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Industry Strategies for Online Merchants

Industry Strategies for Online Merchants

Top 400 Europe - Private sales sites flourish in Italy Private sale and members-only sites selling heavily discounted fashion brands are a growing trend in Italy, according to Netcomm, the country’s national e-commerce association. Leading private sales sites include Privalia, BuyVIP and SaldiPrivati, Netcomm says. SaldiPrivati which launched in 2009, now has more than 1.5 million members. The private sale site is part of Gruppo Banzai, one of Italy’s largest online companies, with over 50 million euros in annual sales (US $62.8 million) and over 25 e-commerce and media sites that attract 8.5 million unique visitors each month. SaldiPrivati offers at least 60 invitation-only sales monthly, ranging from fashion apparel and accessories, to products for the home, games and children's items, furniture, books, and electronics. Bruno Decker, founder and CEO of SaldiPrivati, says a huge demand in online private sales in Italy has contributed to his company’s growth SaldiPrivati’s own business doubled between 2009 and 2011, Decker says.

XMind Markers XMind Markers view full story – I want to say Thank You to @sufay, who made a marker package by using a set of SharePoint 2010 markers which may be able to help illustrate the map better. If you have interesting, click here to download it. The below are the steps to add this package into your XMind. Submitted by delinux on 12/14/2010 – Made popular on 12/14/2010 Download Free Linux Books Linux Device Drivers Understanding the... C++ GUI Programming... Introduction To... Teach Yourself... Stories similar to XMind Markers Add your own markers and share marker package 1 year 17 weeks ago Within XMind, markers stand for special meaning of priority, percentage complete, passion and so on. Add markers Within XMind, markers can be added into mind map by flexible operations. Shrink XMind file size 41 weeks 5 days ago After saving many times, adding attachments, and inserting customized markers, the size of our XMind file may become too big. New XMind, More Choices 1 year 33 weeks ago

FlowingData | Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics ||| SOCIAL COMMERCE BLOG ||| E-Commerce goes Social Commerce Men's Dress Shirts, Custom Dress Shirts, Tailor Made Shirts | ShirtsMyWay Private Sales Sites - Furniture Deals from Online Private Sales Sites Unless you haven't been spending much time online, you must have noticed online private sales sites sprouting up and thriving. The reason is that you really can get bargains, yes even for furniture. Pivate sales sites deal with fashion accessories, personal items, and travel but there are plenty of them offering deals on furniture and home furnishings as well. I wouldn't recommend using these sites to furnish entire homes, but you can often get really good deals on accessories such as lamps, mirrors, frames, etc. These membership sites are also good for buying accent furniture, and one of a kind items. If you are an impulsive shopper, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement, so beware before you sign up. 1. Screenshot Fab's has several sections that might be of interest to furniture and other home furnishings shoppers. The Home section offers a variety of products for the home including lighting, rugs, accessories for the home and outdoors as well as kitchenware and table top. 2. 3. - Home of the MT Community Google Owns 90% Of Search Market In Latin America, comScore Says It’s pretty well known that Google’s market share is even higher elsewhere than the roughly 65%-70% share it has inside the US. But we don’t often see just how dominant Google’s position is in other countries. Today, comScore is shedding some light with a new report that estimates Google has more than 90% share of all searches in Latin America. These are numbers for March, 2011. Facebook is the number two search engine in Latin America, barely edging out Microsoft Sites by about 12 million searches (525 million to 513 million). ComScore also says overall search activity is up across the board in Latin America. The numbers fit with what’s happening around the world. Related Topics: Channel: Strategy | Google: Outside US | Google: Web Search | Stats: comScore | Stats: Popularity | Top News

The Compass | Black Lapel Look of the Week, April 24 2014 Check out how to wear this suit that's good for getting down to business and down for whatever else you can throw at it. 5 Essentials of the Well Stocked Bar – Spring Edition We share the five essential bottles you need to stock your bar so you won't go thirsty this spring. Look of the Week – April 17, 2014 Amp up your spring style with these two smart additions to your warm weather repertoire. How to Nail Your Interview Look If there’s one question we get around Black Lapel a lot, it’s “What are the best suits for men to wear for a job interview?” Look of the Week – April 10, 2014 Show some stylish restraint this week. April Showers When it rains, pour on the style with this collection of dapper rain gear that will have you singing in the rain and—alright, enough with the witty water wordplay, check out the story... Look of the Week – April 03, 2014 That’s not a newspaper in his hand. 5 Essentials of Spring Style

Etude de cas e-commerce : décryptage du modèle Amazon Franchement, j’adore Amazon. Je trouve le site exceptionnel quand je l’utilise en tant qu’acheteur et il me fascine lorsque je l’observe au niveau technique et marketing. Au-delà des recettes qui ont mené Amazon au succès, le modèle économique détient un secret étonnant que peu de personnes connaissent finalement.Les analyses sur Amazon pullulent et chaque professionnel du Web a toujours essayé un jour ou l’autre d’appliquer une fonctionnalité ou un attribut pêchés sur ce leader du e-commerce mondial. Que ça soit un élément de design provenant de sa structure minimaliste et efficace ou une fonctionnalité améliorant la conversion et l’expérience utilisateur, ce pure player est un modèle du genre. En effet, il est parfois malvenu de vouloir appliquer pour soi-même quelque chose qui a l’air de bien fonctionner sur Amazon. Parmi les principaux enseignements, on peut citer : Engager au travers du contenu Les fameuses évaluations de clients sont au centre du concept. Eliminer le Tool Time

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