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Smart Gardener - simply grow great food

Smart Gardener - simply grow great food

flowers and garden we're so close to being done! this garden has truly been a family project. from cutting the wood, to filling the beds with dirt, to planting the seeds. tomorrow we will be installing the fencing that will prevent the little critters from getting in. when we first looked into a design that would emulate my inspiration picture, we realized it would take forever to build! the 8 foot fence height was mandatory. i loved the dramatic feel of it AND it is high enough to deter the deer. my dad came up with this design that was a bit more simple yet still very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. you can see the beginning of the process here. this little guy would find water in a desert! and as you can see here deanie was having quite the time in front of the camera while my dad and husband were hard at work! these kids are hard workers! my favorite part of this whole project is that my children are making memories with their opa. i know they will always remember opa building the garden.

All About Compost August 17th, 2010 Email 22 users recommend Easy to assemble and disassemble, Lee Reich's compost bin can adapt to the size of your compost pile. Photo: Virginia Small Easy to assemble and disassemble, Lee Reich's bin can adapt to the size of your compost pile.Composting turns kitchen and yard scraps into a marvelous soil amendment, and you don't have to do much to accomplish this stunning transformation. After you try it, show it off to other members in thegardener's gallery.Post your photos posted in: compost Get special offers, FREE eLetters and your FREE PDF bonus now. Find us on:

5 Step Guide to Growing Gorgeous Garlic | Do you know where your garlic comes from? One of the most important reasons to grow your own is to avoid toxic chemicals and irradiation (that inhibit sprouting and extend shelf life). Garlic … how safe to eat is yours? A few years back I didn’t even think about the garlic I ate … but then I became interested in the story behind the food I was eating. The majority of the world’s garlic is grown in China and is sprayed with chemicals and bleached white with chlorine during importation quarantine processes, not to mention the thousands of food miles clocked up. But if you really want to gag on your garlic, according to the CEO of the Australian Garlic Industry Association, “some garlic growers over there (China) use raw human sewage to fertilise their crops, and I don’t believe the Australian quarantine regulations are strict enough in terms of bacteria testing on imported produce” … so you might want to think again before you reach for that perfect white bulb in your supermarket! Storage

20 Things You Never Thought to Pack for Disney World | Steals and Deals in Halton I read, and read, and read some more on how to travel to Disney. What to pack and what not to pack. Here is the list of 20 things that without my research never would have thought bring but TOTALLY needed. 1) The Disney Junior Encylopedia of Animated Characters I did a post on how to make a great autograph book. 2) skirt/pant hanger – re purpose plastic ones from old navy or Wal-Mart and use them to hang bathing suits and towels to dry. 3) Moleskin – everyone want pretty new shoes for vacation right? 4) Scissors!! 5) Pins for trading – my Daughters favourite thing to do was trade pins. 6) Ponchos – you can pick up cheap ponchos at the dollar store. 7) Glowsticks – we also pick up glowstick from the dollar store. A brightly colour scarf. 9) dish soap sample – excellent for washing sippy cups, bottles and Disney drink cups in the sink at the bathroom. 10) laundry samples – I save up all my samples for traveling. 11-13) Ziploc Bags – I cannot suggest this enough. 16) Pre bought sounvirs.

Comfrey Makes Garden Fertilizer Comfrey is the organic fruit grower's secret crop booster. You can use it to make a nutrient rich liquid fertilizer, or feed/mulch, or you can make a good potting-on compost. Whenever you want a readily available fertilizer for flowers fruit and seeds then give this a try. And if you don't have enough room to grow your own patch or want to try it out first, there's the same natural ready-made fertilizers from Comfrey available lower down this page. The Secrets of Organic Comfrey Revealed Which type of plants to use, How to grow your own patch, and And several ways to use Comfrey to improve your garden. How Does Your Fertilizer Grow? The plant has a deep growing tap root that goes down several feet. Because the potassium is effectively mined from deep down - an otherwise inaccesible source - the plant provides a sustainable free nutrient input that organic gardeners love. The leaves concentrate potassium with nitrogen while being low in fiber. And this makes the nutritious black liquid.

How to Compost in an Apartment Overview Whether you rent a simple one-room apartment or live in an elaborate studio apartment, worm composting provides an ideal compost method for individuals without access to a yard. Contained in a small bin, red worms convert a variety of kitchen food scraps into a nutrient-dense humus material in approximately ten weeks, according to Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture. Step 1 Weigh a week's worth of food scraps and provide 1 square foot of surface space for each pound of weekly food waste. Step 2 Fill your compost bin ¾ full with damp, shredded newspaper. Step 3 Add additional food scraps once a week. Step 4 Scoop finished compost from the bin with a small trowel.

