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Model Museum: Star Trek Models The Star Trek ModelsStar Trek models in the Model Museum. Styrene plastic, resin, vinyl, and original sculpts are submitted by members of the Clubhouse Modeling Community.Last Updated: February 24, 2014 Kitsune's Science Fiction Conversions Introduction: Started at around the same time as Kitsune's Palladium Web Page, this page contains quite a number of writeups of conversions to the Palladium game system from a variety of science fiction series. This includes vehicles, weaponry and equipment, various races, and character classes. Writeups of space ships are designed to work with either accelerations in G forces or with Kitsune's revised starship rules. In some cases, the writeups are designed to work with either system. As many creations as possible have pictures to give an idea of what they look like.

Price of Peace Chart: Programs and their costs Strategy 3. Eliminate Illiteracy: Education for All $10 billion/year for ten years, allocated for: a) Television Literacy Campaign for satellite network, solar-powered television sets, satellite receivers in villages without adequate schools; appropriate educational programming, ($2 billion/year); textbooks, teaching aids, in-service teacher training and supervision ($3 billion/year); $140 million/year for training 1 million new teachers in Africa; b) Internet Access for All for global wireless Internet access via communications satellites, land-based technology where appropriate ($4 billion/year); $1 billion/year for the preparation of Internet materials for use in developing countries. Closely related to #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11.

Legend of Zelda Treasure chest with sound! 1/4" Pine plywood. You can use whatever type of wood you want, but pine looks nice and is relatively cheap. You'll need enough wood to cut out the following pieces: Two 5.5" x 10.5" pieces One 8" x 10.5" base piece Two 8.5 x 5.5" pieces Five 2 7/16" x 11" slats Also you will need two 6 sided half a decagon pieces. This sounds confusing but I've included a template to cut these pieces out. Print the template out and cut the pieces to be 8" wide at the base. Thoughts on a Star Destroyer mat Eric B. United StatesEast LansingMichigan F0rmally Kn0wn As wrote: I found a decently sized top view of a Star Destroyer which looks about right for what I wanted, but the question is how big should it be as far as table space. Good work, I'd love to have a mat like this. As to size, here's my own half-assed musings from when I was trying to determine the size of an interdictor bridge for the Flytrap scenario:

The 15 Most Devastating Space Vessels in the Star Trek Universe ​In the Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry, there are a myriad of iconic images many people remember: Green Orion slave girls, the Borg, phasers, heroes, villains, and that big-headed alien that Clint Howard pretends to be that shows up at the end of the credits of the original series, and more. But take anyone off the street, and odds are they can identify at least one incarnation of the USS Enterprise. Starships have long been one of the easily recognizable parts of Star Trek lore; while Roddenbery's vision of the future was for the most part peaceful, with brains far exceeding brawn, not all conflict could be resolved by hugging it out. Sometimes your typical starship just wasn't enough. In the Star Trek arms race, there always seemed like the need for bigger, better, and with more guns.

DEVILSWORLD6 (Gateway Portal) - Bookmark THIS page! A collection of hi-quality 800x600 CGI images from the hit series 'STAR TREK'. DEVILSWORLD6 contains an impressive range of images featuring the various Starships etc. from the Star Trek Universe. We not only have images of the usual Ships seen on the show, we also have a great range of 'non-canon' vessels. Each image has the Ships in a variety of awesome scenes, whether it be fighting new Borg Vessels, taking on the likes of Species8472, cruising along Slipstream or Transwarp Conduits, or skimming the surface of a planet, you will be amazed at what our talented CGI artists are capable of with their PC's. Using state-of-the-art image rendering software such as 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint, Terragen, and Universe Creator, we are able to produce images of mindblowing quality, which you are able to download FOR FREE and use as your desktop wallpapers on your computer. Please note: If you wish to BOOKMARK this site, use THIS PAGE YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON.

Alex Stern: Yes, Virginia, Your Reproductive Rights Are Compromised Like many states where political battles about reproductive rights are front and center, Virginia is a hotbed of legislative activity. Following last year's passage of a law that requires women seeking abortions to undergo ultrasounds (which Democrats unsuccessfully attempted to repeal several weeks ago), two other bills related to women's reproductive health were introduced by committees last month. The first proposes reparations for victims of that state's eugenic sterilization policy. Verified victims who were sterilized at the hands of the state between 1924 and 1974 would each receive $50,000 compensation. Last year a nearly identical proposal was almost fulfilled in North Carolina, but died due to eleventh hour budget wrangling, a disappointment that advocates have readdressed in the current legislative cycle.

Replace Your Bulky Keychain - Keyport Slide and Blades Keyport products are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Keys have been around for centuries and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Keychains however, are a thing of the past. Each Slide has a unique serial number. We offer a Lost & Found program to reunite you with your beloved Slide. Learn More Round 2 Models - AMT models, MPC models and Polar Lights models, including Star Trek kits. Probing the Ships of Star Trek: The Motion Picture Probing the Ships ofStar Trek: the Motion Picture Concept designer Andrew Probert discusses his career and work on the Enterprise Refit and Vulcan Shuttle By Jamie Hood Ships of the Colonial Fleet Ships Of The Colonial Fleet Military Freighter This military transport is larger and more durable than the Cylon counterpart due to it's common presense among battle fleets. These vessels are usually responsible for carrying spare armaments, fuel and parts, leaving more benign consumables for the civilian models purchased by the Colonial military. Colonial Military Fighter SCS - Updated Oct 22, 2003

DNA 'identichip' gives a detailed picture of a suspect - life - 11 January 2013 IMAGINE you are trying to solve a burglary, and your sole lead is a cigarette butt. It has enough DNA on it to check against the national DNA database, but this throws up no matches. Running the DNA through machines capable of identifying physical characteristics could help - only there is not enough DNA to deduce more than two traits. How to build a Taser for free! Now this is going to be a fairly dangerous part, open up the camera and get the circuit out safely without getting shocked by the capacitor... (The capacitor in the camera is a large black cylinder thing, it is used for making flashes for the camera, but now we are going to use it to shock people!) First, pry open the camera's case apart with a flat-head screwdriver or just use your hands if you like, but you are more likely to get shocked by the capacitor.

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