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Artist Interviews

Artist Interviews
Claire Hummel Interview Claire Hummel: Designer CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE INTERVIEW AND SEE HER GALLERY Media: Adobe Photoshop Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Victoria Ying Interview Victoria Ying: Visual Development Artist at Disney Feature Animation.

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CodeGreene!: Gallery Let me first off wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year! I know my blog has been a dead zone for the past few months, but I PROMISE you I have good reason! I have been working on some very tight deadlines getting things together for my MTV project, plus them crazy holidays filled my schedule. I'm also starting some exciting new projects for 2011!

San Vitale ARTH Courses | ARTH 212 | ARTH 212 Assignments Mosaics of San Vitale in Ravenna The mosaic decoration in the sanctuary of San Vitale is undoubtedly one of the most important monuments of medieval art that has come down to us. It represents one of the most complete programs of mosaics still extant, and it was produced during extremely interesting historical circumstances. Justinian Temple of the Seven Golden Camels: Contrast and Variety I often talk about how creating distinct and interesting characters with unique personalities is one of the most important parts of our trade. I'm warning you now, this is another one of those posts! Raymond Chandler was a writer of detective novels and the creator of the iconic hard boiled detective Philip Marlowe. Towards the end of his career, he sat down for an interview with Ian Fleming, the writer of the James Bond novels.

emily rabbit sailor moon, doing moon stuff with her moon swords templar mummy knight??? i don’t know, i just string random words together and hope it works out dryad witch and cyclops mummy my belated witchsona!! basically i just wanted to draw myself as a dark souls boss How to Write a Character Sketch Follow these tips to create a character sketch, which will help you develop consistent and engaging characters. A character sketch is a quick rendering of a character, and writing a sketch is about asking and answering questions. In order to write a character sketch, you must ask yourself questions about your character.

Make Movies - Characters page 4 To make a character work well it has to be the right character for the part. It has to look right, move right, dress right, have the right surroundings, and come over with credibility. In effect, the character has to be properly caste, rehearsed, and performed. This might seem obvious, but many animated stories fail because the characters have one-dimensional personalities, and are put into contrived situations. To give the characters depth you need to consider what they say, how they say it. The body language they use.

Tips on Character and Costume Design by Aaron Diaz Character design is paramount to pretty much any kind of comic. Most comics have things in them, and some of those things are characters, and those characters better be well-designed. Design allows the artist to communicate essential information to the reader about a character, and a good design allows for versatility independent of minor details. I’ll probably write a more specific post later about the mechanics of character design, but for now I’m just compiling a list of my personal favorite comic character designs. All of the one I list exhibit all of the key essential design elements:Silhouette - the outer shape is clear and uniqueValue - the lights and darks provide effective contrastColor - meaningful and compelling color choicesVersatility - details of the design are flexibleIconic - striking, memorable imagery Here are my favorite designs from the world of comics: #10 - Spider Jerusalem

Ainessa Character Drawing Tutorial So how does one go about drawing a character? When asked, my usual advice is something to the tune of sketch guidelines first. What does that mean? Well, if you'll bear with me, I'll explain and illustrate. Keep in mind, there is no precise 'correct' way to go about drawing. Character Design Character Design 1: The Character Design Fallacy Character Design 2: Primer Character Design 3: Layout Artist With Versatility, Conservatism, Style and Control Character Design 4 : Tex Avery . Milt Gross Character Designs John K Stuff: Character Design 1: The Character Design Fallacy First of all, character design should never have been separated from the rest of the animation process. The handful of artists from classic cartoons that are renowned for their character designs, were not really character designers at all. They were layout artists.

What does Character development actually mean? - Writers Stack Exchange Character development can refer to either the task of sitting down and creating a character (working out their appearance, history, mannerisms, and so on), or it can refer to the change a character undergoes during the course of a story. In the first instance, the idea is to create a fictional person, complete with flaws and weaknesses, history, mannerisms, hopes, fears, someone that is often even more real than people you meet in real life. This is (generally) a person you will use in your story, whether as a protagonist or antagonist. It's like you getting to know someone so well that you know absolutely everything about them. Just how much you need to know depends on how important the character is to the story, but generally speaking, the more you know about the character, the better able you'll be able to write about them in relation to your story.

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