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Starship Schematics Database

Starship Schematics Database
Welcome to the Starship Schematics Database. It's dedicated to the sole purpose of archiving every single starship design ever conceived in the Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, and Space Battleship Yamato (A.K.A. Star Blazers in the USA) Universes, both official and unofficial, interesting and mediocre. As far as I know, no such attempt has been made either in print or digital formats to build as complete a collection as I intend to. I am continuously updating vessels from all the different mainstream Trek races and organizations: Tholian, Gorn, Kazon, Maquis, etc, along with the other Sci-Fi genres mentioned above. So keep coming back!

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Franz Joseph and Star Trek’s Blueprint Culture As part of a larger project I’m preparing on “blueprint culture” — fan subcultures devoted to drawing, drafting, charting, mapping, and playing the worlds of science-fiction media — here is a brief history, excerpted from my book manuscript on special effects and transmedia, of Franz Joseph and the Starfleet Technical Manual he created in 1975. One man in particular would dominate Star Trek’s design-oriented fandom in the 1970s. Though not a fan himself, Franz Joseph Schnaubelt was the first to awaken a broad base of fans to the pleasures of charting and extending Star Trek’s diegetic backdrop.

Battlestar Galactica: Technical Manual LAST UPDATED April. 16, 2005 Welcome to the "Battlestar Galactica: Tech-Manual." Due to the many inconsistencies found in the realm of "Battlestar Galactica" science, we have dedicated our efforts to applying real science to the popular 1979 TV series created by Glenn A. Larson. Price of Peace Chart: Programs and their costs Strategy 3. Eliminate Illiteracy: Education for All $10 billion/year for ten years, allocated for: a) Television Star Trek All Enterprises "Blueprints & Designs" Greetings Folks: Well, the following project took a long time for me to complete, like 3-4 hours. I thought that this was a worthy venture, for I have not seen anything like what I'm abut to show off here, anywhere around these parts.

Ships of the Colonial Fleet Ships Of The Colonial Fleet Military Freighter This military transport is larger and more durable than the Cylon counterpart due to it's common presense among battle fleets. Alex Stern: Yes, Virginia, Your Reproductive Rights Are Compromised Like many states where political battles about reproductive rights are front and center, Virginia is a hotbed of legislative activity. Following last year's passage of a law that requires women seeking abortions to undergo ultrasounds (which Democrats unsuccessfully attempted to repeal several weeks ago), two other bills related to women's reproductive health were introduced by committees last month. The first proposes reparations for victims of that state's eugenic sterilization policy. Franz Joseph Timeline by Karen Dick with annotations by Greg Tyler Entries here are condensed from FJ's "Writing Activities Log" (14 April 1973 - 14 April 1988) and FJ's "Design Work, Script, and Correspondence - Planet Earth" notebook (1974). Star Trek production timelines, as far as Karen can determine them, are in red. Abbreviations Based on continued fan interest in the defunct Star Trek television series, as evidenced by ST conventions with huge attendance numbers and the continued popularity of the series in syndication, NBC contacts Gene Roddenberry about reviving the series. Battlestar Galactica 1:9600 Resin Model Kit by Alliance In 2002, cable's Sci-Fi Channel sent shockwaves through genre fandom when it announced that it was going to "re-imagine" the classic 1970s space opera "Battlestar Galactica." When the mini-series/pilot premiered in 2003, virtually all who watched, including die-hard fans, were pleasantly surprised with how well producer Ron Moore's dark and paranoid "update" captured the basic look of the original series while catapulting its sensibilities directly into the 21st Century. As before, the central "character" in the new BSG was the "Galactica" herself, here portrayed as an "obsolete" interstellar battlewagon and veteran of the previous Human/Cylon war. Retaining the same basic lines as the original BSG, the new ship was far more sophisticated in its execution thanks to the advances of modern CGI.

DNA 'identichip' gives a detailed picture of a suspect - life - 11 January 2013 IMAGINE you are trying to solve a burglary, and your sole lead is a cigarette butt. It has enough DNA on it to check against the national DNA database, but this throws up no matches. Running the DNA through machines capable of identifying physical characteristics could help - only there is not enough DNA to deduce more than two traits. A new all-in-one chip that can identify multiple traits should help. The Identitas v1 Forensic Chip allows investigators to home in on someone's gender, eye colour and hair colour, as well as ancestry - all based on a small sample of DNA such as that from saliva on a cigarette butt. Forgotten Starships: "Canon" References to Star Trek Spacecraft Designed by Franz Joseph by Greg Tyler February 15, 2003 Updated December 30, 2005 Kitsune's Science Fiction Conversions Introduction: Started at around the same time as Kitsune's Palladium Web Page, this page contains quite a number of writeups of conversions to the Palladium game system from a variety of science fiction series. This includes vehicles, weaponry and equipment, various races, and character classes. Writeups of space ships are designed to work with either accelerations in G forces or with Kitsune's revised starship rules.