesda showed a smattering of its upcoming games, Prey 2 got a lot of buzz. A first-person shooter that's ditching just about everything folks remember from the original, Prey 2 tosses you on an alien planet and casts you as U.S. Marshall Killian Samuels. We agree. Greg Miller: Colin, we've both seen Prey 2 -- what was your first impression? Colin Moriarty: Well when I initially saw the game back in Utah a couple of months back, I was blown away. What do you think of what you've seen? Greg Miller: Yeah, I never heard anything good about the original Prey, so I was a bit taken aback by how cool Prey 2 looked. Colin Moriarty: I have no problem with a more linear style FPS -- and that's obviously what we were shown in the beginning of the demo, as you said -- but I agree, its segue into the open world portion of the game really blew me away. I'm a sucker for Western RPG-style games (think Fallout or Borderlands), and this seems like it will fit that mold, at least partially.

Blog The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina vs. Ocarina - Nintendo 3DS Feature at IGN There's no arguing that Ocarina of Time is one of the most highly revered games in the history of gaming. Given that it is over a decade old, however, there are definitely a few places where this old classic could use a little spit shine. Due to the technical limitations of the N64, Ocarina's once super sharp graphics are now starting to show their age. Lucky for us, Nintendo's newest handheld, and a long-overdue remake, are set to bring Ocarina into the new millennium in style. In this first set of images (Ocarina 3DS is on top, the original is on bottom), Link faces off against Ingo at Lon Lon ranch in a race for Epona's safety. Although nearly every aspect has been updated in some way (from the grass and fence to the character models), it looks like this new version will still retain the simple, polygonal look of the original, just with even more detail. Here we see two different views of Link floating underwater in the infamous Water Temple.

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