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Guide Open Source : le référentiel des solutions open source professionnelles

Guide Open Source : le référentiel des solutions open source professionnelles

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TimelineJS — Now with even more Knight Lab From the beginning, TimelineJS has been a project of Northwestern University Knight Lab. However, when Zach Wise first set out to create it, the Knight Lab had a less developed software process and identity, so Zach presented Timeline as a product of his personal website. Since then, two things have happened: TimelineJS has become wildly popular, and the Knight Lab has established cohesive design guidelines and a more methodical software development process.

The Best Linux Distros On this page you will find the best Linux distros for various purposes. We've taken the effort to categorize them and picked only those we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you. One of the most popular general-use distributions with one of the largest selections of software.

Symfony Best Bundles - Sélection Symfony2 meilleurs bundles En tant que développeur Symfony, j’essaye lorsque c’est possible, de ne jamais réinventer la roue. Cela tombe bien car Symfony et sa vaste communauté, offrent de nombreux Bundles très bien faits répondant aux besoins les plus courants notamment en terme d’implémentation de bonnes pratiques. Devenez un expert en utilisant les « Best Bundles » Symfony FosUserBundle ( 10 Quick Tips: Optimizing Your WordPress Site We recently looked at 11 Quick Tips for Securing Your WordPress Site, which included some easy, but essential tips for the security of your WordPress blog. Today, we'll be looking at how to optimize your site to run as fast as it possibly can. So, without further adieu, here are 10 quick tips for optimizing your WordPress site! From the coders perspective WordPress is pretty darned fast compared with other platforms... but still we can optimize the WordPress sites using common web optimization practices and using some good WordPress plugins.

Open source hardware meets the p2p economy We are at this moment in history when we can say with certainty that open source hardware (OSHW) is economically viable. The video below tells the success story of Adafruit Industries. Barely formed, this business model relying on OSHW might already be obsolete. A new model, the open value network, is already threatening to transform the landscape of the open source economy. This article explains why.

Scapple for Mac OS X and Windows Rough It Out Scapple doesn’t force you to make connections, and it doesn’t expect you to start out with one central idea off of which everything else is branched. There’s no built-in hierarchy at all, in fact—in Scapple, every note is equal, so you can connect them however you like. The idea behind Scapple is simple: when you are roughing out ideas, you need complete freedom to experiment with how those ideas best fit together. It’s Scapple Simple 67 Open Source Replacements for Really Expensive Applications Why spend thousands or even hundreds or thousands of dollars on a closed source application when you can get a comparable open source app for free? Even if you need commercial support, many open source programs now offer paid support that costs much less than the alternatives. For this list, we looked for quality, open source alternatives to software that has a reputation for being expensive. Whenever possible, we included MSRPs for the expensive software, though in some cases, the pricing scheme is so complicated that it's nearly impossible to pin down. We published a similar list last year, and we've updated and expanded the list for 2011. If you have suggestions for next year's list, feel free to note them in the comments section below.

Pretty powerful tooltips - Demos HTML, Text and AJAX qTip2 allows you to use not only regular textual content, but also complex HTML from other elements on the site. It can even pull content in from other pages via jQuery's .ajax() functionality, and supports in-built titles and close button. Styles and Customisation " Sécuriser son Wordpress" - Quelques infos glanées sur le web sur la sécurité WordPress. Les infos proviennent principalement de : Le fichier .htaccess Bloquer le scan d’auteurs # BEGIN block author scans RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} (author=\d+) [NC] RewriteRule .* - [F] # END block author scans Protéger les fichiers sensibles :

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