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Garr Reynolds/Presentations

Garr Reynolds/Presentations

7 Little Tricks To Speak In Public With No Fear - Stepcase Lifehack There was once a time when I had no fear. I was 11 years old and I entered a story telling competition. I was confidently telling the story and captured everyone’s attention until suddenly I heard a voice from just in front of the stage commenting about my nose. Tom Peters on Presentations In May, Tom Peters gave his insights on what he calls "Presentation Excellence" on his website. Great, great, great stuff from a guy who knows a thing or two about speaking to a crowd. Tom also posted his tips — 56 in all — for Presentation Excellence. It's all great advice from someone who has a lot of experience speaking to groups big and small.

The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint I suffer from something called Ménière’s disease—don’t worry, you cannot get it from reading my blog. The symptoms of Ménière’s include hearing loss, tinnitus (a constant ringing sound), and vertigo. There are many medical theories about its cause: too much salt, caffeine, or alcohol in one’s diet, too much stress, and allergies. public speaking tips, public speaking training, public speaking courses, public speaking skills, public speaking seminars, presentation skills training, presentation skills course Eye Contact To review past issues of Simply Speaking E-Zines, click HERE. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our E-zine send me an e-mail to Feel free to ask me any specific questions on presentation skills, speaking or any problems you may be having and I will be glad to provide you with some expert advice. If you would like to include any of our speaking tips in your company's or association's publications, please E-mail your requests to Let me know what topics you would like to see discussed in future "Tips of the Month" by E-mailing me your suggestions.

The Making of the Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation Why I did it "Doesn't he realize this presentation is a waste of time? Why doesn't he just tell us what matters and get it over with?" How many times have you heard (or muttered) that? How many of of us have been frustrated at seeing too many presentations where PowerPoint or other visual aids obscure rather than enhance the point?

Experts Warn Key IT Failures in Websites May Have Negative Effects on the Nervous System LONDON, December 12 /PRNewswire/ -- - Study Identifies the Five Key Factors of a Badly Designed Website That May Have Negative Effects on the Immune System, Cardio Functioning and the Nervous System According to a report published today by the Social Issues Research Centre and commissioned by Rackspace Managed Hosting, the UK's most recommended hosting specialist (1), there are five key IT flaws in the way websites are designed and hosted that may lead to harmful health effects.

Succeed in Public Speaking - School for Champions Public speaking is an important skill in communicating knowledge and expressing ideas to groups of people. It is a primary medium for presenting and selling your products and ideas. Being able to verbally communicate effectively to other individuals or to groups is essential in school, business, as well as your personal life. The Business Card Game - First of all, if you’re going to attend an event, have business cards that give people a way to contact you. If you’re not going as a representative of your current day job, make your own cards, and put your own sites and links and contact information on them. But then what?

Public Speaking – How I Prepare Every Time (Photo: Tim Wagner) In the past several weeks, I’ve been asked quite a lot about public speaking. While downing gin tonics over Brazilian BBQ at the SXSW Interactive tech conference, I was approached by the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of a start-up I advise. She pulled me aside to ask primarily two questions: 1. Where can I learn about the right social media tools to use? Presentation Helper - How to give a bad presentation Here are the Ten Commandments of presenting or not..I. Thou shalt not be neat Why waste research time preparing slides? Ignore spelling, grammar and legibility.