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Characteristics of B2B unicorn ideas. Varying characteristics There are also many non-essential characteristics that vary among the sample group: Market Dynamics: Attacking a new market (or overlooked market)Market Dynamics: Entering a highly competitive marketEnabled by a trend/changeFocusing on tech “invention”Obvious value propositionClear path to marketNo strong buyer powerNo strong supplier powerUnfair advantageMixed models (B2C2B, B2B2C) These characteristics vary between the companies so it seems that none are necessary characteristics.

Characteristics of B2B unicorn ideas

Some of the surprising and interesting ones might be nr 4, 7, 10 and 11. Market Dynamics/Competition In terms of market dynamic, there are two clearly different types of markets: Competitive markets with many trying to solve the same problemNew or overlooked markets. Why That Salesperson Just Won’t Stop Emailing You. This post is adapted from the blog of LeadGenius, a Priceonomics customer.

Why That Salesperson Just Won’t Stop Emailing You

Does your company have interesting data or insights? Become a Priceonomics customer. If your job involves spending a lot of time battling your email, you’ve probably received an email from someone trying to sell you something. Magic Number Calculator for SaaS. Benchmark against top SaaS companies Now what does this number mean?

Magic Number Calculator for SaaS

See how you stack up against the set of public companies in Scale Venture Partners SaaS Index. Though the companies in the ScaleVP SaaS Index are larger than most startups, the premise of being able to run an efficient distribution engine is universal. Scale Venture Partners. Product companies, including license software companies, recognize revenues immediately upon sale and delivery of the product.

Scale Venture Partners

Product companies, including license software companies, recognize revenues immediately upon sale and delivery of the product. Subscription companies (SaaS, Open source), sign customers up front but recognize revenue over time as the service is delivered. This is a commonplace fact, but it has unintuitive consequences in terms of how to use financial numbers to understand and assess the business. Classic sales and marketing efficiency metrics are utterly misleading. For a product company, sales and marketing expenses produce sales that show up pretty quickly in the revenue line. Pricing. Start your Quaderno account today. Here's My Exact Strategy for Turning $10,000 Into $200,000 Every Month. UpViral - The Ultimate Viral Referral Marketing Platform. Vytmn - Growth as a Service. Notes Essays —CS183C: Technology-enabled Blitzscaling — Stanford University, Fall 2015. Latest Scaling Theranos with Elizabeth Holmes — Class 14 Notes of Stanford University’s CS183C.

Notes Essays —CS183C: Technology-enabled Blitzscaling — Stanford University, Fall 2015

Segment Raises $27 Million For Its “One API To Rule Them All” Segment, a Y Combinator-backed startup that allows businesses to use a single API for event tracking in order to send data to hundreds of different tools and databases, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, KISSmetrics, Omniture, Mixpanel, Quantcast, Flurry, and much more, today announced an additional $27 million in Series B funding, led by Thrive Capital.

Segment Raises $27 Million For Its “One API To Rule Them All”

Existing investors Accel Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and Jon Winkelried, former president of Goldman Sachs, also participated. In addition to the new capital, Will Gaybrick, CFO of Stripe and G.P. at Thrive Capital, will join Segment’s board. How to Sell Your Startup for More Than It's Worth. So here’s the deal.

How to Sell Your Startup for More Than It's Worth

(See what I did there?) At some point, if you start a company – you’re going to think about selling it… SumoMe. Bliss: A beautiful way to track your ROI on software development. Flamenco Home. Design better faceted navigation for your websites. Remember Lego?

Design better faceted navigation for your websites

Collection: Faceted Navigation. Designing Faceted Search: Getting the basics right (part 1) 1.

Designing Faceted Search: Getting the basics right (part 1)

Introduction. Designing Faceted Search: Getting the basics right (part 2) 1.

Designing Faceted Search: Getting the basics right (part 2)

Introduction In our last post we looked at some of the fundamental issues in designing faceted search such as layout (e.g. where to place the faceted navigation menus) and state (e.g. whether they should be open or closed by default). In this post, we continue the mini-series with a review of the various formats for displaying facets and the key principles for choosing between them. 2. Fundamental Principles. Best Practices for Designing Faceted Search Filters.

