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Patala. Indian subterranean realms of the universe The legs of the god Vishnu as the purusha depict earth and the six realms of Patala.


The feet rest on Shesha. Nagas are believed to live in the lowest realm of Patala, called Naga-loka. In Indian religions, Patala (Sanskrit: पाताल, IAST: pātāla, lit. that which is below the feet) or Pathalam, denotes the subterranean realms of the universe – which are located under the earth.[1][2][3] Patala is often translated as underworld or netherworld. Patala is described as more beautiful than Svarga (heaven). Surya Siddhanta, an astronomical text, refers to Southern Hemisphere of the earth as Patala whereas the northern hemisphere is referred to as Jambudvipa.

In Vajrayana Buddhism, caves inhabited by asuras are entrances to Patala; these asuras, particularly female asuras, are often "tamed" (converted to Buddhism) as dharmapala or dakinis by famous Buddhist figures such as Padmasambhava. Hinduism[edit] Atala[edit] Vitala[edit]


Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography Volumes I. II. III tqw darksiderg. Във Видин слънцето изгрява от север. Technology how to guides, tips and tricks. The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Photography Style. When you’re just starting out on the road to becoming a professional photographer, it’s good to have a general idea of where you want to go.

The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Photography Style

One of the best ways to plot your course is to choose and develop the style of photography that speaks to you. Sitting down and spending some serious time figuring out your personal photography style will help you feel a lot less all over the map as a beginner. Once you’ve honed your skills, there are great creative rewards for going off-route and trying out different types of photography to really build your skillset. What We Mean When We Talk About Photography Styles There are many different types of photography, some of which we’ve already gone over in depth.

44 Writing Hacks From Some of the Greatest Writers Who Ever Lived. Writing looks fun, but doing it professionally is hard.

44 Writing Hacks From Some of the Greatest Writers Who Ever Lived

Like really hard. “Why on earth am I doing this?” -hard. Which is probably why so many people want to write, yet so few actually do. Our Photographers' Favorite Cameras. Sony HX300 Review. HX300 Summary Boasting an incredible 50x optical zoom (24-1,200mm equivalent) reach, the all-in-one Sony HX300 showcases one of the most versatile built-in lenses we've ever tested.

Sony HX300 Review

This bridge camera's relatively small 1/2.3-inch imaging sensor means its image quality won't rival the output of a DSLR or premium compact -- especially in low light -- but it's definitely capable of capturing photos few other cameras can. Packed with features including Full HD video at up to 60p in a comfortable, ergonomic body, this superzoom is ideal to take on any photo trip when you need to travel light. OceanofPDF - Books Free Download. Classic PC Games : Free Software : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming. By Bulma Produktions software eye.

Classic PC Games : Free Software : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming

Instructables - How to make anything. The Official Written? Kitten! bedtime calculator. Pinterest. Pinterest. Au rythme de la présence. Pour bien peindre un paysage, je dois découvrir d’abord les assises géologiques.

Au rythme de la présence

Songez que l’histoire du monde date du jour où deux atomes se sont rencontrés, où deux tourbillons, deux danses chimiques se sont combinées. My Best Italian Movies - a list by jgumblue. Top 27 des raisons de partir vivre en Bulgarie, allez hop, c’est parti. Résultats des recherches. Théophile Gautier. La bibliothèque libre.

Théophile Gautier

Material for Learning Greek. Homer, Iliad, Book 1, line 1. Nature et signification de la mégalographie dionysiaque de Pompéi. DE LA MÉGALOGRAPHIE DIONYSIAQUE DE POMPÉl, PAR M.

Nature et signification de la mégalographie dionysiaque de Pompéi

10 idioms only the French understand.

Chantiers médiévaux

Exode - chapitre 20. 1 Alors Dieu prononça toutes ces paroles, en disant : 2 Je suis l'Eternel, ton Dieu, qui t'ai fait sortir du pays d'Egypte, de la maison de servitude.

Exode - chapitre 20

5 Things to Know about Grading in French Universities. If you’re thinking about getting your master’s in France, you may be concerned about whether your French is good enough to succeed in a French university.

5 Things to Know about Grading in French Universities

Are you going to fail out of all your classes? No. It’s true that grading in France is very different from grading in the US, and students in France are more used to failure. But the open secret is that French professors don’t want to fail their foreign students, because they don’t want to jeopardize international agreements or exchange programs. Regardless, here are five things you should know about French grading before you enroll in a French university: Easy Sweet And Sour Chicken - prep 10 mins cook 15. Iain McCaig - концепт-художник, иллюстратор, сценарист и преподаватель » ALLDAYPLUS.RU.

