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Key Racks & Coat Hooks

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A new bloom. When I'm running out of the house, my last thoughts are usually, "Where are my keys?

A new bloom

" and/or "Where the heck is my cell phone? " Aleene’s. If I don't have some place to put something the very moment I walk in the front door, I'm going to lose it.


The number of hours I've spent searching for my purse, or keys, or sunglasses might very well astound you. It didn't take long for me to figure out I needed an organizer of sorts and I purchased a set of drawers and a coat rack that have served me well through the years. But now that Rob and I are sharing a home it isn't working out quite as well and since our new space can be a bit awkward we're rocking the drawers and coat rack on different walls so things are spread out. I decided to take ready cut boards from the hardware store to make a new wall organizer that would meet our specific needs. Amazing Interior Design.

Anyone Can Decorate. I made this multi purpose organizer board for just $10.

Anyone Can Decorate

The solid wood shutter I found at a thrift store for only five dollars. It was still raw wood. Be Different Act Normal. I am the type of person that attaches memories to objects.

Be Different Act Normal

It can be a clutter nightmare. Bob Vila. Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila In with the chill, out with the coats—and hats, scarves, mittens…you name it.

Bob Vila

With so much winter gear and so little space in the typical coat closet, the entryway sometimes needs to do a little more than simply welcome you and your guests indoors. Enter this easy and elegantly minimalist coat rack. Crafted from just one slab of wood, this unique design leans against any empty wall, adding both character and hooks. Bored Panda. If you’re like me, you’ve got a small pile of everyday carry items somewhere near your door.

Bored Panda

To help keep this ever-growing pile of extra keys and knick-knacks in check I made a key holder from door knobs which is mounted on the wall, perfect for working double duty as a coat rack or hat holder. Show Full Text. Cherished Bliss. Happy Monday!!

Cherished Bliss

Today I have a fun little project for you, I love yellow. Confessions of a Serial diyer. You see, I have this problem.

Confessions of a Serial diyer

It’s with my car, actually. Creations by Kara. Design*Sponge. April showers bring may flowers, right?


Let’s hope so, even though oakland is still in the showers mode. I found some gorgeous spring floral papers from snow & graham at my local art store and have decided to make may the month of pretty paper diys. have fun! – kate CLICK HERE for the full project after the jump! What You’ll Need: 1. decorative paper 2. coat hooks (i found all of these vintage hooks on ebay and at flea markets, but i have seen nice new ones at home stores like anthropologie and target) 3. screws 4. piece of scrap wood (you can also buy cheap precut shelves at ikea which would work fine) 5. spray adhesive 6. scissors 7. ruler and pencil 8. drill Instructions: 1. lay out your paper face down on a clean, flat surface. spray the front of your piece of wood with a thin, even coat of spray adhesive.

Design*Sponge. Yesterday i was sitting in the living room looking at my fluffy co. key rack and thought to myself- wouldn’t it be fun to have a few more of these around the house for other hanging objects like kitchen aprons and necklaces?


Designs by Studio C. Here is another PB Teen item I hacked – the Beadboard Shelf. This shelf cost me less than $20.00 to build! This would be a great Christmas gift or a baby shower gift! It would also be fabulous in another color! Materials- Domestically Speaking. It’s Thrift Store Decor time again and I’ve got a fun project this month! Did anyone else have one of those over the kitchen sink shelves in the 90’s? Well this kitchen shelf got a makeover! With some paint and hooks we got a Kitchen Shelf to Coat Rack transformation. Earnest Home Co. A week ago, Laura and I challenged a group of uber talented bloggers to create something unique from a box of mystery supplies from a load of fabulous sponsors.

You’ll get 13 total awesome tutorials including this creation for a pair of color blocked coat hooks. I used 5 of the materials in my box: two colors of paint from Deco Art as well as dowels, beads, plaques, and embroidery thread from Michaels. I didn’t use the containers from Specialty Bottle, die cut shapes from Clear & Simple Stamps, or gems from For the Makers, but I wanted to so bad! All of the items were beautiful and I had so many ideas that utilized more of them, this was just my favorite idea. The paint colors in the box inspired me and the trend of thread wrapped (just about) anything gave the project the extra umph that it needed. ONE measure a spot in the middle of the plaque horizontally and one third of the way from the bottom vertically. Francois Et Moi. As owners of a Duplex home, it’s safe to say we have a healthy number of keys to manage.

Not only are we looking after our own home and car keys but the duplex’s exterior door key, our tenant’s spare keys, etc. Without a designated drop spot for them when you walk in the front door, our keys often end up in scattered, hard to find places throughout the home. And it makes for a frantic struggle when you need to dash out the door in a hurry. Happy Go Lucky. Home Tips World. Homesthetics. Coat racks are essential to each home,providing the most needed storage for all those coats that clutter up during the winter and autumn seasons. The options on the market are endless, from wooden coat hangers to steel modern approaches, you are likely to find exactly what you are looking for, an item that will fit your taste and desires.But we always encourage creativity and recycling projects, reason for which we have selected a number of 15 Super Cool DIY Coat Rack Projects Worth Following.Cast a glance and decide to take on a recycling project for your hallway coat rack. 1. use a wallpaper TREE and some hangers to create a wonderful illusion Wallpaper can serve for a number of tasks, including offering the illusion of an actual tree coat rack.

Source 2. wooden pallets are here to prove their practicality yet again The cheapest method you can adopt, one that will add a nice cozy touch to your hallway. 3. Source. In My Own Style. Way back in August of last year, Ed and I helped our oldest move into an apartment close to the medical school she is attending. The previous tenants had just moved out. Infarrantly Creative. Laugh, Love, and Craft. Lemon Thistle. Lets Make It Lovely. Hi friends, Life Hackers. Little Red Window. This post may contain affiliate links, if you purchase something through these links, I will receive a small percentage of the profits at no extra cost to you.

Lolly Jane. Mad Mim. As you know, this past year we bought our first home. Mod Podge Rocks. Mod Podge Rocks. Morena's Corner. I love to give handmade gifts, especially personalized ones. Read on to learn how to make this sweet personalized wall hanger. Much More Creative. My Two Butterflies. Over the Apple Tree. Picklee. Pretty Handy Girl. Someday Crafts. The Creative Crate. The DIY Dreamer. The Pretty Life Girls. The Seasoned Homemaker. Torie Jayne.