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Birth of our Nation

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The Australian constitution - History (6,9) Federation explained - History (6,9) Federation of Australia - History (6) Transcript.

Federation of Australia - History (6)

Passing a bill in parliament - History (6) 00:00:00:00NATHAN BAZLEY:Over the last few months we've brought you all the big political stories like the Carbon Tax and the mining tax announcements.

Passing a bill in parliament - History (6)

We brought you all the arguments for and against each and you got to have your say on each of them. But that was pretty much the end of it, where are those big announcements now? Well, now is go time.00:00:18:08MILITARY RADIO:We're nearing the drop zone. Mission 'pass legislation' is a go. Clickview videos. Sir Henry Parkes. Sir Henry Parkes (1815-1896), politician and journalist, was born on 27 May 1815 in Warwickshire, England, youngest of the seven children of Thomas Parks, tenant farmer on Stoneleigh Abbey Estate, and his wife Martha, née Faulconbridge.

Sir Henry Parkes

Forced off their farm in 1823 by debt, the Parkes family moved to Glamorganshire and about 1825 settled in Birmingham, where Thomas was a gardener and odd-job man. Henry's formal education was in his own words, 'very limited and imperfect'; he briefly attended Stoneleigh parish school and later joined the Birmingham Mechanics' Institute. Obliged as a boy to help in supporting the family, he worked as a road labourer and in a brickpit and rope-walk, before being apprenticed to John Holding, bone and ivory turner of Moseley Street. Having served his articles, he began his own business in 1837. On 11 July 1836 at Edgbaston Parish Church he had married Clarinda, 23-year-old daughter of John Varney, butcher. Parliamentary Education Office (cultur,histori) Show all How did Australian federation occur?

Parliamentary Education Office (cultur,histori)

Federation Images. Celebrations: a new nation On New Year's Day, 1901, the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia was conducted at a formal ceremony in Centennial Park in Sydney, following a lengthy procession through the extravagantly decorated city streets.

Federation Images

Members of this procession included a military contingent from South Australia, and the estimated 250,000 people watching the parade included many leading citizens from this State. At the inauguration ceremony, Edwin Blackmore, Clerk of the South Australian Parliaments, read the principal document which instituted the new nation, the Proclamation of the Commonwealth. When the Commonwealth of Australia came into being, the colonies became States. Lord Tennyson was sworn in as South Australia's Governor at the Town Hall with due ceremony.

Federation in Australia. A continent for a nation- Australian Federation. Federation Story. Federation in Australia. Federation: 18/03/2014, Behind the News. A couple of states had elections on the weekend.

Federation: 18/03/2014, Behind the News

You probably know that Aussie states have their own laws and their own leaders but have you ever wondered why that is? It all goes back to a time when the states were separate colonies. I thought it was a good chance to go back in time and take a look at how Australia came to be Australia. And a warning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers; this story contains images of people who've died. Imagine you're on a train travelling for hours across the vast Australian continent.

KID: Immigration. Back in the late 1800s, making a trip between Australian colonies was like travelling to a different country. REPORTER: In fact if you were travelling between, say, New South Wales and Queensland you would have had to change trains because the rails were different sizes. Australia wasn't a country; it was just the name of a continent divided into six very separate British colonies. REPORTER: It wasn't the best speech ever, by all accounts. Life at the time of Federation. Federation. The Federation Kiosk, Centennial Park, Sydney at the Proclamation of Federation, 1 January 1901.


Image courtesy of the - external siteNational Archives of Australia. It's hard to imagine in contemporary Australia, but prior to Federation each of the Australian colonies was more like its own country with customs houses, railway gauges and even their own military. It was neither natural nor inevitable that Australia would be federated, in fact it wasn't even a very popular idea. Only through the dedication and hard work of a small group of people did the colonies eventually come together to form a nation. Colonial politicians like Alfred Deakin, Henry Parkes and Edmund Barton waged a long campaign to turn the six colonies of 3.7 million people into a country in its own right.

AC History Units. Topic: Australia as a nation – Federation Learning sequence: This unit presents a learning sequence for Year 6 students to develop their historical inquiry skills by investigating the key figures and events that led to Australia's Federation.

AC History Units

Parliament of NSW - 1890 to 1900 - Towards Federation. Turbulent Times: New South Wales in the 1890s Strike Meeting at Queens Square in Macquarie Street, Sydney, 1890s The 1890s were a testing time throughout the eastern Australian colonies.

Parliament of NSW - 1890 to 1900 - Towards Federation

Although 66% of population of New South Wales now lived in urban centres, the economy was heavily dependent on agricultural exports. The long economic boom which began with the gold rushes of the 1850s and which had greatly increased local manufacturing and fed speculation in the 1880s, began to collapse, beginning with Victorian property collapses and a British banking crises. Overseas investment dried up; prices for wool and wheat fell dramatically. The 1880s had seen great advances amongst trade unionism which had become sufficiently strong to express their frustrations effectively and to cause alarm amongst employers.

Centenary of Federation Victoria: Federation Documents ONLINE. Australian History Mysteries. Getting it Together. Parliamentary Education Office (parliament,federal,new,federation,australia)