By Greg Nudelman Published: September 7, 2009 “By following the attribute-based filtering design best practices this article describes, you can ensure your customers can take care of business without having to spend time struggling with your search user interface.” Recently, Office Depot redesigned their search user interface, adding attribute-based filtering and creating a more dynamic, interactive user experience. Unfortunately, Office Depot’s interaction design misses some key points, making their new search user interface less usable and, therefore, less effective. That’s the bad news. Decide on your filter value-selection paradigm—either drill-down or parallel selection.Provide an obvious and consistent way to undo filter selection.Always make all filters easily available.At every step in the search workflow, display only filter values that correspond to the available items, or inventory.Provide filter values that encompass all items, or the complete inventory.

4  Ways SaaS CEOs Can Quantify Customer Success. By Ujjal Kohli, CEO of Preact I have a high level of trust in my leadership team. A big source of that trust is their ability to communicate their business performance story to me in a quantifiable way. How to Sell to SMBs And Still Get to $100m in ARR. There’s a certain type of SaaS company I run from. This type of company has great customers, a great product, and decent customer acquisition costs, in an interesting space. A true winner if you stop there. But … 43 lessons growing from $0 to $1+ million in revenue, twice. I realized the other day that we’ve grown from $0 to $1 million with two separate products (HelloSign and HelloFax). This happened a long time ago, but I was recently reflecting on the lessons. I found a lot of growth truisms to be false. The Power of a Good Strategy. When Mark Zuckerburg started Facebook in 2004, he wasn’t the first building a social networking platform.

There were dozens of other social networking platforms before his – many with millions of dollars in funding and millions of users. Yet, he still managed to build the largest social networking platform on the planet. How did Facebook manage to win against bigger and better funded competitors who had a huge head-start over them? The answer: Facebook won on strategy – not on an original founding vision or an inherent unfair advantage. What is Strategy? Slack is Rewriting the Rules on SaaS Pricing @OpenViewLabs. We Don’t Sell Saddles Here. Building Codeless Products. I met with someone the other week who was looking for advice on breaking into product management.

Trello. 4 Ways To Design Better Login Screens. The login form doesn't immediately come to mind as something that needs better design standards. Uk.businessinsider. You're Pricing It Wrong: Software Pricing Demystified. Inspectlet - Website Heatmaps, Session Recording, Form Analytics. How These 3 Companies Grew 1000% in Days. How A 4-Step-Amazon-Hack Helped Me Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers Faster. Lessons Learned Growing a Startup From Zero to $100k/month in 2 Years.

4 B2B SaaS Growth Hacks That Helped Bizible Raise $8M. There are a few pipeline marketing growth hacks we used to grow Bizible significantly in the past year. It ultimately helped us raise $8M in new funding this August. We love helping others, so we decided to share what we learned while implementing our pipeline marketing strategy. Pop-Up Forms Suck! ...and Double Conversions. Share this article. Google Just Released Hundreds of Cool Icons That You Can Use For Free.

How side projects saved our startup - Quartz. We had no money. We changed our business model and had three months worth of cash left to turn things around. Here is my investment thesis. What’s yours? What Happens After You Get Shot Down By Mark Zuckerberg? Back in 2005, I worked as employee #30 at Facebook. I would bring all kinds of new ideas and different product features to Mark Zuckerberg. One day I took Mark into a conference room and told him I had a genius idea. The 8 Steps To Creating A Great Storyboard. Twitter / Authorize an application. Google Apps integration - Pipedrive. SaaS: Where To Find Your First 2,000 Beta Signups. The 6 counterintuitive ways we grew BarkBox into a 100m E-commerce Business. Dashboard Examples - Ducksboard. Tour - Ducksboard. HookFeed: Customer Analytics and Email Alerts for Stripe (SaaS/E-Commerce)