Cheap PC grow box for less than $20 Cheap PC grow box for less than $20 6.3 years ago indoor growbox I enjoy when I can be rewarded by overcoming mother nature, so when my 6 year old mentioned she wanted to figure out why strawberries will not grow in the winter for her science project I couldn’t have been prouder. Once she determined the reason was because it was colder and the sun wasn’t up as much, she suggested using lights to help them get more light and warmth. The next obvious step was to create a grow box, now if this wasn’t cheap vegetable gardener I would just buy a commercial grow box, but by now you should know better than that… Looking through my garage I found my first victim, an old PC case. In January we had a strange couple weeks of 20 degree days so I also added an incandescent build for some extra light but more importantly little extra heat. After a little over a week we seemed to be getting some good results with our first blossom on the strawberry plant my daughter chose under snow in our garden.

How to Grow Fig Trees In Containers - Growing with Stark Bro's by Stark Bro's on 11/08/2010 Growing fig trees can be a daunting task for many gardeners, especially those gardening in Zone 6 and colder. Some very determined growers have developed a number of varied ways to protect their fig trees from the harsh winter weather, all with differing degrees of success. Some wrap fig trees with a heavy layer of straw-filled burlap. This method takes a bit more effort than my recommended technique. I mean, why struggle and fight with the harsh winter weather, when you can avoid it completely by growing fig trees in containers?! We carry the Brown Turkey Fig and Chicago Hardy Fig here at Stark Bro’s — fig trees perfectly suitable for container growing. How-To: Obtain a large pot — starting, for example, with a 7-gallon container and moving up to a 10-gallon container when the tree’s roots become root bound to the pot. After planting your fig tree in its container, water it well, then add a layer of mulch. Pruning your fig tree.

Grocery Sale Cycles - When Do Things Go on Sale? Ever wonder when things go on sale at the grocery store? Well, stop guessing. Here’s your guide to grocery sale cycles for the entire year! Know when to stock up on certain grocery items and when to wait until things go on sale. Get the best deals and plan for the whole year. See below on how to save on organic and gluten-free foods. Get a FREE printable version of this list when you subscribe here. January National Oatmeal Month: QuakerDiet Foods: Healthy Choice, South Beach, Lean Cuisine, Special K, Kashi, Smart Start, 100 Calorie Packs, YogurtSuper Bowl Sunday: Pepsi, Coke, Chips, Dips, Cheese, Sandwich Items, Crackers, Snacks, WingsSeasonal Produce: Oranges, Pears, Grapefruit, Tangerines, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chard, Collards, Kale, Kiwi, Avocado, Cabbage, SpinachClearance: Christmas Decorations, Toys, Wrapping Papers,Winter Health: Cold Medicines and Vitamins February March April May Print what’s on sale for May only here. June Print what’s on sale for June only here. July

Gardener to Farmer: Growing Raspberries: Five Tips for a Better Harvest Growing raspberries in Portland’s maritime climate may seem like the sort of gardening that shouldn’t require much explanation. In a city where we spend a significant portion of our time fighting off the “Invasion of the Himalayan Blackberry”, it would seem logical that we should only need to plant them once and await our harvest. It is true that simply planting any cane berry in the Pacific Northwest will result in a harvest (and a my trellising system for raspberries and blackberries full-fledged gargantu-bramble). Plant in a well-drained location: Raspberries don’t like to sit underwater all winter and spring, so make sure they have soil that drains well.Consistent watering is important: Most Portland gardens won’t need much supplemental water until July. You'll probably notice that my trellis is comprised of wooden and metal stakes, PVC, heavy gauge wire and other assorted items that have been pressed into use.

How To Grow Herbs in Pots & Containers | Herb Gardening Guide It's Easy to Grow Herbs in Virtually Any Pot or Container! Types of Pots or Containers for Herbs Most herbs can be grown in virtually any kind of pot or container. Pots and containers are made from many different materials, including plastic, clay, ceramic, wood fiber, peat, and more. , soft-sided fabric pots , wood fiber pots, coir fiber pots , or peat pots ... however, they are not always readily available. and ceramic garden pots will do in a pinch though, and are probably more widely used than any others. The next key element of choosing a container is size. Soil or Growing Medium for Potted Herbs Herbs grown in pots or containers require a well draining potting mix , an organic enriched potting mix , or a coco coir based soilless mix . There are many new "soilless" growing mediums available today that are suitable for growing herbs in containers, provided a regular feeding regimen with a complete mineral plant nutrient is provided. , coco coir peat , and others. Feeding Your Herbs .