Iain McCaig (19 марта, 1957, Санта-Моника, США) - дизайнер, концепт-художник, иллюстратор, сценарист, продюсер, автор и преподаватель по живописи, обременённый горой наград и признанием мирового киносообщества. Работает на студии Respawn Entertainment. Head Turnaround - Top to Bottom by RobynRose on DeviantArt.

House of the abduction of Helen

11 Books to Read by the Time You're 30. So you're approaching the big 3-0. Well, before that milestone arrives, we have a few things you need to do first. There are some important life skills you need to master, a few culinary skills to accomplish, travel experiences to add to your bucket list, and some things you should probably ditch from your home too—stat. Norman Rockwell Behind the Camera Gallery (16 HQ Photos)

100 сайта за легално сваляне на безплатни книги - Charles Miano. 25 Professional Portrait Photography examples and Tips for beginners. Top 100 Greatest Movies of All Time (The Ultimate List) - a list by ChrisWalczyk55. 9 Ways To Overcome Your Doubts. Raiponce. 13 décembre 2010 Interview de Nathan Greno Nous avons eu la chance de pouvoir interviewer il y a quelques jours Nathan Greno, coréalisateur de Raiponce aux côtés de Byron Howard! L'artiste a ainsi pris le temps de répondre à quelques questions sur sa carrière chez Disney et son expérience sur Raiponce. Nathan Greno est né à Kenosha, dans le Wisconsin, au sud-ouest du lac Michigan.


Histoire de l'art contemporain, moderne, médiévale

Archéologie. Salted Caramel Turtle Thumbprint Cookies. Share on Pinterest If you’re going to add caramel you may as well salt it, right? I still haven’t gotten my brother and sister to like salted caramel but one of these days I know it’s going to happen. They must have strange taste buds :). I’ve been posting cookies like crazy, but tis the season! Besides you can never have too many cookie recipes. I love that these have all the flavors of chocolate turtles but they’re in chewy cookie form. Share on Pinterest. Art grec antique/ Ressources. Neanderthal. Books - Dave Mckean.

Aagalery8. © Antropark 2006 Illustrations and text © Libor Balák Antropark Home Page Translated and modified by Vít Lang after discussions with the author. This is the website of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Archaeology in Brno, The Center for Paleolithic and Paleoethnological Research The era of the great European cultures of the Northern-type hunters The Middle Upper Palaeolithic, 35,000-24,000 years ago (30,000 – 20,000 radiocarbon years before present). The Gravettian of Italy A zoomorphic mask (a reconstructional transformation of a tablet)

Cassini Seeks Insights to Life in Plumes of Enceladus, Saturn’s Icy Moon. This video is not currently supported on your browser. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Video. Top directors/producers/writers of all time - a list by worldcitizen81. Faire un dossier. Aide au logement : quels revenus les étudiants doivent-ils déclarer à la Caf ??? 25 Of The Most Powerful Quotes Of All Time.

We all have trouble finding strength in this harsh world sometimes. Fortunately, wise and mentally strong people have come before us and said things that uplift and inspire. These are our 25 favorite quotes. 1. Game-Changing Rules For Success From People Who Made Their Mark. Etudiants, tout savoir sur l’aide au logement. Neozarrivants Toulouse. Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students. Top 17 des mots français dont on ne connaît pas trop le genre grammatical.

Living Lines Library: Ratatouille (2007) - Concept Art. 100 Famous Poems ever written. 26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence. Pose generator for figure & gesture drawing practice. Drawing References and Resources. 25 'Game Of Thrones' GIFs For When Words Fail You. How to Draw the Head From Any Angle. [Art - Anatomy] Head - Angles / Perspectives on Pinterest. Origine des expressions. 28 вдъхновяващи мисли, които ни завеща неповторимият Хемингуей. GALERIE ARLUDIK. Sketchdaily Gesture/Figure Drawing. Portrait Drawing References. Livres audio gratuits à écouter et télécharger. Artist Interviews.

Artist Inspiration - Artists Inspire Artists. Expressions Francaises, dictons. Définition signification et origines des expressions Françaises. Toute l'Europe : Toute l'Europe.

Dossier melacholy

Research Master. The Art of Chance-Opportunism in Creativity and Scientific Discovery. Zeugma. Photo Credit: Negatives of the Bauhaus - 99% Invisible. 7 Art Podcasts to Feast Your Ears On. L3 marché de l'art. The top 10 essential oils for skincare. How Do I Install a Canon Printer Without a CD?