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The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World

The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World

Artist Creates Stunning Landscapes Entirely Out of Food EmailEmail Pictures of food and pictures of art do well on the internet, so London-based photographer Carl Warner wised up and combined the two into a deliciously creative and ingenious set of landscapes crafted entirely out of food called ‘Foodscapes.’ The 25-year veteran advertisement photographer came up with the idea to photograph clever arrangements of cabbage oceans, mashed-potato mountains and salami rivers roughly 10 years ago, but only in 2008 did it receive international recognition. Since then, he has continued developing the idea, using his experience with artificial lighting and tabletop photography to create new delicious foodscapes. Website: Cheesescape Fishscape Candy Cottage Bread Village Salami Tuscany Pumpkin Paradise Cucumber Bridge Red Hot Chilli Scorpion White Chocolate Castle Chocolate Express Broccoli Forest Salmon Sea Celery Island Salami Mountains and River Tuscan Landscape Tuscan Market Cabbage Sea Celery Forest Breadford & Cheesedale Stilton Cottage

Artist Reveals Her Mixed Media Tools By Placing Them Next To Her Drawings “How did she do that?” must’ve been one of the most frequent questions after seeing Karla Mialynne’s works. In order to clear the doubts, the artist now photographs all of the tools she used right next to her paintings. You can see that Karla mostly uses watercolor pencils, colored markers and acrylic paint to create her highly realistic drawings. Check out her instagram feed for more! Source: She Also Reveals How To Draw An Owl And This Is Karla Taking a Selfie (Notice Her Custom Made Phone Cover)

You Won't Believe These Images Are Just Renders Disney Princesses As Moulin Rouge Style Dancers Disney princesses: we all grew up wanting to be one. By now some of you may have probably abandoned your dreams, but I have not. I would sell my soul to an evil sea witch in a heartbeat to be a mermaid princess and that's just the God's honest truth. I would marry Merman, and we would rule the seven seas together. Well, at least until he finally came out. Hit the jump for closeups of each plus a BONUS announcer Mickey. Thanks to Lizzy, who always dreamed of becoming a bird when she grew up. Designer Creates Cutting-Edge Prosthetic Limbs While in college, designer Sophie de Oliveira Barata specialized in something most of us would find far from the traditional design areas – special effects prosthetics for film and TV. Today, besides realistic prosthetics, she also creates some cutting-edge design ones for her Alternative Limb Project. Collaborating with graphic, laser cutting, woodwork, plastics’ and other artists, Sophie makes those prosthetics look like a true piece of art: every single design is unique and utilizes different materials, textures and colors to create a very intricate final result. [Read more...] “Having an alternative limb is about claiming control and saying ‘I’m an individual and this reflects who I am,” says Sophie. Website: Stereo Leg Snake Arm Floral Leg Wooden Arm Removable Muscle

Artist Shows his Progression from 2 Years old to 25 Some artists begin creating masterpieces purely by accident or as an unintended outcome of something else, but Hong Kong born artist Marc Allante has been dedicated ever since he was 2 years old. Seeing how popular his recent lion painting was, the artist decided to show the 25 years it took to get there. Starting with the portraits of his grandma (“oma”) and grandpa (“opa”), the stream ends with a fascinating colorful lion, drawn at the age of 25. Marc’s work today is a modernist fusion of Eastern and Western art traditions, as the guy has lived in Sydney and London as well, and is of French and Chinese ancestry. Website: Age 2 Age 3 Age 4 Age 5 Age 6 Age 7 Age 8 Age 9 Age 10 Age 11 Age 13 Age 14 Age 15 Age 16 Age 17 and 18 Age 19 Age 20 Age 22 Age 23 Age 24 Age 25

10 Literally Cool Things Made from Ice and Snow While the winter is still here many artists and creative minds try to use Mother Nature’s ready-made canvases from ice and snow to express themselves. The good thing about these wintry creative spaces is that there are a lot of this kind of “canvases” and art can be made almost anywhere. The downside, on the other hand, is that this art medium might melt quite fast, and the creative process always takes place under pretty harsh conditions, with the thermometer scale dropping down below zero. [Read more...] Thank god people have the possibility to capture their creations on camera before they melt down! So without further ado, here are 12 literally cool examples of things made using ice and snow. (List inspired by 1. 1,000 little seated ice figurines were made in order to melt in the heat of a day. 2. Vouge art director Rhea Thierstein had this idea to create a giant ice ship for Vogue US. 3. 4. Not only is it the largest work of ice, it’s also the largest work of art. 5.

