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Caillou . Accueil

Caillou . Accueil
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Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop Workshop 1. Meaningful Interpretation This session looks at how the interpretation of texts (including documents, paintings, movies, audio recordings, and more) can go beyond literal comprehension and tap into students' background knowledge while fostering critical-thinking skills. Go to this unit. Workshop 2. Person to Person Focusing on interpersonal communication, session participants discuss how students use language to make themselves understood and to understand others. Workshop 3. Workshop 4. Workshop 5. Workshop 6. Workshop 7. Workshop 8.

Rock Monsters! A Pebble Magnet Tutorial Rock Monster Magnets - Tutorial. These colourful little dudes will brighten even the dullest of kitchen appliances...also great for magnetic note boards and such like. Now you can finally do something with all those pebbles you (eh hem, I mean, your kid's) collect at the beach. It's the Summer Holidays - yay! Anyway. Step 1) Collect some pebbles We are blessed with a zillion pebble beaches to choose from here in Southern Cyprus. White or light coloured stones are easier to paint and the smoother the better for the same reason. Step 2) Have a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits. What do you mean what has this got to do with making pebble magnets? Step 3) Gather your materials You are going to need: PebblesAcrylic paintsMedium sized and small paint brushesSmall Magnets Strong (or Super) Glue Fine tipped black permanent marker pen(sharpie) Step 4) Paint those pebbles. We used acrylic paints. Step 5) Monster Faces :0s :0) :0( Grrrrrr! This is where your fine marker pen comes in verrrryy handy.

Clicksouris French language lessons spoken/written - Froggyspeak Plays for group practice We've just added three Plays to the current stories for those wishing to implement an enjoyable way of learning via group practices.Just click on the following titles for a direct acces: Le café du port - L'Agent Immobilier - L'Agence MatrimonialeHave fun!Feedback (2)Some more feedback : Thank you so much for Froggyspeak ! I lead the Cercle Français U3A and we're going to start using it right away. It's the most helpful material by far I've seen anywhere for groups such as ours (a dozen older non-linguists) and I'll be happy tell you how we get along with ...

Repurpose Cardboard Boxes into Kid Crafts/Toys! | CraigslistDad 28 Feb WOW – (from one of my absolute favorite parenting websites – Parents.Com) check out these amazing repurposing ideas for cardboard boxes, disposable plates, straws etc. I personally will try to do the doll bed and castle! Cardboard Box Shape Sorter Put together this smart cardboard shape sorter to help your toddler learn shapes and sizes. What you’ll need: 18x18x18-inch box, circle compass, ruler, pencil, cutting mat, X-Acto knife, adhesive contact paper, colored masking tape, hot-glue gun Make it: While box is flat, draw desired shapes on all six sides using a compass and/or ruler and pencil. Cardboard Box Doll Bed A crafted cardboard bed will give your child’s fave doll some serious slumber. What you’ll need: 17x11x11-inch box, scissors, paper, tape, pencil, crafts knife, cutting mat, hot-glue gun, pom-poms, large sequins Make it: While box is flat, cut off the four top flaps. Cardboard Box Castle Cut notches along the top of an extra-large box to make a cardboard castle. Like this:

La Lune de Ninou Les Conversations Mises à Jour Les Conversations Mises à Jour is a collection of authentic conversations in French that targets mostly intermediate and advanced learners of French. Each conversation highlights the shared experience of two native or near-native French speakers and provides both an oral history of that experience and a trove of cultural references. L'amitié Voici une conversation entre deux amis, Charles et Nicholas, qui sont deux étudiants du troisième cycle dans une grande université américaine. La vie de couple Voici une conversation entre un couple marié depuis bien longtemps. Les études Voici une conversation entre un professeur et un étudiant en doctorat qui enseignent dans le même département.

A Cardboard Box House This post is sponsored by Method. This month they’re introducing the first commercial product ever to be made of hand-collected ocean plastic. Watch the fascinating video about it right here. I thought it might be fun to try a recycled box craft this past weekend in honor of Method’s recycling of ocean plastic project. We shop a ton online and we often have boxes and boxes hanging around (with no room left in the small, shared recycling bin for them). So I started collecting a little pile for rainy day projects.Yesterday we made this fun little cardboard box house complete with rainbow shingles. Speaking and writing The Language Teacher Toolkit by Steve Smith and Gianfranco Conti is now available from Amazon. 50 speaking activities for the MFL classroom 1. Whole group repetition or phonics activity (including whispering, shouting, singing) 2. 50 writing activities for the MFL classroom 1.

