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Hexagonal Grids This page includes interactive diagrams that require your browser to have SVG and Javascript enabled. Hexagons are 6-sided polygons. Regular hexagons have all the sides (edges) the same length. I’ll assume all the hexagons we’re working with here are regular. The typical orientations for hex grids are horizontal () and vertical (). Hexagons have 6 edges. Exploring JQuery plugin ‘FullCalendar’. Here’s the author’s weblink on this tremendous open-source calendar based scheduler. Everything to get started with this plugin can be found here, (ie docs, demos, download etc.) I basically tried to run those same examples using ASP.Net/C#. Fullcalendar is extremely customizable and very easy to alter/adapt as per the application needs. As of now, Fullcalendar does not inherently support “Recurring Events”. I developed 2 examples on Recurring events on top of this calendar — one that recurs daily and another monthly.

Mexicola Grande Avocado Avocados have boomed in popularity the last few years. Now, everyone wants to grow their own... but most avocado trees only survive in tropical climates. However, we have secured a limited amount of Cold-Hardy Avocado Trees that can grow anywhere in the country. They are able to tolerate temperatures as low as 20 degrees! Easily Grown Anywhere in the US as a Potted Tree This plant makes the perfect patio tree. This 6-Foot, 330-Pound Robot May One Day Save Your Life Meet Atlas, the Pentagon’s 6'2", 330-pound humanitarian robot. He was designed to save lives in disaster zones (like Fukushima). But while this Tin Man has a heart, he lacks a brain. In December, seven teams of scientists from top institutions, including MIT and Virginia Tech, will compete to code the bot for action. Each team will send its own Atlas into Darpa’s trials—eight tasks that will test his ability to navigate degraded terrain, drive a utility vehicle, and enter buildings. “We designed Atlas to facilitate programming, but we expect Darpa to make the com­petition challenging,” says Marc Raibert, president of Boston Dynamics, Atlas’ maker.

The Vaults of Erowid : The Essential Psychedelic Guide INTENSITY: 9 to 10 SAFETY FACTORS: 5-MeO-DMT is an MAO inhibitor. See list of items not to take with MAO inhibitors on page 19. Geometry with Hex Coordinates \newcommand{\bv}[1]{{\bf #1}} \newcommand{\bperp}{{\bf perp}} \newcommand{\bproj}{{\bf proj}} There is surprising little information available on hex-coordinates, despite how many games use hex grids. In this article I will explain some of the math so that you can do basic geometry in a hex grid, and design more elegant algorithms for your hex-grid games. There are different coordinate systems for hexes of course. (For a very informative explanation, with many interactive examples, see Amit Patel’s wonderful guide Hexagon Grids.) We will work with an axial coordinate system, which is illustrated in the figure below.

Full calendar - saving event using ajax / pagemethod/ webmethod in In this post we will be saving the event in a full calendar plugin using jQuery ajax and pagemethod or web service. To go through the post I request you to first check the following post. We are going the proceed forward with the same post and its source code. In addition to the previous script and CSS file references, we have added one more script file for this purpose- This file is used hare to to JSON stringify the event object. Now how we are going to solve this issue is that on click of a day, we are going popup an entry form for the event and we will use ajax to save the event to the server and after successful saving we will be adding the event to the calender.

Cold Hardy Avocado Trees for Sale for Sale Avocados can easily be grown in the home, garden, orchard or patio. They can be grown in America with great success and thrive in warm climates. They require little to no pruning and are easily contained. Seasonal information: Cold hardy avocado trees typically do well areas that have mild winters. The cold hardy avocado is specially adapted to our cooler climates. They will grow in shade but prefer full sun when possible.

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