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Artist Interviews

Artist Interviews
Claire Hummel Interview Claire Hummel: Designer CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE INTERVIEW AND SEE HER GALLERY Media: Adobe Photoshop Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Victoria Ying Interview Victoria Ying: Visual Development Artist at Disney Feature Animation.

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Temple of the Seven Golden Camels: Contrast and Variety I often talk about how creating distinct and interesting characters with unique personalities is one of the most important parts of our trade. I'm warning you now, this is another one of those posts! Raymond Chandler was a writer of detective novels and the creator of the iconic hard boiled detective Philip Marlowe. Towards the end of his career, he sat down for an interview with Ian Fleming, the writer of the James Bond novels. FUCK YEAH CONCEPT ART kelseybeckett: I’ll be slowly adding all my full size images from my show “Murmuration,” that opened January 20th at Corey Helford Gallery!“The Collector”20x24Oil on CanvasPrints of this piece are available at !!! poolsofchrome: Steel, muscle, sinew and not much in the way of a limbic system mischeviouslittleelf:

Game-Changing Rules For Success From People Who Made Their Mark Ben: "Business has never had improving the quality of life of the general public as one of its priorities. We decided to redefine the bottom line at Ben & Jerry's." Jerry: "If you open up the mind, the opportunity to address both profits and social conditions are limitless. It's a process of innovation." Starting a business can be a terrifying thing. fashion from old people Valentino Fall 2014 Menswear Inaugural dress of Fay Webb Gardner, 1928-29 Fuchsia Dress c. 1923-1925 Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketketur, og Design (via omgthatdress) Hi, this is Emily, and I know this isn’t a dress, but I thought I would put up a link to this project all the same for folks that might be interested…

Dota 2 – Unreleased Heroes Preview » Cyborgmatt's Blog Here’s a little tease before tonight’s tomorrow’s patch, a video of some of the unreleased heroes` abilities being used in game and some unreleased concept art as well. Unreleased Heroes Preview In the world of Dota 2 we’re aware of 18 different unreleased heroes that are currently being worked on. The development of a hero is a long process and takes several weeks of art, animation, effects work, hours of dialogue writing, recording and processing and then they have to be programmed into the game. Make Movies - Characters page 4 To make a character work well it has to be the right character for the part. It has to look right, move right, dress right, have the right surroundings, and come over with credibility. In effect, the character has to be properly caste, rehearsed, and performed. This might seem obvious, but many animated stories fail because the characters have one-dimensional personalities, and are put into contrived situations. To give the characters depth you need to consider what they say, how they say it. The body language they use.

Herpich(s) kingofooo: Walnuts & Rain - title carddesigned by Tom Herpichpainted by Nick Jenningspremieres Thursday, March 5th at 7:30/6:30c on Cartoon Network 4:40 pm • 27 February 2015 • 449 notes New Adventure Time, Walnuts & Rain- Thursday, March 5th, probably at 7, but maybe at 7:30, who knows!? After “The Visitor”, Steve and I took a little partnership detour to both do a board on our own.We’d each had an episode idea we’d been wanting to work on, and had both been mulling them over for so long that they’d gotten really fleshed out already in our heads- so it just made a lot of sense to finish them up ourselves.This one, “Walnuts & Rain” is mine. I was fiddling with this outline on and off for months before boarding it (though it underwent some real worthwhile changes once I brought it to the writers room) so… I’m real attached to it.

25 Of The Most Powerful Quotes Of All Time We all have trouble finding strength in this harsh world sometimes. Fortunately, wise and mentally strong people have come before us and said things that uplift and inspire. These are our 25 favorite quotes. 1. “He who fears he will suffer, already suffers because he fears.” – Michel De Montaigne 2. Marguerite Sauvage A bouquet of personnal works for Exquise Exhibition Paris about feminity in women artists work. These illustrations were also exhibited by Nucleus Gallery, USA.Fashion, Fine Arts, Illustration2012

Creative Uncut - Video Game Art Galleries Baten KaitosArt book source: Baten Kaitos Materials Collection BayonettaArt book source: The Eyes of Bayonetta BioShockArt book source: BioShock: Breaking the Mold (PDF Book) Bouncer, TheArt book source: The Bouncer Visual Arts Collection Bravely DefaultBravely Default Design Works The Art of Bravely 2010-2013, Bravely Default Art Album Character Design Character Design 1: The Character Design Fallacy Character Design 2: Primer Character Design 3: Layout Artist With Versatility, Conservatism, Style and Control Character Design 4 : Tex Avery . Milt Gross Character Designs

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