Peg dolls Winter Wonderland We never get bored of playing with peg dolls and making cardboard toys. It’s icy cold outside so for more indoor fun to survive the winter without boredom, our DIY peg dolls and cardboard slotted animals are ready to take you on a winter adventure! We have a lovely deer and a big moose from a winter forest, plus a polar bear and huskies visiting from the arctic. Simply print and cut out the templates and trace them onto cardboard saved from brown boxes. We have many from Christmas deliveries. Cut with a craft knife and adjust the slot sizes depending upon your cardboard thickness. How about riding the polar bear like Lyra in His Dark Materials or enjoying a sled ride with the huskies. We took out the peg dolls we made before, but they weren’t wearing enough clothes for this cold weather, so we gave them warm coats and scarves. Keep warm on your icy adventures and don’t forget to be back in time for a cup of tea! Download

Production orale : 4 activités (de secours ou non). - Production orale, des pistes : Je vous propose aujourd’hui 4 idées pour travailler la production orale à différents niveaux et ce, de manière ludique. En tant qu’enseignante, je suis toujours à la recherche d’idées nouvelles (ou juste d’idées) pour faire pratiquer mes apprenants. Je partage donc ces activités que je garde toujours pas très loin et que je ressors à différents moments dans une formation. Quand ? Cas de figure 1 : un remplacement, un espace vide … Quand on est prof, on doit parfois improviser, trouver une activité de dernière minute (il n’y a qu’à moi que cela arrive?). En cas de besoin, je garde dans ma boite de secours quelques activités très simples à mettre en place, sans matériel (car on n’a pas toujours le matériel à disposition…) Cas de figure 2 : je cherche une activité « communicative » à intégrer à une séance en particulier Une liste de propositions 1/ Le jeu du menteur Niveaux : à partir de A2+ Objectifs : le récit au passé, raconter une anecdote, mentir ! 4/ Un sondage

Ramblings From Utopia: DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track It's Wednesday my favorite day of the week, when I was little it was the day my Dad took us for pizza when my Mom was at work, sometimes I still fell like a kid especially when were in the backyard holding matchbox derbies, we're so excited to show you our latest summer fun project, we actually it can be used all year round and is great indoors too! Start your engines! Now I saw this done with marbles, the noodle was a much small diameter, so when I saw the giant noodle on sale at the grocery store we snagged the last one! My new obsession other than drilling holes in toys is matchbox cars, wait till I show you are flying ones! But that will have to wait for another week since their just so so cool they deserve their own DIY post. Now you're ready to decorate your track Using cardstock at toothpicks I created small flags for along the sides of the track Finally just prop the track up on a chair, table, bed, pretty much anything, the higher the prop the faster the cars go.

Compréhension orale B1-B2 + Conversation A2-B2 : filmer les policiers pour éviter les bavures? Voici plusieurs activités autour d’un sujet d’actualité : filmer les interventions policières pour éviter les bavures. Vous y trouverez une compréhension orale pour le niveau B1+ et B2 et un sujet de conversation avec un document déclencheur dès le niveau A2. Cette activité fait suite aux récentes décisions aux États-Unis d’équiper les policiers de caméras portatives, suite au drame de Ferguson qui a vu un policier abattre un jeune homme noir, bavure à l’origine de violentes émeutes. 1) Enclencher cette activité de conversation: -pour le niveau B1+ et B2: Je vous propose une activité de compréhension orale à partir d’une vidéo du site quoi servent les caméras des policiers ? –Distribuez-la fiche ci-dessous: Telecharger (PDF, 54KB) -Demandez à vos élèves de réaliser l’exercice 1) (activité préparatoire de vocabulaire) -Montrez-leur la vidéo deux fois et demandez-leur de répondre aux questions de l’activité 2) (corrigé inclus) -pour le niveau A2 et B1: Telecharger (PDF, 13KB)