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Iversity — Online Courses. Study anywhere.

Iversity — Online Courses. Study anywhere.
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Free Homeschool High School Credit Planner - Five J's Homeschool Planning coursework for high school can be a daunting task. How do I know which courses my child needs to take? Will my child have enough credits in each subject to meet my state's graduation requirements? Will my child meet the admission requirements for his college of choice? I had the same questions last year when my son started his freshman year of high school. I knew I needed to look at the big picture to make sure that we didn't end up behind in his coursework. The Metamorphosis of MOOCs At a recent meeting of educational technology policy advisors, a well-informed university CIO casually declared that MOOCs were history. It’s true they stopped making headlines a while ago, but they have hardly abated. They may, however, need a change of name, just as we rename mature caterpillars “butterflies” or “moths.” Increasingly, MOOCs are being packaged into series of courses with a non-degree credential being offered to those who successfully complete the series. Some people wonder whether these credentials could serve as an alternative to a degree. Others hope that they may provide a pathway to a degree.

Sanskrit alphabet, pronunciation and language Sanskrit is the classical language of Indian and the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is also one of the 22 official languages of India. The name Sanskrit means "refined", "consecrated" and "sanctified".

Be Your Best You: 13 Free Online Courses To Kick Stress’s Ass! — Class Central “Be Your Best You” is a new Class Central series that will help you flourish. This series does not focus on professional growth, but rather on personal growth; stay tuned for posts to help you thrive in matters like mental health, personal development, nutrition, and other similar topics. What is mental health? According to the World Health Organization, mental health includes “subjective well-being, perceived self-efficacy, autonomy, competence, inter-generational dependence, and self-actualization of one’s intellectual and emotional potential, among others.” Umm … what? Mental health is basically the level of someone’s wellbeing and happiness. Profiles Disembodying the Body If their exhibition “Mark These Cradles” dis-embodies the embodied, Maia Paroginog’s sketchbooks rend the embodied to pieces. Read more… Steps: Episode 4 In this episode of Steps, Lloyd Lucin dances to Kolaj’s “The Touch”. Read more…

Psychology 101 at AllPsych Online Introduction and Authorship Welcome to Psychology 101. Have a seat and make yourself comfortable, we are about to start class. Psych 101 is a general psychology text adapted to an online guided format. X Insights HarvardX Insights is a collection of interactive visualizations of data on all HarvardX offerings which dynamically update at frequent, regular intervals. For questions or feedback, please contact Sergiy Nesterko (HarvardX Research Fellow). 1. World map of enrollment

Difference Between Consumer and User Consumer vs User We think we know the meanings of the words consumer and user. Of course, we do, as consumers are people who consume (literally) or make use of a product in the household. So if a person buys a LCD TV for use in his family, all members of the family are end consumers of the product. User is a word that also denotes a similar meaning. Presentation Skills: 25 Useful Expressions you can use to make your Presentations in English flow In the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting and teaching a most delightful Swiss German client who is here on a two-week intensive Business English course. Andrea’s main objective during these two weeks has been to work on her presentation skills as her job now requires her to give more and more presentations in English. So we’ve spent the last two weeks working on such things as signposting language (for example, “to move on”; “to recap”; “to summarise”; “to turn to” and so on); presentation structure; using visuals and using the voice to make an impact (for example, pauses, sentence stress and intonation).

Paris Re-Tale. The city’s spirit through its shop signs. Privacy Policy By subscribing to our newsletter, Pixartprinting S.p.A., as data Controller, might contact you by sending you our newsletter in order to update you on our products, initiatives and services, or to conduct statistical analyses or market research and assess your level of satisfaction. To that end, we will process only your e-mail address. High School Financial Literacy Curriculum: Building Your Future The Actuarial Foundation is proud to make Building Your Future, an award-winning financial literacy curriculum resource, available to U.S. high schools. Building Your Future is designed to help teens master the elements of personal finance and prepare for life on their own. Building Your Future gives students multiple opportunities to practice core skills and showcases the real-world impact of the financial decisions they make. Each of the four books in the series are classroom-ready with a teacher's guide that includes handouts, answer keys, instruction and assessment suggestions.

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