The Line it is Drawn #126 – Valentine’s Day With the Superheroes! by Brian Cronin| February 14, 2013 @ 5:36 AM |37 Comments| Go follow Comics Should Be Good on Twitter (if you have Twitter, that is – if you don’t, you can go sign up). Here is our Twitter page… And here are the Comics Should Be Good writers who are on Twitter (the links go to the person’s Twitter account) – myself, Greg Hatcher, Chad Nevett, Kelly Thompson, Bill Reed, Greg Burgas, Sonia Harris, Melissa K. and Ken H. I update the blog’s Twitter account updates whenever a new post is put up on the blog, so it’s an easy way to keep up with the blog. In addition, I post new content on the blog’s Twitter account. Now on to the bit! So every week, I ask a question here. To qualify, you have to be following us when you reply – so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (All suggestions due by 9:00 AM Pacific on Friday). The topic is… In honor of Cyclops and Uncanny X-Men #1, the theme is superheroes gone bad! Enjoy! BigMike20X6 suggested:

Noir Superhero Posters Marko Manev by Rebecca Pahle | 2:30 pm, February 9th, 2013 <span id="am-ngg-js-warning" ><p>Enable JavaScript to check out our fancy slideshow.</p></span><br class="clearfix" /><ol class="am-all-on-one-page"><li><span class="am-aoop-title"><span class="am-aoop-number">1.</span></span><a class="am-aoop-image " title="Click for larger image." href=" src=" alt="" /></a><span class="am-aoop-caption"></span></li><li><span class="am-aoop-title"><span class="am-aoop-number">2. I’ve been in a noir mood lately. And I’m always in a geek mood. (via: Collider) [View All on One Page]

René Magritte’s The Son of Man With Pop Culture Characters by Rebecca Pahle | 2:30 pm, February 3rd, 2013 <span id="am-ngg-js-warning" ><p>Enable JavaScript to check out our fancy slideshow.</p></span><br class="clearfix" /><ol class="am-all-on-one-page"><li><span class="am-aoop-title"><span class="am-aoop-number">1.</span></span><a class="am-aoop-image " title="Click for larger image." href=" src=" alt="" /></a><span class="am-aoop-caption"></span></li><li><span class="am-aoop-title"><span class="am-aoop-number">2. [View All on One Page] We previously ran ben6835′s mashup of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and René Magritte‘s surrealist self-portrait “The Son of Man,” which originally featured the artist’s face covered by an apple. (via: io9)

Incredible Packaging Tape Art by Max Zorn Amsterdam-based artist Max Zorn uses packaging tape like no one else – instead of using it for packaging or fixing stuff, Max creates stunning tape pictures. The artist achieves different shades, hues and shadows by layering the translucent tape on the Plexiglass and cutting it with a scalpel. Once finished, his artwork can be seen hanging on the street lamps – as the lights go on, they shine through the pictures and create a beautiful graphic effect. Like most artists, he got this idea about using packaging tape completely by accident: “The idea to work with tape instead of paint was inspired by a friend who worked as a car designer at that time. These guys often use slim tapes to outline their ideas on large boards. I was surprised to see, how fast they could create stunning sketches with it.” Website:, If you have this.. You can make this!

Creative Food Art by Sarah Illenberger German art director Sarah Illenberger has a great eye for spotting various objects or even word puns in something as ordinary as fruits and vegetables. In her “Strange Fruits” project a slice of watermelon starts raining seeds, pomegranate turns into an actual grenade, and chilli peppers become the flame of a lighter (because they’re hot - get it?). “Whatever she creates, it is done with a humorous touch and a great love for detail,” writes German publicist about Sarah on her website. “Each assignment leads to a unique work of art, sometimes visually enhancing the content of a feature, sometimes to be considered a work in its own right.” Be sure to visit her website for more of her works! Website: