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Industry Strategies for Online Merchants - Internet Retailer

Industry Strategies for Online Merchants - Internet Retailer

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How To Find Trustworthy And Reliable Wholesale Clothing Distributors Buying clothing items from wholesalers is now more advisable than buying at retail. Consumers know that buying on the bulk would yield much more savings than conventional retail buying. You may be surprised at how much price markdown you could obtain from buying wholesale. Consumers with entrepreneurial skills also find buying items at wholesale more ideal since they intend to generate higher profits when they retail or resell the items to generate revenues. There are just too many wholesale clothing distributors that are out in the market. The competition is very intense.

The Compass Look of the Week, April 24 2014 Check out how to wear this suit that's good for getting down to business and down for whatever else you can throw at it. 5 Essentials of the Well Stocked Bar – Spring Edition Top 400 Europe - Private sales sites flourish in Italy Private sale and members-only sites selling heavily discounted fashion brands are a growing trend in Italy, according to Netcomm, the country’s national e-commerce association. Leading private sales sites include Privalia, BuyVIP and SaldiPrivati, Netcomm says. SaldiPrivati which launched in 2009, now has more than 1.5 million members. The private sale site is part of Gruppo Banzai, one of Italy’s largest online companies, with over 50 million euros in annual sales (US $62.8 million) and over 25 e-commerce and media sites that attract 8.5 million unique visitors each month. SaldiPrivati offers at least 60 invitation-only sales monthly, ranging from fashion apparel and accessories, to products for the home, games and children's items, furniture, books, and electronics. Bruno Decker, founder and CEO of SaldiPrivati, says a huge demand in online private sales in Italy has contributed to his company’s growth

How Microsoft's Kinect Could Replace Your Tailor (No Pins Required) Raj Sareen is the CEO of Styku, a “virtual fitting room” whose offices I visited over a year ago (see: “The Avatar’s New Clothes”). Styku has since pivoted to focus its body-scanning efforts on the Kinect, and was recently named one of the first batch of startups in Microsoft’s Kinect Accelerator program. I called up Sareen to learn how Styku has progressed, and whether it still struggled with what Sareen’s father had told me was one of the most vexing problems in clothing: how to fit the many shapes and sizes of the breast. FAST COMPANY: Long time no chat. RAJ SAREEN: It’s been a while since you wrote about how my dad said no two boobs are alike. Catch us up on what Styku has been up to since we last spoke.

Private Sales Sites - Furniture Deals from Online Private Sales Sites Unless you haven't been spending much time online, you must have noticed online private sales sites sprouting up and thriving. The reason is that you really can get bargains, yes even for furniture. Pivate sales sites deal with fashion accessories, personal items, and travel but there are plenty of them offering deals on furniture and home furnishings as well. I wouldn't recommend using these sites to furnish entire homes, but you can often get really good deals on accessories such as lamps, mirrors, frames, etc. These membership sites are also good for buying accent furniture, and one of a kind items. When you sign up you get news of upcoming sales beforehand as all sales are on for limited amounts of time only.

The 2013 Digital Marketer Report Free, must-have resources for every marketer In today’s world, life is the channel. As consumers seamlessly navigate between devices throughout their day, marketers must put their customers at the center of everything in order to provide relevant and personalized experiences that empower meaningful connections. We hope you enjoy the resources we’ve developed to help you tackle some of today’s biggest marketing challenges. State of US Online Retail Economy Q3 2011 Webinar Presentador: comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni & VP Industry Analysis Andrew Lipsman Evento: comScore Webinar Descargar diapositivas Ver Presentacion comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni and VP Industry Analysis Andrew Lipsman present their quarterly review of the state of the U.S. online retail economy in Q3 2011. This installment provides an overview of continued strong e-commerce spending trends in the third quarter of 2011, including a preview of the 2011 holiday season and analysis of the use of mobile and tablet devices and their impact on e-commerce spending. It’s clear that the continued weak economy is accelerating the shift of consumer spending from in-store to the Internet, so this is a particularly important webinar.

The 6 Dimensions of Social Commerce: Rated and Reviewed With social media marketers increasingly seeking to monetize their efforts, the social commerce toolbox is growing. And it can be difficult to keep up with what’s out there. So here’s our attempt to organize social commerce into six dimensions, each based on a general toolset, with a quick review and our own rating of the value we believe they bring to the social commerce table.

Tailored Clothes “The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew every time he sees me, while all the rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.” - George Bernard Shaw U.S. Online Holiday Spending Approaches $25 Billion for the Season, Up 15 Percent vs. Year Ago December 11, 2011 U.S. Online Holiday Spending Approaches $25 Billion for the Season, Up 15 Percent vs. The Fashion Industry Is Controlled by Mindless Robots, Gilt Groupe Proves It In just a couple years Gilt Groupe has grown into a company with $200 million in annual revenues. Which is an interesting story in itself, but watch what happens when stock-fraudster turned journalist Henry Blodget interviews Gilt's CEO Susan Lyne. In short order, he gets totally derailed by their AWESOME WAREHOUSE ROBOTS: Allow us to answer some of the questions that Lyne can't, in the interview.